"My path Is my own to follow"

Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze (originally known as Jonic the Hedgehog)

is a fan character created by Jonicthedgehog on both YouTube and deviant art
Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze
19 - 38
Tribal Spirit wolf (Ookami)
Ookami sphere, Beast Evolution,

Trance, Ookami laser (trance only) Lockpicking, Aura/spirit sensing

OverLimit level 1 - Devine Wolf
Hero- neutral
Peace, respecting his tribes goddess, traveling, treasure hunting
his past, Oblivion his dark counter part, feeling weak
Sword of Shiranui


Ookami tribe, I.B.S
Thief, Mercenary and leader of I.B.S,Part time archaeologist
International Bastard Squad

He originally started out as a basic minor edit as seen below but gradually became the Wolf he is today.

Jonic is best known for being a thief and a treasure hunter, he started this habit during his time homeless in Japan after the death of his career by Cyrex Soldiers in modern day Jonic spends his time searching for great treasures around the world and hopefully selling it afterwards.

at most times he steals for the good of his friends and others he does it for amusement but his skills prove him a valuble ally.

Jonic's is also the leader of the International Bastard Squad, a team of mercenaries containing him and his friends that reside in the I.B.S mansion in Vita Nova City. where they battle against many threats to the city and occasionally travel long distances to find the cause of danger, for the right fee of course.

Being the Proud owner of his personal motorcycle the Okami ZERO Jonic uses it to move great distances on the search for treasures, or on a mission with his team

Skills and Powers

Upon returning to his true self Jonic managed to awaken powers of his Tribal blood including his Family techniqe the Ookami Sphere. The attack harnesses his spirit energy and turn it into an orb of energy. the attack is devastating but risky at the same time.

Jonic also has the power to transform into a beast wolf another trait of his tribe of the Ookami which is deemed useful in little ways but can be used, but is used regularly anyway.

Being skilled with Weaponry Jonic wields his tribes sword the Sword of Shiranui which he takes great pride in keeping in his grasp and not wanting to let it go no mater the cost.

Other tools include a Bazooka that fires Irn Bru cans with bombs fitted in so they explode on contact, and a hookshot so he can get to higher ground, all though it is normally used for thieving purposes.

Another power linked to his Ookami heritage is the power to recognise and sense the Aura of others which is something useful for when Jonic is being Cautious and tactical.


Something unrealted to his Ookami tribe skills is Jonic's Trance mode, the form is a physical change to his appearance and a boost in power and skill. The form is activated when Jonic is at his limit of emotion that is either sadness or anger, the form can also be activated when Jonic has sustained a lot of injury and still has the will to fight. Though it seems to be a big power boost it only lasts temporarly which makes it versatile in rare cases, the form was obviously inspired by the limit break system from the role play game Final Fantasy IX where characters also have simmiler modes and benefits mentiond above.

Trance Jonic

Jonic's trance form

While in Trance Jonic loses his clothes and his fur and body marking colours interchange he sports a mane around his neck and wears blue shorts in this form, the scar on his chest does not fade from his body and can be seen more often as Jonic is rarely seen without his jacket off.

The form was the effect of Dr. Edgar Cyrex's experiments on the boy but they did not take effect immediately.

In the newest version of trance mode Jonic's markings take a more basic form while lengthened bits of fur sprout from his shoulders while his hands bare furry cuffs around them. Clothes wise Jonic's shorts are replaced by navy blue knee cut trousers which are followed by silverish boots.

Trance Jonic v.2

Newest version of Trance Jonic

Trance mode D (dark)

A dark variation exists for when Jonic's negative emotion's such as rage and hatred go over balance. this mode is known as Trance Mode D

Jonic first entered his trance mode when his beloved Girlfriend Yuri Violet was murdered by Oblivion his dark counterpart.

The fury and hatred for Oblivion made Jonic enter Trance mode D which caused him to not only attack Oblivion but also attack his own friends. since then Jonic mastered his trance mode and uses it when he absolutely needs it.

Trance returns

Trance mode D

Trance mode B (Breaker)

Trance Mode B

Trance mode B is a more physical form that relys on melee damage unlike the regular trance mode which can use powers. Trance mode B is formed when Jonic enters trance whilst wielding the sword Broken Legacy.

The forms appearance bares orange fur alike to Breakers fur and strange facial patterns that differ in colour, Jonic's eyes also turn blank showing no sign of vision but this can be debatable. his clothing also becomes a mix of Jonic and Breakers attire but with new additions such as a white hood and a navy blue sleeve.

