Aja the Hyena is a teenage hyena and the fursona of GothicBandicoot.


Aja is a white spotted hyena with electric blue markings. Their eyes are also colored electric blue, and are almond shaped. They have chin length white hair with blue highlights. Aja has the typical round ears of a hyena, and a "mane" that goes down their back. They have a somewhat short tail. They also have the usual build of a hyena. Their outfit consists of a black and neon blue top and pants, and black and blue neon fingerless gloves and boots.


Being a fursona, Aja is much like their creator in terms of behavior and personality. Both Aja and their author are usually reserved, stoic and quiet. They aren't very social individuals, and have very few friends. It is quite difficult for the hyena to communicate with strangers due to their shy nature. However, depending on the person, she may find it relatively easy to open up. Aja and their creator also seem to have more interest in fictional characters than people. This irritates many who meet them. They are terrible at telling jokes, and are frequently lazy, often procrastinating.

Both are also fairly prone to anger. This is slightly more exaggerated in Aja, though, mainly for more comedic effect.


Aja Bousaid grew up in a household of five, and was the youngest of three siblings. In their early childhood, they often looked up to their two older brothers (much to their brothers' dismay). They also frequently admired her father, having a better relationship with him than with their uptight mom. As they grew older, though, they grew to dislike her brothers, though their close relationship with their dad retained. (TBA)


Aja is noticeably strong, though not to the extent of Knuckles the Echidna. They are also a sonokinetic, meaning they have the ability to manipulate sound waves. They use this power to potentially harm their opponent's hearing.


Aja is a nocturnal animal, so they can see well in the dark. However, this leaves their daytime vision at a disadvantage. Their hearing is also exceptional.


Aja is an amateur artist; they can't paint or draw anything impressive, but their skills at art are noticeable nonetheless. They also have a somewhat decent singing voice, having been mostly self-taught. Finally, Aja is good at writing essays, articles, and stories.


Aja is a normal Mobian unlike Sonic, so they are not capable of running at especially high speeds. They are also not particularly intelligent. (Under construction)


  • Their name is pronounced "Asia".
  • Aja was named after the Steely Dan album and song "Aja".
  • Despite being a carnivorous animal, Aja is a vegetarian.
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