Agile the Hedgeril is the crown princess of the Empire of the Scarlet Moon and a highly praised Flying Knight, famed for her strategies with her mount Pell, a larger-than-average Pelipper.

Agile the Hedgeril

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Hedgeril (Hedgehog/Squirrel hybrid)
  • Fur: Dark green
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Green
  • Maroon hip-length tunic, split on the sides to waist height
  • Stainless steel shoulder plates
  • Stainless steel breastplate
  • White miniskirt
  • Maroon thigh-height riding boots with silver patterning
  • Brown leather belt
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Normally carries smoke rounds for the launcher, although buckshot and high-explosive grenades are also used.
  • Semi-automatic pistol
  • Activated Stages of Evolution
  • Heightened reflexes
  • Super Speed
  • Trained with flying mounts
  • Expert marksman with grenades & grenade launchers
  • Skilled with pistols
  • Trained in hand-to-hand combat
MountPell, a larger-than-usual non-anthropomorphic Pelipper.
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Agile has thick, green fur like her father and shoulder-length brown hair, the colour of her mother's. She also has her mother's green eyes. Her build is very similar to her mother - not very busty, but was respected for her slim yet muscular physique.

However, after activating the one-shot ability Stages of Evolution at the age of twenty-five, her body changed to a major degree. While she remained the same colours, her body shape became more of an hourglass than the previous slim torso she had before. In addition, she sprouted a small pair of white feathered wings from her back, although she cannot fly on her own. Her tail also shrunk down into a smaller hedgehog form, rather than the longer squirrel kind. The transformation also made her a lot faster, with her reflex speed and running speeds both increasing tremendously, and at the same time she is also a lot stronger, capable of fending off other fighters in hand-to-hand combat to a greater degree than she could pre-transformation.


Despite her vast wardrobe of formal clothing, Agile typically is seen in her military uniform - maroon hip-length tunic over a white miniskirt, the tunic split at the sides to splay slightly around the skirt, which thigh-height maroon riding boots detailed in silver. When going into combat, she adds in the armor portions of the uniform - stainless steel shoulder-plates and breastplate, plus a sturdy leather belt sporting her holster for her pistol and ammunition pouches for her array of grenades.


Early Years

Agile was born in the years following her parent's marriage, with public approval for the first-born daughter, although Emperor Accelerate Hedgehog, her grandfather, disapproved of her being the first-born, and as such the second in line to the throne after her father. She was followed barely two years later by her younger brother, Rider. However, by the time she turned five, it was clear that she had a "weak personality". She was nervous and shy around most of the other children she was introduced to, especially around boys. However, she did make one friend quickly - a Wingull that hatched at the palace soon after her fifth birthday and the child of some of the mounts of the Royal Sky Knights. She named him Pell, a distortion of its evolution's name, and began to spend time with the bird, to her grandfather's distaste.


One night, while she was seven, the timid girl had a bad nightmare, and was woken from her sleep in a panic. This had the side-effect of waking Pell, but the Wingull was barely fazed by the disruption to his sleep. Scared, the girl headed off to find her mother for support.

The young hybrid found her mother in the throne room, but didn't enter when she heard shouting and threats. The other voice very quickly made itself clear to be her father, who was shouting about how he would have to kill Agile to appease his father, who had threatened to revoke his birthright due to the daughter being the heir to the throne. Her mother, a woman of noble birth, was arguing in reply in an attempt to protect her daughter, and it was clear that the squirrel was winning the argument, although her father was still unwilling to back down, and reiterated that Agile had very little time left. Then Tec said something the young hedgeril never expected - she offered to kill the emperor to save her daughter's life. Commit an act of high treason to save someone in her bloodline. After a few moments that weighed heavily on Agile's heart, Prince Colm agreed. Her life would be spared for that of his father. Agile slowly made her way back to her room, convinced that this was just another dream.

The very next morning, the young princess awoke to startling news - Emperor Accelerate Hedgehog was dead, believed to have been killed by her mother, who had been exiled and branded a traitor. The small hybrid's life turned upside-down. Now, she was the crown princess, heir to the throne. But, now she was motherless, and she realized that the "dream" where her father spoke of killing her was no dream, but a waking nightmare. She grew even more withdrawn, even from the nursemaids who came to take care of her and tutors she'd known for years, and sought even more solace with Pell.

