This is an article about Aeron the Jackal, a character created by SPop120 on 10/12/2013.


He is a black jackal with steel gray eyes. He stands about 4' tall, and weighs about 69 lbs.  He has a scar around his left eye.

Outfit 1- He wears a navy crop-top shirt with a grey cross on it. He sometimes wears a neon green hoodie. He has a white thick strand of hair with pink highlights through it. He wears black skinny jeans, along with tan combat boots with metal spikes around them. He wears grey fingerless gloves. He tends to wear smeared eyeliner and mascara, to give himself a solemn look.

Outfit 2- He tends to dye his hair red. He tends to wear a beautifully decorated Venetian mask. He wears all black clothes, so the rest of his body besides his head looks like a shadow in the night. He rarely takes off his mask in this form.

Outfit 3- Aeron wears furry pastel purple boots. He wears a light pink sleevless shirt with a dark pink bow around it. He wears black skinny jeans. He has pastel light blue hair.


Aeron suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. He has three known personas.

Personality 1- Aeron is selfish. He tends to be extremely arrogant, and talk monotonely. He seems to be solemn in this personality. He loves to cause emotional harm to others in this personality. He tends to be friendly, but can strike out as mean when he is in fact scared of making friends because he simply doesn't want to hurt them.

Personality 2- Aeron is extremely psychotic. He will say things that make abosolutely no sense at all. He seems to not remember anything about himself. He tends to carry around a gym bag in this personality. He tends to be extremely arrogant a bit of a smart- alec. He tends to love to kill living things. He seems to be emotionless, and he he is very rude.

Personality 3- Aeron seems to be a bit reckless. He enjoys to party, and he absolutely loves to flirt. He simply can't stand good people, and he seems to hate everyone who speaks against him. He cannot seem to hold his emotions at all.


Aeron was born in a kingdom, in an old-fashioned castle. His species, a sort of magical Jackal with special attributes, lived in the castle to keep away from the "unpure". After training into his early teenage years, Aeron became a knight. He served for the king for many years. After fighting many battles, his personalites shifted, from seeing so much death. He became depressed quickly, and his personalities shifted. In his second personality, he discovered his immense liking to killing. He killed many people within the castle, and no one tended to suspect it was him commiting the gruesome crimes.

Aeron soon left, after killing a large amount of people. He made his way to Station Square. He then grew a liking to the Gothic style of clothing, specifically the pastel goth in two of his personalities. He grew a found liking to masks within his second personality, remembering the helmets they wore as knights. He continued to commit his gruesome crimes, hiding his victims' faces in a bag.


Oneirokinetics- Aeron can go into other's dreams and cause nightmares.

Necrokinetics- Aeron has the ability to create the undead out of his victims. He rarely uses this, because when he does, he generally becomes extremely drained.

Special Abilities

Fear Effect- Aeron can induce fear upon his victims before he kills them.

Nightmare- Aeron causes horrific nightmares using his oneirokinetics and fear effect.


Aeron's defense is somewhat low, but he is very strong. He tends to be weak against light based powers. He is also weak against water based powers.

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