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Ajax the Hawk

Ajax the Hawk is a Mobian hawk and Razer's friend. He is also an ace pilot and adept aerokinetic. Like Razer, Ajax lives in a classified facility for security reasons. Ajax is also the younger brother of Marvin the Hawk, who is a member of The Silver Huntsmen.


Not much is known about Ajax's past, though he was at one time an ace pilot prior to an accident that resulted a loss of his eye from a flight accident. Furthermore, he is also friends and allies with both Razer and Twinkle, among others who are in good terms as well.

It was soon revealed that Ajax is the younger brother of Marvin the Hawk, who had both physically and verbally abused him in the past for reasons unknown, though Marvin had once called his own brother as a "mistake".

Physical Appearance

His appearance seems to be akin to Jet, but with a black/white bandana tired around his head, along with a black eyepatch covering his left eye, which may hint his previous accident. His fur and feathers are of cyan color, and a dark green eye as well. He also wears a brown flight jacket has flight goggles around his head. As usual, his gloves are plain white, and his boots are a mixture of red, blue and black, which are intended for flight.

Powers and Abilities

While Ajax is an adept pilot, he can also fly on his own and is good with Aerokinesis, using it to throw projectile attacks off-course, especially if wind currents are strong enough in his favor.

In addition, he has excellent vision, being able to see things from afar and his senses are as sharp as a blade when it comes to detecting unexpected attacks, including upcoming danger ahead.


Not all of the aircraft contains countermeasures that can prevent guided missiles, or guided projectiles, which can leave him vulnerable for attacks. Even with countermeasures, they cannot counteract incoming attacks especially if they're related to any type of elemental abilities that can hone in. In addition, his Aerokinesis is below average at best.

Furthermore, Ajax does not possess any Super forms, as he cannot face any foe that is much stronger than him and will either depend on Razer, or retreat from a fight that could prove too difficult to win. He also has a sensitive hearing as any loud noises can seriously hamper his senses and even disrupt his flight pattern if he was airborne.



  • Razer the Fox - He along with Twinkle are valuable friends and allies, who will always assist whenever they're in need of help. Though of course, he heavily depends on them to do most of the battles, and Ajax himself only does battles if piloting a fighter aircraft.


  • Marvin the Hawk - Ajax's older brother, and is openly afraid of even getting near him without the risk of being physically attacked.

Vehicles Owned By Each Character

This sub-article will be made in due time, which contains the list of functional machinery.


Unlike Razer, Ajax rarely loses his temper but voices his concerns whenever danger is present. He also seldom uses his aerokinesis and doesn't usually take part in action of the sort unless the situation calls for it. He's quite passionate with different kinds of aircraft, even sharing a bit of history if he ever finds one.

Of course, he's a bit distant and slow but easy to warm up with others. He also openly admits his lack of training in putting his aerokinesis to its full potential due to his heavy reliance as a pilot and greatly depends on Razer or the others in the midst of a battle.

Deep inside, Ajax has confidence issues, especially in battle and heavily depends on both Twinkle and Razer, even his other friends, and usually stays behind, compared to dogfights in aircrafts, which he greatly excels at. And the true reason behind this was due to his older brother Marvin, who has in the past verbally taunted him and is easily intimidated from his mere presence alone. He is by no means a coward, but at the same time is unable to muster himself up to stand up to his brother, including other foes, and even doesn't consider him as a sibling at all.


  • Despite that Ajax is a bird and can fly, he rarely ever does so as he frequently flies aircraft of any kind, and when he does take flight, he often has trouble keeping a normal altitude upon doing so.
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