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Aidan "Pyro" Winchester is an updated version of the character Pyro Edward Wood(Pyro Edward Wood is not on this wikia). Pyro was only updated to be placed on a forum called Sonic Cyclone.  Pyro didn't even start out as Pyro, but instead as a "Legendary Hero" called Joshua. After a few years he became Inferno and he was stripped of all of his powers besides the fire element. Finally, the Power Gems are created and so Pyro is born! Out of the three generations of Pyro before now, it was all one big story for the reasons he changed, and not constructive criticism and frustration. After the creation of a character named Eclipse, planning of a fan fiction where Pyro is the main character was being planned and was going to be called "Imagination Adventure: Elemental Wars" but issues arose when criticism of Pyro as a character was received and confusing of when the story would start(start 7 years ago with Josh or start now with Pyro). After some help from a friend, it was decided that Pyro's original story would be scrapped for a new story to make it simpler. Imagination Adventure was born, but only one episode(the chapters were called episodes) would be released before more criticism, this time from a site called Sonic Cyclone(a year after Episode 1 of Imagination Adventure was released), who stated that Pyro is a strange name for a character, that his backstory and personality was quite terrible, and that hedgehogs were overdone. These formed the changed of Pyro's name from Pyro Edward Wood to Aidan Winchester, him being a jackal instead of a hedgehog, and the changes of his backstory and personality from psychopathic killer who wants revenge for his parent's death to teenage fire manipulator who lost his mother. I do plan on using Pyro in fanfictions and future fan games.


He is a red dog with large ears, with white and pink stripes down his crimson back. His tail ends in a crimson tip, and his facial(mouth) and stomach fur is beige. His paws are grey and black, somewhat like the ashes of a fire. When wet, his body steams and smokes, and he seems to get smaller. Physically, Pyro looks normal, or average. He isn't big, muscled, or skinny. He's just normal sized.
Gift pyro the jackal by powerfusion68-d6x5rdb

Drawing by Powerbison on DA

Pyro's fashion decisions range from dark blue jacket, red shorts, with black and grey shoes(no shirt), or a black vest with nothing else but long, black, camo pants and a pair of army boots(once again, no shirt). His gloves range from normal and white, to white with a symbol of fire on them, to being grey with a red square on them. His wrists can also be covered with rings somwhat like Silver, Amy, and Shadow's, though he normally leaves these off(will be explained later on). This is almost all the clothing he has since it's all he brought with him on his trip to the Mystic Ruins. For a anthropormphic animal Mobian, he is quite tall, at 5 feet while standing. His teeth don't look that clean, and his hair is messy. There will be times when he wants to feel special, and will specifically change his hairstyle into something that looks a bit like James Bonde styled hair. However, this change in hair style is only when talking to the "Sons of Plunder", or going to a special event. You want to look good when you talk with a gang of thieves or going to a wedding, you know. The fur on the back of his head seems spiky, and sharp, like a porcupine, and his irises are grey blue. His finger nails are shorter than they should be, but not so short that they show skin or blood, or hurt when doing things with his hands or in general fingers. He always seems to have a calm and happy expression at times, and when showing emotion his eyes seem to stay the same. No one can really explain why, but it can be kind of creepy.


Pyro doesn't know his own goals. He fights for his friends, the remainder of the family he cares about, and the people of Westopolis. He believes he is insane, and it may be true, if it weren't for the fact that he knows about it(If you think you are insane, than you aren't insane. Also, the definition of insanity to some people is doing the same thing over and over again, thinking there will be a different effect each time.). Pyro loves to fight, and when fighting, he shows his love in many ways, sometimes smiling and chuckling even when getting hit, because it makes him happy that someone is willing to fight him. He is bad in moments of stress, and will hilariously do what he can just to end the stress(Example? He's about to drown, or in this case die from getting wet. He will panic, scream, and technically cry as he runs around trying to find a way out of his demise.).
When Pyro is angered, it goes through stages of rage, then violence, then holding a grudge. He is easily angered, though he has been trying to control his anger, just enough so that he doesn't go ripping people's heads off when they get him mad. This shows how angry he can get at people, and though it's a stereotype, I'd have to call him a male tsundere, a guy who will only like someone if you get to know him. In this case, give Pyro a reason to hate you, and he'll hate you until you give him twice more of a reason for him to even like you a little bit afterwards.
Besides his anger issues, he seems to have other problems. He's arrogant, as in cocky, as while he feels he's no better than anyone else, he does believe that it's possible to be better than someone else based off of their accomplishments. Because of this, he constantly will give reasons why he is better than everyone, and rub it in their faces. He will also try and do whatever he finds possible to get him out of a situation that will put him below everyone else, even hurting others to get him on top again. This goes against his heroism, obviously, but at least he isn't killing innocent people. Besides, someone killed his mother for reasons he didn't understand for the longest while. He is very sarcastic, and has been called a smartass many times. He doesn't respect many, and this all stems from his arrogance. He will argue and just be generally pissed if anyone proves him wrong about anything, since he believes he is always right.
He fears the very obvious WATER and...heights? Yes, this guy has a problem with being too high, and for the same reasons as Joshua. Being two far above the ground(this includes being on a mountain) bothers him, as it makes him get a weird feeling, as if he will mess up and accidentally fall. There is the other side of this, where he fears himself, in which case the falling may not be an accident. Trust me, he is not suicidal, but these thoughts come to everyone I believe, and it effects Pyro more.
He has a love for science, fighting, and most of all, chocolate and provolone cheese(Seperate, of course. He doesn't eat chocolate covered cheese. That would be disgusting!) He doesn't care about his looks, other people and how they really feel, or the planet of Mobius in general. He hates water elementals, ice elementals, demons(unless it's a kind of super form), and angels. His favorite genre of music is Heavy Metal, though he will listen to many others, even rap. He lives in Westopolis, specifically the Mystic Ruins, so he has a need to protect it in his mind, no matter how much he doesn't really like the place.
Pyro can be summed up as an arrogant, lazy slob, who has no idea what he's doing, and has anger issues. However, given the right chance he can be good for something, and actually put a smile on people's faces.


