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Aischylos has a very slender frame that seems to be passed off to his sons. He is a white cat that has purple tips on his otherwise snowy fur, which shows were Tavor gets his fur color. He has green eyes that have a purple mask around them.


Aischylos is a very sweet young man who seems to be the perfect example of a gentleman. He is very polite and rarely gets angry, and according to Tavor, it's terrifying when he does. He is very laif back and likes to just go with the flow, rarely causing a fight.



Aischylos was born in December 31st, and was born in a relatively small town. He had two older brothers and got along with them very well. His younger sister had died when he was twelve, and left him fairly heartbroken. Other than that, not much is known about his childhood, and how and why he left his town is still not certain of as well.

Teenage Years

Once he had turned seventeen, he had ran off from his hometown, seeking a good job and a name to match. On his way to Central City, he finds a man mugging a woman, and intervenes, and gets stabbed by the mugger because of that. An hour later, he was found by the locals and was brought to Medea for medical help. Realizing that she couldn't help him, Medea sends him away to a hospital in Station Square and waits for him to heal.

Two weeks later he is released from the hospital and Medea offered to take care of him, to which he gladly agrees. During their time together, they realize that they are starting to fall for each othe, and eventually admit it to each other.

Marriage and Children

Aischylos and Medea were still fairly young when in springtime they learned that Medea was pregnant with Tavor. They still did not have a suitable home life, and fled then to Central City, gaining science jobs in the area, and Aischylos was able to convince Medea to join him and stop her small pharmacy business. They were able to buy a house, and Tavor was born months later. After six years, they had five children to take care of.

Discovery and Death

Eight years into their scientific career, Aischylos and Medea soon discover that they had been working for the branch of government known as GUN, and found a deep secret of scientific discovery (still uncertain as to what they actually found) and quit their jobs. Learning that the two knew about it, GUN started to hunt them down. Eventually tiring with running away, Aischylos fakes their death by and automobile accident, and they escape scott free, abandoning their children in the process.


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Being a feline, Aischylos is very agile and flexible. He also appears to be able to see very well in the dark.


Being a government official and a known scientist has allowed him to gain many useful skills.

Chemistry and Biology

Aischylos has two majors and PhDs, which are these very fields. He is an amazing chemist and views chemical solutions and problems as puzzles that he could solve, and that made him an excellent chemist.

His biology is no different, and often his chemistry skills and his biology skills go hand in hand.


Aischylos is able to gather and retain information in extraordinary ways. He seems to have resources within the GUN agency, which gains him important info about anything, and this can make him fairly powerful in intelligence, with a genius IQ and excellent memory to help his case.


Although this skill is under used, he still does have a combat style. He prefers to dodge or hide in the shadows, but he is a fairly powerful for, able to identify and manipulate someone's weakness. His style is similar to boxing, only he relies on speed and agility, but that's not to say he lacks raw power.


Aischylos can handle multiple weapons, but is mostly seen using types of firearms, particularly shotguns and hand guns. His aim is also deadly accurate.


When he was younger, he was able to fly planes at an expert level, but this skill hasn't other went seen very often.


Aischylos is very cocky and arrogant, despite his cool and relaxed personality, and a bruise to his ego can affect him harshly. He also has a very hard time trusting others due to the government wanting to exploit his research.

He also is fairly selfish and cowardly, chosing to run away and abandon his children rather than face his crimes or take his children with him.

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