Becoming a Sky Knight

By her thirteenth birthday, Agile had realised that all she wanted to do was fly. The Sky Knights rode majestic mounts, mostly birds, and fought to defend their country. Her beloved Pell would fly everywhere, and he was no standard sized Wingull. He was larger than most wild Wingull that the young princess saw, and that made her intrigued. She made her way down to the royal stables, where she met the head of the Sky Knights and his own mount, a majestic wyvern. She asked him about Pell, and explained his origins as well as she could.

The man explained that Pell, and all of the birds ridden by Sky Knights, had been selectively bred for size over the years, until they were large enough to ride. When her friend became a Pelipper, he would be the right size to have a saddle made, and be large enough to get trained as a mount for a Knight. Agile then declared that was her aim. Most royals received training in the military, it was true, but a princess? The head of the Sky Knights tried to explain that most royals were trained to fight on the ground as royalty, not in the skies on the back of a winged beast, but the hybrid was adamant. She would convince her father and train as a Sky Knight, no matter what.

Her father took just as much convincing as she'd expected. He disapproved of his daughter training in such a trying type of combat, and would prefer her to learn to shoot a pistol and be done with it. She got angry, and ordered Pell to attack, the first times she'd ordered Pell to attack anything. At first, the Wingull was uncertain, but followed the order with a Water Gun into her father's face. At first, the man was irate, and ordered his daughter to go to her room, but she stood her ground and shouted at him about what she knew happened six years before, about the fight between him and her mother. The fight about her. Stunned, he admitted it was true, and that her mother would encourage her to go for her dream. Finally, he agreed with great reluctance to let her train, as long as she realised that if she used Pell, he would no longer be her pet, and as such would have to stay in the sables like the other mounts. It took the teen a short time to come to grips with the idea, and Pell seemed amused by it, so she agreed.

The training began almost immediately, and it was clear that she wasn't quite cut out for traditional melee weaponry, the basic cornerstone of knight training. Her physical strength was reasonable, but not enough to swing an iron sword for very long. Axes were too cumbersome for inexperienced fighters to use. Lances, the typical Sky Knight weapon of choice, were heavier than swords and likewise took more effort to use in combat. What she needed was a more modern weapon. Her mother had used a chainsaw, but at the same time, her mother never fought in the front lines - chainsaws weren't military weapons at all, let alone weapons you carried near fragile wings. Emperor Colm had always preferred the older weapons. Finally, a suggestion was made - a firearm of some sort. Indeed, quite a few Knights were taking up the modern weapons of that sort to go alongside a melee weapon such as a sword or lance. Indeed, a small semi-automatic pistol was easy enough for the teen to wrap her hands around, and it was both light and small so she could carry it all the time, but because it was a pistol, there was no way it could be her only weapon - it wouldn't cause enough damage fast enough, and the range was somewhat lacking, even if she had a mount capable of unleashing powerful elemental attacks on her command, as Pell would once they had trained him to the point of evolution.

The answer was one that they stumbled across - Agile asked about what looked like an old shotgun. At first, the army officer baulked, and explained that the massive-barrelled weapon was a grenade launcher, designed to fire everything from smoke and flash grenades to specialized munitions. However, it was a specialized weapon, with a lot of thinking involved in getting the accuracy down pat for use, as the grenades weren't a direct fire weapon, but instead worked on an arc principle - the arc of the weapon would affect where the grenade fell and the distance it would cover. He was proven wrong very quickly. Agile had a quick, keen mind, and she proved accurate with sponge "grenades" against targets, and quickly figured out how to position the shoulder-fired weapon in a way that it wasn't going to injure her with the recoil. Buckshot canisters could be used by her to protect against close targets, just like a shotgun. Grenades made her an effective area-denial flier, especially considering the versatility of the ammunition. And so, it was decided that the young princess would study in four areas - Pokémon training, so that she could keep Pell at fighting fitness and so she knew how to command him in battle. Standard hand-to-hand combat for when she was dismounted and in need for a non-fatal protection method. Marksman training for her pistol, so she would be able to hit a target from the back of her Pelipper, and finally grenadier training, a form of mental exercise to know exactly how to aim her grenade launcher for maximum efficiency. The basic training for this lasted until she was sixteen, then Pell evolved. Now, the full training could begin, including the riding lessons.

