Ai Hitōshi is a female porcupine and wife to Yu the Porcupine


Ai is a red porcupine with a peach muzzle and forest green eyes. She has many quills on her head and back. She styles her quills as if they were hair. Ai has round ears and white bucked teeth. Ai has a healthy weight and is a bit short.


Ai is a headstrong young woman, but also playful. She acts much less serious than her husband. However, Ai can also be very naive and gullible. She also has a nasty temper when aggravated.


Ai was born into extreme poverty in a Korak ghetto. Her mother was upset at the time of her birth. She didn't want another hungry mouth to feed. Nevertheless, she kept the baby girl. Ai grew up quickly, and despite being poor, was a cheerful child.

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