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Cquote1 Ties needed to be cut. So I cut them. Cquote2
Lawson when talking about his former friends.


Jacob Lawson was born on 9th August 1989 to a somewhat wealthy family in Station Square. His mother was a G.U.N agent, whilst his father was a scientist there. Shortly after Jacob was born, his mother was on active duty somewhere pretty much all of the time. As he grew older, he and his father would talk to his mother occasionally on the phone, but hardly ever face to face. Jacob also had a knack for finding things that his father and other people had lost. This skill then began to develop as Jacob started school. He was always gathering facts and information about various topics and it was something he enjoyed doing as a child.

In late 2003, his mother had been sent on what is most probably considered the most dangerous G.U.N mission ever. A group of terrorists had nuclear warheads that were ready to be fired upon the U.F at any time. His mother was tasked with going to the terrorists location, finding the nukes and disarming them without being captured. She had managed to disarm the nukes and get the G.U.N military in to clean up, but during this process, there was a major firefight within the base which resulted in her and one other squad being kidnapped.

During the time that his mother was imprisoned, Jacob and his father had presumed that she had been killed. In mid 2004, G.U.N had officially declared Jacob's mother and the missing squad as "Killed In Action". He and his father both attended the funeral, despite there being no body to bury. However, his mother's supposed death did not upset Jacob as much as one would've thought. In fact, it inspired him.

Almost five months after the funeral, Jacob enlisted as G.U.N agent. For obvious reasons, he wasn't allowed on the field due to him being only 15 at the time. Instead, G.U.N used this time to train him and many others to become the best that G.U.N could offer. During his training, the G.U.N Science and Intelligence Division was founded by his father. There, they began work on various ways to enhance military troops to be more effective on the field.

In February of 2009, Lance Corporal Jacob Lawson had finished his training and, along with his squad, was given his first mission immediately. Their mission was to either kill or capture the terrorist leader who just happened to be in the exact location where his mother was taken to. However, nor Jacob or his squad knew this. When they arrived, they were instantly pinned down and trapped in an intense firefight for three hours. Troops from other squads were shot down quickly and two members from his were gone too. The new soldier was scared and tired, but determined to complete his mission. They fought through the base until suddenly, they had found his mother. At first the two of them were both in shock, but after a few seconds, they instantly recognised each other. Together, Jacob, his mother and his squad took down the terrorist leader and went home mostly intact.

After a long debriefing session, his mother was told that it was best that she'd not go on the field and instead take a few months leave. When his father finally saw her again, he was overjoyed, even to the point of crying with her. Because he successfully took out the terrorist leader and rescued his mother alive, Jacob was promoted to Sergeant.

Shortly after his promotion, his father had informed him that he was to be moved from the military to S.I.D. At the time, Jacob had no idea why and his father told him next to nothing about the projects he was about to partake in. However, he did know one thing; his first project was codenamed, 'Lionhead'.

Recent History

Project: Lionhead

Over the course of the next three years, Jacob would take part in extremely vigorous training programs, experiments and tactical simulations. During this time, his father and many other scientists in the labs at the S.I.D were researching new and innovative ways of creating the perfect soldier. They had come up with many, many ideas ranging from just extreme training exercises all the way to genetic mutations. In the end however, they combined some of their ideas. They had decided that they were going to create a durable and powerful suit of armour. Not just anyone could use it, however. Someone had to be trained and augmented specifically to use the suit. Jacob was the first and only candidate for the program.

The already vigorous training sessions were made fifteen times harder and he was training for about seven to nine hours everyday. As soon as he had built up enough physical strength and muscle, he was sent into the experimentation labs for injections of various drugs and chemicals. Before the procedure, his father reluctantly gave him a consent document to sign. Despite Project: 'Lionhead' being a scientific achievement, he still didn't like putting his own son through all that he'd gone through. However, Jacob signed the document without looking back. He told his father, "I am your greatest achievement. You and mom made me what I am now; the best son and soldier that I could ever be."

A few minutes later, tubes and other medical equipment covered his body. Various liquids of many different colours were being pumped into him. The liquids were designed to make his muscles stronger and his bones near unbreakable. After that part of the procedure was complete, the surgeons waited an hour to let the anesthetics kick in before continuing. During the second part of the procedure, they began replacing his normal organs with synthetic ones. The entire operation lasted roughly twenty one and a half hours and during that time, Jacob nearly died six times.

The day after the operation, Jacob was awake and already out of his bed. He could walk, talk, run and act normally. After week of tests to make sure everything that the surgeons put inside him was working correctly, he was allowed back to go back into his training sessions. On the first day of his training, he had already shown an enormous improvement in physical strength. By this point, it seemed as if he was super human. However, despite these massive improvements, his body could not handle it. He was dying.

By the end of the month, most of his improvements had reversed due to the physical stress he had put upon himself. The scientists soon found out that his body was rejecting all of the synthetic organs and they began shutting down one by one. His father then decided that an emergency transplant of all of the organs would take place. By this point, he had also declared 'Lionhead' a colossal failure. All of Jacob's organs were replaced with organic ones and with great luck, none were rejected. However, the stress put upon his body from the constant training and operations had caused him to go into coma.