Pyro was born in 1998, from a wiccan and a heavy metal musician. Within the first 7 years, not much happened. A few years after Pyro's birth, Luna, the wiccan, read in the newspaper of a child who almost killed himself on an escalator. The newspaper described the way it happened, the kid's name(Joshua), and where it was, and all this worried Luna. However, Luna and the family decided to go on vacation to the same area, like they had been planning at the time. Tiamat, the heavy metal musician, and Luna made sure their children were not in any danger on their vacation, but it was inevitable. They came to the mall, as if history was meant to repeat itself. A kid much like the one before, attached himmself to an escalator, and they went up. Pyro, who was scared shitless, just like Joshua, screams and Luna finds Pyro. However, when Pyro falls, he was not injured. It was a miracle! No one could understand how he survived the fall, or how Pyro left without a scratch! Pyro was amazed himself, and back at school after the newspaper came out with headlines "Child survives fall without a scratch" or something like that, people began swarming Pyro. He was not very good in crowds, and it annoyed him, though he grew to accept the attention. His father, who had only been writing music and not releasing it, finally got into a band, and began making money off of his music. Pyro had went through most of his life without much trouble after this event, as nothing was there to hold him back, like what happened to Pyro. Sure there were a few bumps in the road, but they were unimportant, normal things for kids. His family soon became rich, and because of his father, they had more than they could ever need. While everything seemed perfect at the time, 3 years of luck and happiness, but then tragedy struck.
Pyro's grandfather learns of Luna's powers as a Wiccan after many years, and tells everyone about her, especially the people at the church. It may of seemed that people on Mobius had gotten out of that age(or maybe they should of gotten out of the idea that witches were real?), but they all thought of Luna as a monster nonetheless, thinking she was a witch. They burned her on a cross, while her entire family watched. Pyro's eyes was filled with fire that day, but he felt he couldn't do anything. To challenge the ideas of the church? He had more common sense at this age then to just walk up to the people who had killed her mother for being a wiccan, an abomination to God, and ask why they did it! He didn't even understand why they believed his mother was a monster, just because she was a wiccan.
Luna's father who had basically sentenced Luna to her death, and Tiamat who knew that Luna's father hated both Luna and himself, went into war. Within the family, Tiamat goes bankrupt because of the old, greedy man, who gives the money to his favorite daughter. He then finally kicks Tiamat out of the house that Pyro and his brother Electro had lived in for so long, and confiscated the kids. He began abusing the children of the daughter that he never wanted, and the "bum" that married her. Electro, who turned against the grandfather, was put in jail for almost murdering the old man, and when Pyro reached the age of 13, he ran away to find his brother. Pyro, actually not knowing where Electro went(Pyro was at school at the time, which around this time was where he was happiest, which even then Pyro's friends turned on him.), meaning he didn't know where to look, went into the forest. A few days searching through the large forest, he is found by someone who looks much like his mother before she died. Pyro fainted right after this, and when he woke up, a sword with a symbol for fire on the handle was beside him, and he was wearing Luna's necklace, the one that Luna had explained to Pyro had made Luna immortal. With Pyro having no real magic, the necklace didn't work with him. He also found something in his pocket. It was a coin with the words "Gabriel" on it. He had fainted in the middle of a forest, he woke up on the root of a large tree...
A year later, he had given up the search of his brother after reading in the paper that he was executed. Most likely they couldn't handle Electro, but had no where to put him. That was what Pyro thought, and it disgusted him to think that people had taken another family member away from him. He hadn't returned to his grandparents, even though he learned that his grandfather had died a few months ago due to a heart attack. He didn't trust this information, and even if he went back to find out that it was true, Pyro believed in ghosts, and Pyro's grandfather must of been haunting that house. Either way, he left his loving grandmother(that hilariously enough has had no mention up until now I realize. But then again, she did nothing that was really worth mentioning, so she had no reason to be mentioned before now.) home without anyone to take care of her in her old age, because Pyro's fear of possibly returning to the old man who had seemingly ruined his life.
Pyro lived in the since he began searching for his brother, only seldom going to the city for things like food, drinks, and money. He began working with a gang by the name of the "Sons of Plunder", who though he despised the idea, he was too young for any actual job, and even if he could get a job people would probably remember Pyro and return him to his house, so he had to get money in some way.
The large forest he lived in, the area that people called the Mystic Ruins, interested him. Since he was living there anyway, he decided he would take a break from just staying in the forest area and finally go to the actual ruins. The ruins made by the ancient Echidnas looked aged, obviously, but what interested him was the symbols on these ruins. This became a regular spot for him to look at and study for a few weeks. On his final day of study, looking at the ruins, he found something that made him even more interested. Some symbols showed two rings with fire in them(that's what it looked like), and in the middle there was a dog-like creature. It was made like a button, and Pyro realized this. He pressed said button, and on the same side of the temple that he was looking at, a door opened. He went in, and found two rings that he put on without a care for what they really were. He did not know how important these would be to him, or how powerful they were...all he knew was he found them in a random temple by pressing a dog button.


