The Aeroga is Mystic Monkey's character board.

The Aeroga was going to be an Extreme Gear that will be made on Sonic Free Riders under the impression by "custom gears" it ment that you can make your own Extreme Gear boards. But since all that the game had to offer when it comes to customization is pretty much whats already in Sonic Riders and SR0G, this board will just be fanfictional. However the fan project Sonic Aero Riders will have the option to make custom made Extreme Gears and that's when it will be made.


SG Turbofan

Mystic (With the Beginner) training for the EX World Grand Prix.

Mystic was going to take part in the EX World Grand Prix after hearing that custom boards will be made there. Mystic who never really had experience with Extreme Gear, began training with the Beginner. He stayed at Resort Island which was also an ideal place to practice riding Extreme Gear as well as other forgotten "R" courses.

Nothing free about it

When it was time for the second EX World Grand Prix, Mystic needed a character board of his own. He believed that the World Grand Prix would have a variety of Extreme Gears that he can purchase and customise a board to fit his needs. But the only boards available for newcomers were Accelove's brand new boards, with the only boards available for public are the Avatar-M and Avatar-F gears specifically made for humans and as expensive as a Kinect which no one really uses. So Mystic could not compete in the Grand Prix.

"Wind" in latin is "aero"

Mystic (Or any guest racer) will be able attend the Grand Prix after which will allow him to have his custom board to race with.


The Aeroga is a Speed type board.

DASH ★★★☆☆☆
LIMIT ★★★☆☆☆
POWER ★★★☆☆☆
TURN ★★★☆☆☆


Mystic's custom made gear embued with the element of the wind.

The Aeroga is designed as a speed based Extreme Gear. It is a light shade of green.. The way the board is built makes an impressively balance board, allowing it to accelarate to its Limit with ease.


The board will be named after Aeroga (also known as Aero3) from the Final Fantasy games. It's a third level Black Magic assosiated with the wind and usually the most powerful of the wind element Magic spells (next to Aeroja from FFXII.)


  • Mystic has trained for the EX World Grand Prix at various tracks from Sonic R. He stayed at Resort Island until the tournament.
  • The original board for Mystic was the SG-Turbofan and it was supposed to be a Sega themed Extreme Gear with Sega consoles for an engine. It's name is a play on words. SG stands for Sega Games while a turbofan is part of a jet engine, but also implies that Mystic is a fast-active Sega fan.
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