Transformation of Self

For years, the young woman trained alongside her Pelipper. She fought against other recruits her age, although she typically lost due to her lack of elemental powers and her light frame. However, in matches using training lasers and sponge simulations for grenades, she would typically defeat any other Sky Knight with ease. Pell's growth was nothing short of remarkable as well, with the two of them even figuring out how close to his body she would have to be for his Protect to shield them both from missiles and anti-air attacks. However, after her twenty-fifth birthday, she was order to join her unit and fly into combat.

The mission was nothing major, a recon flight over a bandit outpost before coordinating ground-based forces to destroy it, but something went wrong. The ground-based forces never arrived, and the defences were top-notch, with a couple of machine gun nests making the Sky Knights job even harder. As the princess, most of her squad ordered her back while they dealt with it, until she reminded them that she had a longer range than they did anyway by launching a set of flash-bang grenades almost on top of the emplacements to give her allies an easier time of getting in. However, while she was distracted a bandit on wyvern-back attacked her. She hadn't loaded a buckshot grenade into her launcher, so she was near-defenceless to fight a more-experienced dragon-rider, especially one armed with a lance. However, she found the courage within her to do it, something that she didn't even know she had. Her first move was to hook the launcher into the slot on the saddle designed for her. She wore her torso and shoulder armor, so a lance thrust to her chest would hurt, but wouldn't kill her. She whispered to Pell her plan, then had him fly over the top of her enemy. As he rose to face her, the Pelipper tilted enough for her to leap onto the dragon's back and knock the spear from his hand. The two grappled while her brave Pokémon distracted the wyvern. At first, the bandit had the upper hand, even with her rapid reflexes, but after a punch he threw hit her in the gut, she began to glow with white energy. At first he thought she was going to explode and panicked, but when her body shape changed, he was just confused. And stayed that way as she hurled his body off his dragon. She didn't know what happened herself, but as she jumped back into the air and onto Pell, all she knew was something HAD changed.

Upon returning to base, doctors examined her. To her surprise, they announced that she had activated the genetic ability Stages of Evolution, something that she had received from her mother, and that some of the changes may be a little hard to accept. She remained without an elemental power, and a few of the changes, such as the shortened tail and hourglass figure, were obvious to her. However, what the doctors were referring to was the small pair of white feathered wings that had grown on her back - too small for her to fly with, but large enough to be obvious underneath her armour or clothing, forcing these to be altered to fit. For the hybrid, these wings embarrassed her. She tried to hide them early on, but after a conversation with Rider about them, she gave up hiding that side of herself and began showing them with reserved pride.

Day of Scorched Earth

Twenty-seven years. That was how long it had been since her mother left. She was a fully trained Sky Knight, commanding a unit of her own, and while a few of the other women were still able to make the crown princess cry while training through insults and hard strikes, it was a lot harder since her transformation - she was a lot faster and a fair bit stronger than before. However, that length of time heralded a change in the political climate, especially that of the Pyranic Empire, which seemed to grow more militant before her eyes. Agile knew her mother had found a military commission in the Empire, and made sure that the Sky Knights were always informed. Then, came the day of the attacks. Pyranic Empire soldiers, in support of her mother's giant portable war factory, assaulted the capital of the Terran League, with a shock attack that struck all over the neighbouring country.

Stunned by the role of her mother and the giant, slow vehicle she'd stolen upon her exile, Agile requested that her father let her fly to the Terran League and offer the support of their people. Colm agreed, with Tec's role in the assault just as disturbing to him as it was to his children. Agile flew with her squad to the new capital of the Terran League, with Pell serving to protect her as much as carry her there.