Roleplay: The Race Against Time

(Information will be added when available)


Imagination Adventure Episode 1

The only episode of the series, Episode 2 was being planned, but more characters came out and it was stalled until the point when Pyro was rejected from Sonic Cyclone. The series was canceled because of confusion of his sudden species change, and the differences in the backstory and personality compared to the Pyro in this fanfiction.

In Imagination Adventure Episode 1, Pyro and his friends catch their rival, an assassin named Maylow(a character from masterfox32 on Deviant Art), at the exact same time as in Sonic's universe when Eclipse shows up and causes chaos. Time travel is involved here, when Eclipse uses his Chaos Whip against Shadow as Shadow uses Chaos Control. Somehow this sends Shadow back in time to the point when ARK was being attacked by GUN, and Shadow uses this time to save Maria. This causes Sonic's Universe to change to the point that Shadow is now human and Maria is alive. It also somehow opens up a wormhole between dimensions, causing Pyro, his friends, and Maylow to get randomly thrown into the fight between human Shadow, Sonic, and Eclipse. 

Another fan character was meant to appear in the series as a regular character, as a present back to the person who drew Pyro when he was a hedgehog. The character's name is Lightning the Hedgehog.


Spin Attack

Pyro, with the Fire Sword, can do a Fire Spin Attack(from Zelda, it's basically just a spin attack plus the element of fire), or just Spin Attack, for simplicity. He can charge it up, which makes him really slow when he tries to move, as to charge it up he bends his knees and holds out his sword. After his sword is covered in fire, release the attack! It acts as a sword-based Pyroboom, and if Pyro has the basic powers of Sonic, this ability would replace the Spin Dash.


Pyro has the ability to manipulate fire by changing it's shape or moving it with his mind. He can make fires grow or shrink as well. Fire needs fuel to exist, so as long as there is a source of fuel he can manipulate these flames. They can increase to twice Pyro's size or just be put out by Pyro himself. They can be controlled to follow Pyro's movements(Firebending, for you Avatar fans) and this comes with "Flamethrower" which allows him to create fire. Moving a flame is difficult, but he can lift the actual fire from the ground and move it like this as well. Water elementals are obviously not effected by fire, and these attacks can miss depending on Pyro's skill and accuracy with the ability. He can only control and create fire within his sight, so he just can't control fire on the other side of Mobius. He also has to know it exists unless he's the one making the fire.


