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Aegaeon the Shark, known worldwide as "The Water God", is a tyrannical beast who conquered the Merbian people through a combination of sheer force and the help of a demonic being known as The Abyssdweller.

Physical Description

A titanic, burly, and vaguely Mobian hulk who stands close to eight feet tall, Aegaeon has a fairly blunt, somewhat short snout lined with razor sharp teeth, three fins on his head (two on the sides, and a larger one on the back/top) as well as another pair of fins on his back, and a relatively long, muscular tail ending in a crescent-shaped fin. He also has fins on his forearms.

His thick, rough scales are primarily dark electric blue in color, with a gray-blue throat, chest and stomach, and a couple of dark scars on his chest and snout. The irises of his eyes are golden poppy in color, with Harvard crimson sclera.


Rise to Power

The Water God


Base Stats
SpeedGood (land)
Superior (water)
Other Stats

Aegaeon is extremely powerful in terms of physical strength and magic; he also wears a pair of ornate clawed gauntlets that can absorb electric attacks like a lightning rod, and either dispel them harmlessly or turn them back upon the attacker (or anyone else in the vicinity). He can also use the Advanced elements of Nitrogen, Wraith and Blackwave.

If he has any electricity at his disposal, he can then also use the Advanced elements of Black Lightning, Stratos and Storm, but only if his gauntlets are carrying electricity. He also carries a trident, and is quite skilled with it.


Aegaeon is highly resistant to the Elements of Water, Ice and Darkness. His gauntlets allow him to deflect Electric-based attacks, so long as they hit the gauntlets.


Aegaeon is weak to the Elements of Fire, and, to a lesser extent, Nature. If he cannot block an Electric-based attack with his gauntlets, he will take full damage from it, and he is as weak to Electricity as he is to Fire.

Friends and Foes


  • Calibos the Abyssdweller - The only person that Aegaeon considers more than a simple ally or pawn. The shark holds a great deal of respect for the Abyssdweller.




  • Tiamat - The chief deity worshiped by the Merbians of the Northern Kingdom.
  • King Munichus the Mer-Hog - The king of the Southern Merbian Kingdom, he's still managing to hold out against Aegaeon's forces.


Aegaeon is cruel, merciless and power-hungry. He is also much more intelligent than he looks, and more than capable of being an efficient strategist. He doesn't believe in alliances, as he doesn't trust other powerful beings. The only person he makes an exception for is The Abyssdweller, the being who assisted Aegaeon in his rise to power in the first place.

Aegaeon will also make an exception so long as the person allied to him isn't on equal footing with him.


  • Power


  • Competitors

Biggest Fears

  • Unknown


"Hear me, you pathetic Merbians; that old she-dragon you called a protector is no more! I am your god now!"


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