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Aisaac the Hedgehog is Sonic’s 3rd Costume in Smash 4 and Smash Ultimate. He is basically a human trapped in a hedgehog body. Everywhere in South Island feels different from California to him so him and his family make themselves at home. Aisaac feels like the video game world is great.

He has a YouTube Channel called Sonic Plush (please subscribe) he might be 10 years old but he is fast and strong he can even carry his big brother

He was in football since he was 8 and won the championship at the age of 9.

He is very curious about everything sometimes but don’t underestimate him he can tackle his enemies easily.

He would make friends with any kid that is not a bully.

Aisaac Daniels created Aisaac the Hedgehog, because he wanted to see what it was like if he was a Sonic Character.

Aisaac the Hedgehog is Sonic from the Scratch Dimension.


Aisaac has sky blue fur with 2 crystal rings from Sonic Adventure . He has blue shoes with white socks. He also has white gloves like any other Sonic Character.


Aisaac is a kind hearted hedgehog just like Sonic. But he also has a rude side. Aisaac is rude to enemies and kind to friends. Aisaac tries to see the good in his enemies but they never change at all.


Aisaac as he appears as an alt of Sonic in SSBU.

Costume2 15.svg

Game Appearances

Aisaac the Hedgehog’s first appearance was SSB4 with Aisaac representing the Crystal Rings from Sonic Adventure and also Classic Sonic because of the fur. Aisaac Resembles Classic Sonic. The cuffs are reminiscent of the Crystal Ring powerup from Sonic Adventure.

SSBU is another game that Aisaac appeared in and he is still an alt for Sonic.

In Aisaac the Hedgehog, he becomes his own character in his own game but is a remix of the worst Sonic Colors on Scratch. Play the game right here:

Aisaac Vacation is a good and hard game but went wrong when the human form of him Aisaac Daniels tried making less sprites of Noah. Play the game right here to see what I mean:

Project Aisaac 2021 is the first successful Aisaac the Hedgehog of all

Scratch Cloud is a online testing engine where you can play as random scratchers

Aisaac Runner is the one of the Successful Aisaac the Hedgehog Games by far! Play it to just run:

Paper Aisaac the Hedgehog is a game that features Aisaac if he was a Paper Mario Character

Aisaac the Hedgehog remastered is a recreation of Aisaac 1 but with different stages

Aisaac the Hedgehog 2 has Aisaac back in action with his new friends

Aisaac Quest is a game where Aisaac has to collect shards

Aisaac Spin Pong is a game where you play pong with Aisaac as the ball