In January of 2011, Jacob had awoken from his two month coma. He had returned to his previous, somewhat muscular build during the time he was asleep. Despite not wanting to, his father and various doctors forced him to stay in the infirmary for the next two weeks to ensure that he'd make a full recovery.

During and after the two months where Jacob was asleep, his father had been working on the power armour for Project: 'Lionhead'. Whilst the augmentations themselves were a failure, his father had been convinced that the armour can still be created and with fewer problems. A few months later and the armour's prototype was fully complete and functional. The armour was lightweight, durable and strong which was perfect for intense combat situations. They had tested how quickly a person could move in the armour, how much munitions fire the armour could take and how much weight the armour could take. The armour survived all of the tests with extremely minimal damage.

After the tests on the armour, Jacob was reassigned again. This time he was to be filing paperwork and dealing with other companies, something which he would soon come to hate. Everyday, he would return home from work relieved, as if he had just taken a pile of weights off of his back. As he no longer had to work on weekends, Jacob would spend them working out and watching TV. He would do the exact same routine every week until November 2012, where he would be reassigned again. This time however, the situation was a lot more dire than an angry company...


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The Unwanted Recruit

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Preparations and The Return

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Physical Appearance

Jacob is a somewhat muscular Ethiopian Wolf who is slightly above average for a Mobian or even a wolf. His body is mostly covered in a few layers of fine, red fur. His muzzle and chest are both white and the fur on the end of his tail gradually changes from red to brown as you look down it. Jacob's eyes are hazel, which is quite common for his species of wolf.


During his downtime, Jacob tends to wear his designer clothing. He likes to wear one of many of his designer shirts, a pair of denim jeans or chinos and light grey designer shoes with red decals.

When on active duty, Jacob is only allowed to wear a black shirt, navy blue combat jacket with the G.U.N and G.U.N S.I.D logos attached to it, navy blue combat trousers, a black utility belt, a combat vest, jet black boots, a pair of black gloves and his pistol's holster. If he were to wear any more than this, he would be disobeying G.U.N regulations for not looking professional. The only times where he is allowed to wear casual clothing whilst on active duty, is when he's undercover.

He sometimes also wears his Type-0 ' Lionhead ' Power Armour whilst on active duty and in intense situations. His armour is a matte black colour with a few scratches and has blue lights which are there to intimidate his enemy. The suit also increases his height, which is also designed to intimidate the enemy. His helmet's visor is tinted blue on the outside. On the inside, his visor gives him up to date information on his objectives and enemy locations. It also allows him to know how much damage his suit can take before taking damage himself.


Jacob is a fairly serious person, always following orders and dealing with tasks appropriately. Sometimes, however, he can show off and be very cocky and rude. When people get in the way of what he is doing, he'll get annoyed easily and sometimes intimidate or injure the person to make them move.

He also has what some people call a "strange distaste toward romance". Jacob finds that romantic or sexual relationships with people distract him from his job and so he isn't attracted to anyone. He also dislikes it when people are kissing in public because of not being in a relationship. He finds that developing friendships causes similar problems, therefore, he has no friends. When he joined G.U.N, Jacob cut all ties with his friends to make sure that he wouldn't be distracted.

During his downtime, Jacob is a lot more relaxed and tends to be alone, but he is still fairly serious.

Skills, Abilities and Powers

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  • Type 0 'Lionhead' Power Armour (Prototype) - Lightweight, durable and strong, the 'Lionhead' Power Armour offers Jacob a great amount of protection in small firefights and intense combat situations.
  • Com-Tac .45 Pistol - Jacob's trusty sidearm that has yet to fail him. It uses .45 caliber rounds and is fast firing, so it can disable or kill most targets with ease.
  • Bayonet - Just your standard combat knife. Very useful when trying to silently take out a target in close quarters.
  • Tablet Device - Just a tablet like everyone else's. He likes to play games on it sometimes when he's off duty. It's also used as an easy way for him to get intel and info about his missions. It is also a good way for him to "file mission reports" or in other words, play Candy Crush on it without anyone noticing.



  • None


  • Astrid the Fox - Astrid doesn't fully trust Jacob yet due to his tendency to keep valuable information to himself.
  • Charlotte the Lioness - Just like Astrid, Charlotte doesn't fully trust Jacob yet.


  • Moordenaar - Jacob considers this entity to be one of the greatest threats to all living things. Therefore, Jacob knows that he must be eliminated.


  • "Friends are nice to have all, but through one way or another, they could put your life in jeopardy. I made sure that wouldn't happen to me." - His opinion on having friends.


NOTE: These will be in the order in which they occur within the Saviours of Mobius timeline.




Theme Song

Iron Will by Skid Row

Skid Row - Iron Will

Skid Row - Iron Will

Connection to Character


  • Quite a few things about Lawson are taken from various games.
  • His Com-Tac .45 Pistol is based off of the H&K USP Compact Tactical, a smaller and more compact version of the standard USP which fires .45 caliber rounds.
  • He's scared of heights.
  • He's not really a fan of Christmas.

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