Aerolatus is a fan-made country on the planet of Mobius, created by User:Kagimizu.




Founding of a Country

Civil War

Joining the U.N.

War w/ Eggman Empire







Empyrius is governed by a "might is right" type of rule. Every three years Empyrius holds a grand battle among its populace to determine the strongest fighter in their territory; that person becomes the ruler of Empyrius for the next three years. The leader's rule is absolute and without question, with the final say on everything from who has who as a mate to the actions taken against the other territories.

Highmount Republic

As its name implies, Highmount Republic is ruled by a republic, and thus the leader is selected by election. Each of the five cities in Highmount select a representative. The five representatives then run for office over the course of 8 months, and the general populace then votes, selecting the representative with the most votes as leader of Highmount Republic. Under him, each city selects two representatives to serve in Senate. The leader largely has the final say on laws and actions of Highmount Republic as a whole, while a majority vote of 7/10 may override the leader's decisions.

Fairyn Groves

Fairyn Groves is run via an oligarchy, with a council of five members that make the decisions for the city-state. The council will discuss and debate the present issues in order to reach a decision, and make a final decision via majority vote. While the council has the final say, they will sometimes here the thoughts and opinions of those present, taking the information given into account before coming to decisions. Any member of the council may also act as a judge in the midst of a conflict between Fairyn Groves residents, coming to a final conclusion and resolution in the issue.

Icegate Kingdom

Icegate Kingdom is ruled by a bloodline hierarchy, the title of ruler being passed to the eldest son upon the death of the king before him. The king has the final absolute say in all matters of law and action, but is served by seven advisers, who give the king suggestions and ideas on how to handle current matters at hand. In a case that the king is unable to come to a conclusion, he may allow his advisers to debate the situation and come to a resolution via majority vote. In the case that the king has no children to rule in his place, the youngest and newest adviser- the one who is most in-tune with the current thoughts and culture of the kingdom's populace and the least biased by past experience and ambition- is selected as the new ruler.

Cape Shroudnight



Despite the basic differences engraved into each territory in Aerolatus, one of the few areas of common ground is religion. Most of the states worship the ten Elemental Deities, though the amount of importance placed on each individual deity varies. However, all territories in Aerolatus practice the little-known religion Celestialism, which worships the deity Celestial. While considered myth and fiction by most of the rest of the world, Aerolatus reveres the deity as the grand ruler of the mortal realm. Worshippers often pray and pay respect to Celestial when the state of Aerolatus itself is involved, or when Aerolatus is involved with international matters. Individual states will also pray to Celestial to gain his favor.


Celestial's inhabitants are just as varied as the states themselves, inhabited by numerous different species of Mobians. Recently, Highmount Republic and Icegate Kingdom have also accepted Overlanders into their territory. However, Empyrius, Fairyn, and Shroudnight have all determined Overlanders to be forbidden from entering their territory under anything less than official circumstances.


Like most other countries and locations, English is the most dominant language in Aerolatus. However, each state has learned other languages in a bid of both individuality, rivalry, and secrecy.




States and Territories


Highmount Republic

Fairyn Groves

Icegate Kingdom

Cape Shroudnight

Celestial Peak



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