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|'''Theme Song(s)'''
|'''Theme Song(s)'''
|[[Video:Naruto Gay Bar -Electric 6- Amv|thumb|200px|right]]
|[[File:Naruto Gay Bar -Electric 6- Amv|thumb|200px|right]]

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Akemi the Lion (Akemi za Raion) (Pronounced A-Kay-May) is a lion with incredible power. He is said to have drank phoenix blood and because of it he has some abilities that phoenix's do.He also has the ability to blow a kiss and set it on fire at the opponent.


Akemi the Lion

Current Years and Days
Name Akemi the Lion
Weapons Fire
Profession(s), Occupation(s)
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age:17
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: Yellow/White(Mane Only)
  • Skin: Yellow
  • Eyes: Green
  • Gender: Male
Attire [Clothing]
Affiliation(s) Neutral
Romantic Interest(s)
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Super Speed
  • Pheonix Abilities
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Unknown Parents
Likes Fire,Boys,Girls,Partying,Having Fun,Fighting
Dislikes Losing,Being Bored
  • Unknown
Current Residence
  • Unknown
Alternative Names
  • Ake
Super Form(s)
  • Flaming Flower
English Voice Actor
  • Kirby Morrow
Japanese Voice Actor
  • Kōji Tsujitani
Theme Song(s)
File:Naruto Gay Bar -Electric 6- Amv

Akemi was born in a small Japanese town. He would practice his fire abilities. Akemi always wanted to be stronger, and always felt a need to be better. He would eventually get mixed up in a very dangerous group.

A New Family

Akemi was with the wrogn crowd, and years of trouble and mis-behaviour caught up to him. He joined the group soon after realizing that the only way out of it was death. Akemi would need to greatly enhance his fire abilities. So he was forced to drink phoenix blood (like most members had to drink the blood of an animal representing their element.) Akemi's powers did greatly enhance along with his instincts. However the blood would corrupt him turning him into a cocky and synical person.

The Sacrifices of a Job Well Done

Akemi gained many problems with his new abilities. He has heart problems due to the constant roaring of the phoenix power. He would have to take medicine in order to calm it down, or it could lead to death.


Akemi is a calm guy,but when he gets going he gets going. He will flirt with anyone (boys or girls) to distract them.Though he does like both sexes. Akemi let's people judge how he is so they can underestimate him. Due to phoenix's insticts and spiritual sensings any phoenix Akemi comes across can smell the power of a phoenix brewing inside him. Akemi never let's anyone get to him and loves to taunt (usually being awkwardly flirty). Also at times Akemi can be the toughest macho man around,but at other times he acts like a teenage girl.Akemi obsesses over his appearance and likes to look his best. Akemi actually has a manly voice (except when complaining). Akemi also flirts with straight guys to get them angry usually saying things like "Your cute when your angry". Akemi really believes that he is the only being that matters, and has a smugness to him. It is unknown if this is from the corrupted mindset he has gained or not.


Akemi is excellent at hand-to-hand combat even knowing taijustu. He usually incorporates fire type abilities into his attacks. Due to the phoenix blood, Akemi has all of the abilities of a phoenix except for rebirth. Akemi can also use his roar to send opponents flying. One of Akemi's favorite abilities is having his claws and tail. The force of the tail is like a strogn whip that can force opponents into submission. Akemi also is very resilient and quick on his feet. His speed is enough to surpass Knuckles nearly being as fast as Shadow, however Akemi wouldn't be able to keep up with Shadow or Sonic. Being a lion Akemi also is very strong, however not nearly as strong as Knuckles or Mighty.


Akemi's obvious weaknesses are water and ice elements. He also dislikes cold temperatures, and tries his best to avoid them. Another weakness is Akemi's crippling heart. When he is in a very long battle, and has not recently taken his medicine his heart will begin to ake leaving him open for long periods of time. Akemi is narrowminded, and very sure of himself. This can cause him to overlook small yet important details, or to underestimate his opponent leading to dangerous results. Akemi also does not have the necessary amounts of energy to use phoenix abilities for long periods, thus making him tire more easily when using them.

Appearences in Fanon

Eternal Darkness

Akemi first appears here talking to another member(likely a higher-up) of the group he is in. They assign him to Chattur'gha Cult. He is then assigned by the cult to steal the Tome Of Darkness from a purple cat known as Ryu. Akemi sets out and encounters Bella berfore the rest of the group. He uses his pheonix abilities to hypnotize Bella and bring her into the forest. This was his back-up plan in case he couldn't get the tome. He later encounters the others and attepmts to steal the tome. He obviously just can't hypnotize Ryu because he can't do it to multiple people.Akemi lied to them after Mantarok appeared.Akemi said that Bella had handed over Fou and the Heart of Mantorak to an unknown cult. Akemi travels with the group to help them find Fou so when the time comes he could focus on his real goals to take the heart.


  • Some sites say that Akemi's name is a girl's name while others say it is a boy name.
  • Akemi means beautiful sunrise/dawn hinting at Akemi's powers and his obsession with always looking his best
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