Air Slash is a strong ranged attack of the Wind Element.


A fairly simple attack, the user focuses Wind energy into their wings or forearms, and then swings at the air, releasing a crescent of Wind energy from their wing/forearm hurtling towards the foe. This attack generally travels at such a velocity that it distorts the air it cuts past, and can even reliably cut through trees. However, the crescent cannot effectively get past metal and stone.

While typically used by avians, generally any aerokinetic/aeromancer can learn this attack.


Pokemon Users

Species Users


  • Air Shift- A blast of air done from the Greatstaff of the Nexus' Wings.
  • Rage Slash: (Rage variant)

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Attack Rank

The attack is common among avians, but is aligned with the Wind element, so it has a C-rank.

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