This is an article about Ages Tranquil the Fox, a character created by Neoexlucky on 07/20/2013.

Ages Tranquil the Fox

Biographical Information
Age  19         
  • Ages
  • Young Master
  • Red Fox
  • Mr. Tranquil
Relatives Neo Tranquil, Markus Tranquil, Kari Tranquil
Romantic Interest(s)


Rival(s) The Magician
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Fox
Gender Male
  • Fur: Red
  • Eyes: Red
  • Hair: Red
  • Detective Wear
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Hero, Lawful good
Weaponry Spear
  • Homing Attack
  • Spear Skills
  • Accuracy
Other Information
Japanese V.A. Junko Takeuchi
American V.A. Maile Flanagan
Theme Song(s) Case Closed theme
Original Creator Neoexlucky

Ages is a 19 year old fox. He is the brother of Neo Tranquil the Fox. He is able to wield water as a weapon of his, though his main weapon of choice is the spear. Ages is a grind type. He was created by NeoExlucky.


Ages is a red fox normally seen in his detective wear. His detective wear normally consists of a black suit, complete with a black jacket, matching dress pants, and dress shoes. He normally wears a pair of black sunglasses with them as well as his police badge. His hair is cut rather short and often has a bit of a businessman hair style, slicked back and always kept proper.


Ages is a good guy and wants to do the right thing but he can get a bit naive at times and do something wrong. His thrist for adventure sends him on countless areas that normally get him in trouble. As he is rich, he does not know what it's like to be poor and has very little battle experience. He is reletivly intelligent and can easily deduce problems and puzzles.


Younger Days

Ages was born and raised in Station Square, where he neglected much of his teachings so he could play soldier. He was loved spears and always pretended to use one until he one day was given a real spear and someone to teach him. While he learned the basics he preferred to play with it than pay attention to the advanced and expert lessons. Ages later learned that adventures happen all the time on Mobius and ever since he has always went out of his way to get into anyone's business if an adventure is involved. When he was 13 he discovered his ability to control water and used this to his advantage.

Mysteries of mobius?

After learning about his father's days as a detective, Ages went into the investigating business and became a detective. Soon afterwards he met Eileen the Bat, a klutzy girl with a keen eye for truth, who claimed to be the best thief ever. Though her thieving skills were sub par, she made a great assistant in the case, and Ages hired her as such. Later on down the road, the pair would soon meet Hawke the Falcon, a young man from the brawler's guild who aided in a case, but was kicked out of the guild. Feeling sorry for him, Ages hired the young man as his secondary assistant and the trio has been solving mysteries. ever since.


Water Control

Ages is a hydromancer and as such he can control Water. Ages can use very little water moves as he never really practiced it.

Special Abilities

Logical thinking

Ages is able to think logically and and can figure out problems by piecing together information that he has learned already. This has no combat use though, and doesn't always work if he doesn't have all the pieces he needs.

Mental Chess

Something that Ages has always been good at is playing mind games with people. Some how, in some way, Ages has always been good at getting information out of people. Mental Chess is an ability that requires a battle of wits and intense amount of concentration. This is not an ability to use in the middle of combat, but more of a social ability. While the reward is good, it is possible for Ages to lose Mental Chess, and the worse he loses the more damage it does to him.


Spear Skills

Ages knows his way around a spear, but only a little bit.



Ages is hurt a lot when he is touched by anything electric.

His own Mouth

Ages runs his mouth a lot and can sometimes end up in a bad situation for it.


Ages is very naive and can be tricked into doing tasks quite easily.


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 5
Attack 5
Spcl. Atk 2
Defense 7
Spcl. Def 6
Speed 2
Reflexes 4
Spcl. Ref 4
Psyche 5
Intellect 10
Total 50/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Normal
Hearing Normal


Friends (Add if you want.)

Neo the Fox (Brother)

Christina the Hedgecat (Cousin)

EIleen the Bat

Hawke the Falcon




Adam the Magician



Freelance Thieves

Millie the Mouse

Smash's crew

The Magic Association


  • Ages was supposed to debut alongside another character of NeoEx's but was rushed through development.
  • Ages was meant to be an opposite of Neo. Even their names are the opposite to each other.
  • NeoEx says that Ages was a name that he toyed with for Neo.
  • NeoEx also says that Ages might have been a mute but didn't want to do it since Kong, a friend of Neo's, was already Mute.
  • Ages has been reintroduced into the series several times, and has now become more of a serious, but light hearted character.

Theme song

Katsuo Ono(Detective Conan-OST 1)-Detective Conan Main Theme-0

Katsuo Ono(Detective Conan-OST 1)-Detective Conan Main Theme-0

Ages' theme, he also shares it with the MMDA.


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