Being a more powerful trance it has an even bigger limit as Jonic can only maintain this Trance mode for 25 minutes unlike the regular where he can stay in it for 50 minutes.

another con to Trance mode B is that Jonic cannot currently be able to handle the power that the form gives him and as such fears its power and is hesitant to use it


Jonics main weakness is that he has limited use of his tribal energy which is linked to his body markings. should he use too much energy he would enter Temporary lockdown. a phase that strips him of his powers (not coun

ting weapons) for a limited time (mostly 30 minutes) this can usually provide stress among himself.

Elementally Jonic has a major Weakness to those of the earth and darkness elements


As a hedgehog Jonic looked exactly like mobian hero Sonic the hedgehog albeit with minor changes i.e. brown bangs and blue shirt. this caused controversy among others as it was deemed unoriginal and lazy.


2 years later Jonic was redesigned as a sky blue hedgehog with a dark blue thieves jacket brown pants black sneakers and a bandana which later became a trademark, underneath his shirt Jonic had gained a scar going diagonally across his chest which he had probably gained in battle.

Another major trademark at that point was his long tanned tail most easily compared to that of a Dragon Ball Z sayian's. strangly Jonic stated that if he were to lose his tail then he would perish how he would know this has never been reveald.

The appearance worked for a while until it was deemed "still looks like sonic" by few

This led Jonathon Larcombe his designer to come up with something once more resuilting in his species switch.

The new jonic the hedgehog by jonicthedgehog-d342o24

Jonic's second to last look

Jonic's final design has the same clothing as the last but his fur was designed to be brushed backward and shoulder length. his muzzle and inner ears were changed to white to fit his wolf appearance he was also added with his body markings the symbol of his power

this appearance has been seen as unique by some but his name has been complained about by few leading to the poll on Deviant art on which he should be renamed too. Many voted for him to keep his name resuilting in the poll to be a waste of time.

at that time Jonic's beast form was also designed. His beast form would allow him to transform to a wolf at will, in this form Jonic's scenses improve drasticly at the cost of his speech and other powers, to

Beast Jonic V.3

make up for this Jonic uses his claws and bite for combat with foes. On October 18, 2011 Jonic got his final design where his hair dangles over his shoulders and are more colorful being some being brown and blue, his navy jacket and gloves were changed for a deep dark blue jacket with matching coloured fingerless gloves a black cover was put over part of his left arm to cover up a scar along with another 2 he recently sustained on his torso. Around his jacket a black belt is wrapped diagonally around his right shoulder connecting to another belt around his waist attached to the belt on his back is a harness for his Sword to be held.

This appearance is possible the final design Jonic will get but it has not been confirmed as of yet

Past Experiances

Jonic and his previous designs


Jonic is uptight and silent while wracked with guilt of the deaths in his life he could have prevented (his first girlfriend Yuri Violet who died before him, and Breaker the hedgehog who died at war with creatures made from the shadows), Though he works in a team he finds it hard to trust others and finds it hard to open up to teamwork in a lot of cases. but has a very rare chance of lightening up occasionally, in many cases Jonic would be considered a loner but with leadership capabilities.

Normally Jonic will not fight and will try and evade it as much as possible only fighting when truly necessary yet has a true sense of Justice nonetheless. This is mainly because the Ookami were pasifists themselves wanting to bring peace to the world as much as the sun goddess Amaterasu sought herself.

Jonic will also put his own life at risk for the good of others even risking all of his energy to do so.

a major trademark Jonic has is his love of the Scottish drink Irn Bru and will so much as keep a whole room full of the beverege.


Jonic was born under the name of Airon Hikarikaze who later became on of the last members of the Ookami tribe, a civilization of wolves with unique markings that pay homage to the goddess amaterasu and protect the weapon of the tribe, the Sword of Shiranui a weapon claimed to have been obtained by the tribes first leader from the heavens to vanquise evil that plagued the lands with sadness.

Jonic's father the 6th tribe chief led an army of tribe warriors against his former friend D.r Edgar Cyrex a scientist that once dedicated his life to studying the origin of mobian's but at some point went insane and became a mad scientist who created mutant soldiers to aid him so he can rule the world. The war ended with Cyrex victorius and the Ookami tribe were wiped out except a few who left the village and on that was left behind, Jonic himself. Cyrex then began to develop an idea of what to do with the cub.