On arrival, the Terran League proved semi-hostile towards the princess due to her mother playing a major role in the attack, something which the reserved young princess did not deny, but admitted that she hadn't seen her mother in almost three decades. With that point in the air, she offered the support of her people, but the Terrans declined, preferring not to ally themselves with another empire, even a reasonably peaceful one like her people. Instead, they offered a warning - do not trust Tec, and do not trust the Pyranic Empire, as the crown prince of the empire was a warmonger with designs on the entire region. Accepting the advice with the polite respect that it deserved, the hybrid returned with her squad to the Empire, the warning being passed on to her father. The Emperor promised not to trust Draco, whom he had met on a few occasions, and that he would start making plans to mobilize the army in case of aggression from the Pyrans.


Agile inherited the genetic trait Stages of Evolution from her mother. However, unlike the elder woman, the princess has activated the ability, increasing her already high reflexes and running speeds by a major degree and increasing her strength to a finer degree. At the same time, it strengthened her bond with Pell, giving her an uncanny sense for detecting his pain and tightening their fighting abilities. At the same time, when either Pell or herself sustains major injuries after her transformation, she gains an impossible skill for locating the weakness of the opponent, be it a weak spot on their body or a gap in their defences, allowing her to strike that spot a lot more often than usual.

As she grew up, it was clear that Agile had no ability in elemental combat, nor did she have the strength to swing a sword or axe for very long. As such, she received little to no training in those areas. However, she was trained in the art of hand-to-hand combat from a young age, so she is capable of fighting in close-distances while unarmed when forced to. However, her primary role as a Sky Knight is an unusual one - she serves her squad as a grenadier and, for all intents and purposes, as a bomber. Armed with a Hammerforge Industries B-28 Grenade Launcher, she is accurate up to five hundred meters with the arc-firing launcher, and carries an extremely wide array of grenades from flashbangs and smoke to high-explosive and thermal, with the same weapon proving capable of use in reasonably close ranges as a giant shotgun using buckshot canisters. She is also a trained marksman with pistols, allowing her to use her semi-automatic pistol to hit targets while flying. However, this has a somewhat ineffective method of attacking other flying targets, mostly because Pell can do the job a lot better.

For a young woman in the armed forces, if an armed opponent surprises her in close range, there is very little that she can do, which is why that is her true weakness.

Elementless Abilities


As a Sky Knight, Agile is reliant on her mount for transport and manoeuvrability in combat. In her case, she rides Pell, her childhood friend and a non-anthropomorphic Pelipper, one which was the child of two mounts, resulting in his large size. Pell is also one of Agile's greatest weapons, although unlike a Pokémon trainer, she doesn't keep him in a Pokeball. He has a brown and maroon saddle, complete with in-built storage space for his rider's grenade launcher and a few pouches for extra grenades. At the same time, he is fiercely protective of Agile, and knows a wide range of moves that he will use to protect her while in combat.


Unusually, Agile is incredibly shy, especially around men and electrokinetics, with the latter being explainable due to her bond with Pell. However, it has been noted by some of her teammates that she is still reserved, even when talking to women. However, at formal occasions and festivals she is known to really come out of her shell and relax around other people, and a similar thing is noted to happen when she's on the battlefield. This reservation is also non-existent when she is surrounded by animals, especially birds, which she finds a real connection and bond with, especially Pell, the Pelipper she grew up with.

As a child, Agile heard the argument between her parents about whether or not her father would kill her, and due to that, she regularly suffers panic attacks while sleeping and has been known to cry herself to sleep in the castle. It is also known that a fellow knight is capable of bringing her to tears in their training sessions through teasing, although this normally angers Pell at the same time, which can result in quite a violent action from the protective Pelipper.

Agile and her younger brother Rider have a brilliant relationship, although Agile knows she can't rely on her more outgoing younger brother for advice all the time, because that would never help her become a better empress for the people.

It is noted that she may fear men, but she has had crushes before - due to her age she fears becoming Empress alone. Since transforming, this has also expanded to a fear of ridicule by potential partners over her wings.





  • Cyrene the Rat - One of the other Sky Knights in her squad, and the one who can make her cry.


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