Aero the Fox


Age: 18

Likes: Cloudy and Windy Days

Dislikes: Dry Heat

Strengths: He can pollute and unpollute the air at will, he controls wind and air

Weaknesses: He can't use his attacks while moving. If he tries, he'll lose focus

VOICE ACTOR: Rob Paulsen - You might recognize him as Raphael from the 1980's ninja turtles or as Yakko Warner from Animaniacs


He doesn't know much and isn't very smart, but his combar skills are superb, even though he can't use them while moving. He loves his team even if they are villainous. He wishes he could change them, but he isn't smart enough or brave enough to know what to say to them. He gets nervous and ends up just helping them.

He is kind hearted towards his allies and would do anything for them, but he does get annoyed with their constant villainous antics. He tries to convince them often but they never understand him since he's so quiet and doesn't know how to explain things well. Despite their ignorance Aero still cares for them and wants to see peace between them and Frostbites friends.


The Wind Kingdom tried as hard as possible to stay away from the war, but they eventually got mixed up into the mess when the Plant Kingdom, poisened their air. They could just un-pollute it but everytime they did, the plant kingdom would just pollute it again and again, more and more people died and eventually Aero's parents sent him to Mobius even though he wasn't ready at all.

He is trying to learn more even though he got mixed in with the wrong crowd when arriving to mobius, not knowing any better he joined Graviga and Cura in hope that they would lead him to more Princes and Princesses from his world.

After the events of Story of the Elementals he became a hero finally and is happy to work with his new friends


Wind Powers

  • Thrust is an ability he uses to push himself towards enemies at blinding speeds with the power of wind
  • Tornado is when he causes a small tornado to clear an area or lift and toss enemies
  • Heavy breeze is when he uses wind to push back an enemy

Air attacks

  • Pollution is when he poisons the air near his enemies to give them breathing problems
  • Un-Pollute is the ability to clear the air so allies can breath better.
Kingdom Hearts 358 2 Days Original Soundtrack Struggle Away Fight for my Friends

Kingdom Hearts 358 2 Days Original Soundtrack Struggle Away Fight for my Friends

This music tells how he loves to fight for his friends but also loves to make peace, so the 2 conflict.



"I...I'm Aero" - When introducing himself

"Get ready!" - When battling an enemy

"Did I go to hard?" - Defeating an enemy

"Ouch!" - Defeated by an enemy

"That was a breeze!" - Getting an S rank on a mission


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