At Cyrex Corporation Jonic was used as a living test experiment that Cyrex was trying to create as.. the illusion warrior, by injecting genes for the ultimate power boost Cyrex hoped that the genes that let him unlock the power of Trance mode. the test failed as Jonic failed to become anything. Cyrex was infuriated by this failure and then locked the cub deep in the lab where he remain the day an accident occurred. the accident is never explained but what is shown is an explosion at the part of the lab Jonic was sealed in which sent the child hurtling stories down until he landed in dumpster (presumably a soft landing) at that time a Flower girl was passing when she heard Jonic's crying and out of sympathy she took him in and raised him like a little brother, during then she named him Jonic for unexplained reason. Though never explained what happened during that Jonathon Larcombe had confirmed that 6 years later during a trip to Japan Jonic and the flower girl were ambushed by Cyrex soldiers and that the flower girl perished from trying to protect him. Jonic then somehow evaded the soldiers and lived low for 3 days without a home.


During the time Jonic was in hiding he was attacked by a group of Gmel under the control of Gx the hedgehog who was attacking Japan at that point sometime after being separated from his counterpart Shade the hedgehog (dmetrius96 on YouTube and deviant art) Jonic was then protected by Yui (Shades girlfriend at that point) and then saved by Shade and friends the group then agreed to take Jonic with them so he wouldn't be vulnerable to more attacks and quickly began a new friendship with him. during the fight with Gx Jonic was struck by a powerful attack and his negative emotions were formed into another being who quickly became known as Oblivion. a corrupted youth who lacked anything positive and had the goal of eliminating Jonic quickly, his attack was thwarted at shade managed to defeat him and Gx resulting them to retreat. days later Shade took Jonic in as his apprentice which Jonic slowly began to open up and the two became best friends.

New beginnings

Going through training and studying Jonic often wondered about his past life and one night left Shade and his friends with only a small sword and shield starting his journeys for the truth.

At the age of 16 Jonic formed a group of mercenaries with his friends Jacob the pikachu, Nega C payne and Optimus Kiefer. together they dubbed the team The International Bastard Squad (I.B.S for short) and moved into a mansion originally owned by optimus's great aunt who donated it to optimus upon her death to which optimus took great pride in owning until Jonic conned it out of him with his slippery thieving ways (they played 3 rounds of naughts and crosses).

as time passed the team became the highly recognised team in vita nova city being known to get any job done, during many missions Jonic and co encountered many additions to the team including Jonic's old sensei and his soon to be wife Peach Lightwater.

On the other hand things were not always the best of times, such as the loss of Jonic's first girlfriend Yuri Violet at the hands of his dark counterpart Oblivion Yamikaze, and the death of Breaker a close friend and brave warrior who died at war.

Armed with the Sword of shiranui the blade that Jonic wields the young wolf learnt the truth of his past and gained his markings which he unlocked his ookami powers. discovering that cyrex, the man he had fought and encountered many times before was to blame. he gained a hatred for doctors ever since.

In recent years Jonic had taken up Archaeology and occasionally travels to far off ruins to study artifacts and inscriptions to solve many mysteries of the past.


Jonic has many Friends but he considers them Allies then friends and slightly hangs out with them when not on duty of reducing trouble of Vita Nova

Team shot

The International Bastard Squad lined up from left to right Peach,Shade,Nega,Jacob,Jonic,Optimus,Ashleigh,Connor and Clyde

Heroes past

Jonic and Friends as children By Jonicthedgehog aka JonicOokami7

Jacob the Pikachu

Jacob is Jonic's first Pokémon and a close friend the two have been traveling the reigons of the Pokémon world together such as Johto and Sinnoh.

Jacob looks up to Jonic as his best friend and is determind to follow him in battle and adventure

in a 3 member version of Team I.B.S Jacob along with Nega will aid Jonic as they are the closest friends he has

Jacob being in Flight formation

Ready for battle

Jonic and Jacob along with 2 of Jonics other Pokémon

Nega C Payne

Nega is Jonic's Powerhouse of a friend who hails from Australlia. though he looks like a brute he is always willing to help Jonic with his strength and his inventions

along with Jacob Nega aids Jonic in the 3 member version of Team I.B.S being in Power formation

Optimus Twat Kiefer

the friendship between Optimus and Jonic is that like everyone else who meets him Jonic thinks Optimus is also a perverted nobody that everyone despises and keeps him on the team regardless as a childhood "friend"

Optimus usually meets the bad end of Jonics weapons usually when he is spying on any female he comes in contact with.

Shade the hedgehog

Shade and Jonic go way back to his child hood and have been best friends since Shade who is usually calm and cool will at time hit Jonic for making bad puns but is otherwise he is someone Jonic sees as a mentor

together Jonic and Shade can fuse into an elemental fusion of wind and thunder known as Storm the Thunderwind

Peach the Lightwater

Peach is Jonic's girlfriend and has been for 4 years. they first met when Jonic saved her from a burning house when they were kids and have since then fell in love. after many years the couple got married and had 2 children Sky and Rune.

