Emerald Trophy Voted Best Hero for Summer 2016
Cquote1 Ha..I guess I'm done for ja? As much as I said it before; don't be weak, brudda.. Don't be sad because of me either mon, I don't want that.. Just remember, you'll always be one of da best to me. So stay dat way.. Cquote2
Aiwa's final words to Hiero.


Aiwa is a slender Bat with odd markings and green fur. He has long hair that he typically keeps in a pony tail with bangs that cover the center of his face. Tribal markings cover his arms and forehead, they are triangular and have a black pigment to them.  He is facially young and does not show any ware or tear on his skin or fur.


Aiwa is a sweet person, who seems to have temperament issues if he's had a bad day. If he's in a good mood, it's hard to make him angry. He's protective over his friends and cares about them a lot, most of his priorities are to make them happy. He's somewhat of a pervert at times, but matches this with his charming voice and actions. Aiwa has gifted intelligence; he just refuses to show it, as it may be something that pushes people away from him.

He's very silly, funny, entertaining and just an all around good person. He's rarely serious and prefers it that way because he doesn't want to dim down anyone's mood. Aiwa also is some what cocky, but he balances this with being modest. Aiwa also had a fixed view on being good, he chose to better the world in ways nobody would understand. He was one to look at the small things in life and make them the biggest. His fixed alignment some times aspired others around him to want to make better of themselves and their surroundings.


Aiwa was born on the island of Matai-Mobi around Luft-Tribu. He, just like his friend Hiero the Hawk never met his family or parents. He was preserved from the wild at a young age and put into an orphanage for the lost. It was there when he met his life long friend, Hiero. Being young, he was a trickster and loved to mess with woman of all ages, he'd usually succeed too. He was a passionate trainer of thunder, he had the natural born ability to use it. When his guardian, Theodore took care of him and Hiero; he got to learn a bit more of electricity and how to control it.

Once he found out about Hiero's powers he was determined to get him some assistance to get to Igna-Tribu. During the journey he lost a lot of his patience and was more irritable than before. After taking Hiero to Igna-Tribu he left back home to Luft-Tribu to comfort his friends and village. Several years later into his life he was summoned to fix his village and fend off the brutes trying to make villagers suffer during a hurricane. Aiwa fought valliantly and bested most of them.

Though one of the brutes threw Aiwa into a riverside. While Aiwa was trying to swim back to shore a broken tree branch flung to his face and obscured his path. He struggled for a very long time until Hiero came to his assistance. Once Hiero got to save Aiwa, the damage the branch did to Aiwa was incredibly severe and the fact that Aiwa was bleeding out after the fights he got into did not help. Aiwa gave Hiero his final dying words. Aiwa was then remembered as a legend in Luft-Tribu and was burried in Igna-Tribu next to Hiero's mentor's grave.



Aiwa is a born Aerokinetic. His Aerokinesis is very strong, strong enough to move boulders or dry up entire ponds/little puddles of water in seconds.  He can also carry his allies and enemies and throw them back, it also allows him to fly easier. If angered, he can choke out an enemy and stop their respiration system from working by crushing their lungs with air or stop air currents from reaching the enemy. He uses this most to properly align projectiles to hit enemies with almost unavoidable precision.


Aiwa has the ability to create and use electricity. It is his more offensive power that can either heal his targets or kill them completely. He typically refrains from using his electrokinesis as it wares him down quite a bit after prolonged use. It is also his least experienced move set.

Special Abilities


Aiwa has incredible flight. He can soar through skies like they're nothing. His flight speed is also very good and he has incredible stamina when it comes to this. While in the air, Aiwa is nearly untouchable.



Aiwa is a genius when it comes to technology. He redefined the air shaft system that Matai-Mobi was using as transportation and also fixed up many weapons. He was the one who taught Hiero how to make his weapons and use them more comfortably. He also had some blueprints to some fine machines before he had passed that could have reinnovated Matai-Mobi. Sadly, his blueprints were demolished in the hurricane.

Proficient Hand To Hand Combatant and Dagger User

Aiwa has incredibly good reflexes. His reflexes landed him as a good combatant, even one who bested Hiero from time to time. His skills have landed him to become a great soldier in Luft-Tribu's army.


  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 5- Aiwa can hit very hard, but he has no super strength making him hit normally.

Defense: 7- Aiwa has a very good defense. This is because he'd usually block and parry instead of fight.

Speed: 9- Aiwa is incredibly fast, almost impossible to keep up with. His flying is a great example of his gifted speed.

Magic: 8- His Air abilities are unique and his Electric ones are devastating.

Evasion: 8- With his gifted speed, Aiwa is quite used to getting out of the heat of battle.

Intelligence: 8- Aiwa is a genius. He developed ways to solve his islands advanced needs at such a young age. He is only pulled down with the fact that he isn't a great tactician.

Skill: 7- Having trained the advanced way in Luft-Tribu, Aiwa has bested even Hiero himself.

Accuracy: 8- Being an aerokinetic and having been trained with the bow, Aiwa is a successful gunner and bow user.

Stamina: 7- Aiwa can do so much in a battle. He does indeed get tired and incredibly easily with his electric abilities being used more.

Tolerance: 6- Aiwa does not take pain very well. He isn't weak, but too much damage could seriously affect him.

Overall: 73%.


Aiwa is very weak to earth. He does not seem to stagger much to other elements due to his affinity with electricity and the neutrility of his air powers. Earth was the main element that caused him to collapse and eventually lead to his death when he was thrown into the sea. Besides that, Aiwa is emotionally weak as well, especially when it comes to loved ones getting thrown into issues.

Aiwa holds back heavily in battles, and this becomes an issue with enemies, simply because of the fact that he doesn't want to hurt or kill them (How ever if pushed to it, he WILL kill and will not regret it). Aiwa is also slightly gullible, so it can be easy to get him to get him into a trap or confuse him despite his intelligence. 


  • Aiwa is based off of one of my best friends, Tedeh.
  • Aiwa's birthday is May 5th, making him a Taurus. It is also the same birthday as Tedeh.
  • Aiwa is completely immune to insect toxins and poisons, due to his many altercations with them and he also lived in a jungle for the entirety of his life.
  • Unlike Hiero or most of his tribe members, Aiwa did not know or understand the Taronese language.
  • Aiwa has a very strong Jamaican accent, much like other individuals from Luft-Tribu.
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