Hair/Fur: Pale indigo

Eye: Blue
Red back-less top

White and Teal skirt

Orange Scarf and matching Bandana

White Gloves with sky blue Bracelets

Brown sandals
Gust (Older Sister)

"How Peaceful~"
Summoning small clouds to form shields

Wind Element user

Air the Echidna is a young echidna girl often traveling in search of her older sister, Gust, who went missing sometime after a storm ravaged their home land. She had been rendered unconcious and upon awakening, she could only find a note left in her sisters place. 

While she is unsure of her current location or even if she is still alive, Air continues to search in hopes of finding her.


Air is currently single and does not seem to think much of relationships due to her overwhelming desire to find her sister, who she deems to be her "most important person".

She has no home for the time being due to traveling, and she can normally be found in forest regions or areas like the mystic ruins.


Air is a pale indigo echidna girl with vibrant blue eyes and powder blue eyelids. She has pale, almost grey skin, this being her muzzle and tummy area. Her short quills are shoulder length and flare outward, with three spiked bangs and chest-length, slightly curled forelocks.

She wears a red tank-top with the back cut out and a white pencil skirt with a row of teal buttons going down each side and frilly trim. These are paired with dark brown sandals, an orange scarf, white gloves with sky blue bracelets, and an orange bandana.


Air is a friendly and gentle girl who enjoys spreading joy and happiness to others. She dislikes violence and harmful acts or behavior, and should she need to resort to such things she appears very remorseful.

At first meeting she comes off absent-minded and flighty, but she is also level-headed and calmed, naturally being able to soothe those who get caught up in this. She is also a bit clumsy.

Deep down she is shown to be very nostalgic, and she terribly misses her sister- to the point that she can become angry if someone was to badmouth their own siblings or take any loved one for granted.

She enjoys swimming and admiring nature as sources of calming down or unwinding, and she loves to eat apples. She dislikes seeing others act neglectful or uncaring of others or things, and knowing someone may being hurt by someone else. She also doesn't like sugary food items since they only provide temporary energy and slow you down afterwards- something she wants to avoid at all cost.

Attacks and Abilities

Air is a wind/air element user and is capable of hovering and flight in small distances due to the shortness of her quills/spiked locks, and she can adjust air currents to help her glide or get things in the distance. As she dislikes violence she attempts to resort to using her abilities to help her escape or defend herself. 

Named Moves

  • Puffy Shield - Small clouds are summoned to protect her from being hurt or allow her to escape. They evaporate over time. 
  • Float - With a small current of wind, she pushes things away or makes them hover.
  • Erratic Gust - Air sweeps a strong gust of wind at the target, then uses another to lift then up into the air and drop them. Not a move she prefers to use, but it's useful when she has to escape.


Because of her stubborn refusal to fight unless its necessary/life risking, it makes her an easy target to those who don't share those opinions. Unlike most Echnida, she is also unable to dig into the ground to climb around.

Hobbies and Talents

As she often spends her time traveling, Air enjoys collecting old diaries or notepads she comes across. She enjoys looking through them to learn about the owner and then keeps a hold of it like a treasured keepsake, and she resorts to looking at her own to help give her courage to keep going.

She has also taken to hobbies like candle making with various items she finds in nature, and she is capable of sewing, which she took up when she was younger to honor her sister. With this ability, she made her own bandana and scarf to match her sisters own handmade accessories.



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