Jonic and Peach both hope to be a highly recognised couple together

Clair Nightcutter

Clair is Jonic's older cousin and the only known relative he has left, years after the Day of Cyrex Clair had caught on that her beloved cousin was alive and sought him out eventually finding him. All though she may act tough, independent and stand alone she thinks the world of Jonic and promises to stay by his side for the remaining days of her life
Jonic and Clair

by Jonicthedgehog Aka Jonicookami7

Yuri Violet

Jonic's first girlfriend who he loved with all his heart. She was killed infront of him by being choked in a death grip by Oblivion. Jonic who had his legs trapped under a rock at the time was unable to save her and to this day he holds an eternal grudge for himself because of it. To forever remember her Jonic took the Blue ribbon that Yuri always wore on her head and wrapped it round his arm. Her death always plagued Jonic's mind changing him from a happy go lucky jokester to a serious and depressed man.

Other Friends/Allies

any other friends can be listed here

(this can be edited by other users who have had characters encounter Jonic in roleplays)

Carla The Panda

Carla looks at Jonic as a Hero and calls him this. She says he is destined for greatness and she will always be there as a friend if he needs her. Even though their adventures are over, Carla will never forget this great Hero, after all, who could forget their best friend and their village's saviour?

Clyde the Hedgehog

A member of the IBS, first encountered Jonic as a kid. He helped out Jonic and Shade when they had to face an army of mutated Ookamis created by Dr. Edgar Cyrex. He met with Jonic years later, and became a member of the IBS. He works as the team's scientist and has aided Jonic and co. with many creations.


Jonic normally will not fight and only will when necessary against foes.

Oblivion Yamikaze

Jonic and Oblivion are natural enemys made from the light and darkness from the same form. The relation goes back to Jonics childhood from where the demon wolf was removed from his body.

Oblivion shows pure hostility and hatred to Jonic much like he does everything else and will always clash with him on every meeting, but cannot kill him and vice versa as they are both of the same being if one were to die the other would go with him.

Both wolves know this so they always spare each other much to Oblivion's anger who would rather destroy him along with the rest of the world with his dark power.
Light and dark

Jonic and Oblivion the light and darkness of the same form

Other foes

(other users can add what characters would see Jonic as a foe and any reason)


for those who see Jonic as someone to compete against on every meeting


Being the Champion of the Vita Nova Pokémon League Jonic has raised and trained Pokémon well starting with his first Pokémon Jacob the Pikachu

Aside from Jacob Jonic has a collection of rare Pokémon from when he went to regions such as Johto and Unova

Johto team

Jacob (Pikachu) Level 100

Flare *shiny* (Typhlosion) level 100

Noctowl Level 100

Snappy (Feraligatr) Level 100

Leaf (Meganium) Level 100

Razor (Gliscor) Level 100

Unova team

Cutter (Serperior) Level 100

Drippy (Simipour) Level 100

Unfezant Level 100

Zapzer (Zebstrika) Level 100

Kitsune (Zoroark) Level 100

Crush (Haxorus) Level 100

Unova Extension (B2/W2)

Stripe (Arcanine) Level 62

Mizu (Vaporeon) Level 62

Prism (Tyranitar) Level 61
Unova team 2 BG

Jonic's Extended Unova team

Sinnoh team

Empoleon Level 62

Staraptor Level 62

Houndoom Level 62

Leafeon Level 62

Lucario Level 62

(Jacob takes the 1st slot of this team)

Battle Quotes

"My Legacy is my own..." - normal battle quote

" ... Why must we always conflict in battle" said when fighting Oblivion

"... i dont wish to fight you!" Said when fighting friends

" Ookami sphere!" when using his ookami sphere attack

"TRANCE!!" when entering trance form

" my legacy... at its end..." when defeated on ground

"NO!" when defeated in air

" Amaterasu... why must i fight..?" Normal victory quote

"Please... forgive my sins..." When defeating friends

" .... you brought it on yourself " When defeating Oblivion


Musical Themes

Dive Right in - story of the year

Wake up - story of the year


  • Jonic is left handed.
  • Even though he is a thief Jonic is a fighter of a good cause normally stealing for missions
  • Jonic very often uses his real name in introductions but still prefers the name he lived with
  • Much of Jonic's personality was based on Final Fantasy Character cloud strife but Jonic is more hesitant to fight unlike Cloud
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