The Pyroboom is an explosion-based attack, that works much like the Chaos Blast from Shadow the Hedgehog, or Din's Fire from Ocarina of Time. There are two forms of the same attack, which are "While standing still" and "While moving".
While standing still, just saying the words Pyroboom will activate the attack. However, to use it, it requires him to at least landed one hit on the opponent, and have taken a hit. This is a nerf/"Safeguard"(that's what I'm calling it) for RPing so he doesn't just start using it as soon as he starts fighting. I'm also doing it, since it would be strange to be able to use a powerful ability like this alot, even though if Pyro were real and had all of his powers, this limit wouldn't make any natural sense. Nonetheless, off that topic, Pyro's "While standing still" Pyroboom has a range between 5-10 feet radius, and the attack forms a perfect sphere made of fire. When it engulfs a target within the fire, they obviously catch fire unless immune. It also comes as fast as it goes, as it's more like an explosion than the two moves mentioned before, so it's going much faster, meaning it does not do much other than make someone catch fire, and block attacks that aren't of the water element.
While moving, specifically while running, there is no limit. This power is a necessity after going full speed! Pyro begins to heat up at about the speed of 60 miles per hour, about the speed of a moderately fast car. This heat up actually effects him, making him too hot, and this overheat can damage him. To get rid of it, he yells Pyroboom, and he not only doubles his speed, but he gains a new max speed for the time of the explosion. The new max speed is around 120 miles per hour, and the velocity that he goes after the explosion basically makes this a milisecond change in speed, that sets the surrounding 5 feet, when the explosion occurs, on fire. He then begins slowing down, until he reaches 60 miles per hour again, where he will begin to heat up and need to use Pyrboom again if he is to survive the run.

Fire Punch

The fire punch can be charged up, and max can knock someone back about 5 feet or so, depending on their body size and how well they take the move. Without charging it, it's just a punch using fire.

Fire Kick

The fire kick, his other melee attack, deals with an aerial kick that makes him look like a comet, and the other is just a normal kick using fire.


Fireballs are thrown from his hands, and the size and number of fireballs are both related and limited. Five fireballs maximum, and maximum size for a fireball are fireballs that are 5 feet in radius. To use maximum number of fireballs, the fireball size must be 1 foot radius. For maximum size fireball, you can only use 1 at a time. Medium fireballs(3 feet radius) will allow a maximum of 3 fireballs. If there is a homing fireball, it will count as 2 fireballs. The fireballs, once again, are mainly good for dealing small damage but setting the person on fire, if they are small. If homing, they are specifically made to hit the target, at the price of size of the ball, and max fireballs allowed. The larger they are, the more damage they do, but the slower they go and the less amount of them that can be used at a time.


The other ranged attack, Flamethrower, is a stream of fire that has no actual advantages or disadvantages. The power allows Pyro to burn someone from a distance, and that is all. He can use it with either hands or mouth, but not at the same time, as it's kind of pointless at that point anyway. However, if you use your hands, you can use both of your hands at the same time, with more control. It kind of makes it pointless to breathe fire, in this case.

Fire Homing Attack

This is simply Sonic's homing attack except Pyro is surrounded in flames while doing the homing attack. He must be within 3 yards of the opponent he wants to use this on, and it can be dodged, as he can only move in one direction until he is where the opponent is or until he hits something/lands. He jumps without rolling into a ball(usual jumping for Pyro), but when Pyro homes in on an opponent he rolls up into a ball and slightly flies toward the opponent at high speeds. As this is going on, the opponent does have the ability to just move out of the way, since Pyro only homes onto the area that the opponent once occupied and not the actual opponent once it moves, he can't follow the opponent and will exit the homing attack once he reaches the point he was homing in on.


Pyro can fly for at most 5 miles by using his fire powers to blast himself in any direction. He can only fly at 30 MPH, and he can easily overheat, making him forced to use Pyroboom to increase his speed to 45 MPH. After 1 miles of travel Pyro is moving at 15 MPH. After 2 miles of travel it maxes out at 30 MPH, and Pyro has to use Pyroboom. After using Pyroboom, he reaches 45 MPH in less than a second as fire surrounds where he was last for about 5 seconds. After traveling for 4 miles, he begins slowing down. After traveling for 5 miles, he is forced to fall. This all takes approximately 40 minutes to do, 8 minutes per mile.

Chaos Flame

For each emerald he gets, up to six, he gets hotter, redder, and the fire gets larger. Using Chaos Flame creates a heat barrier that only other fire elementals aren't effected by, and the temperature increases for each emerald, starting at 100 degrees above body temperature. For each emerald, he gets another 100 degrees added to the heat. This also includes Pyro's main super form, which at 7 Emeralds, using Chaos Flame will turn him into the Living Star, or Star Pyro.

Special Abilities

Pyro can sense if someone is around him using their body heat and his canine senses. He can also summon his Fire Sword to his hand whenever he pleases. 

Theme Songs

His theme song is "Luna" by Tarby. Understandably, Luna is Pyro's mother, but the song is of a My Little Pony character named Princess Luna, however it describes Pyro's feelings about losing his mother.
Tarby - Luna (Cover of Odyssey Eurobeat)

Tarby - Luna (Cover of Odyssey Eurobeat)


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