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Adventures on Mobius

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Comic Synopsis

THE RETURN OF DOCTOR EGGMAN??? After inspecting the crime scene were Nikki and her friends were attack, police have included that their worst nightmare may have returned. With the threat in mind, Sonic and friends have called together a meeting to choose their next move. However, Nikki is more concerned about finding her friends in hope of their safety/

Characters (So Far)

  • Nikki the Hedgehog
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Central City Police


Nikki and Cream approached the police officers, who were inspecting the broken robots and loading them onto a garbage truck. “Have any leads?” Nikki asked, leaning onto the nearest light pole with her arms crossed. The officer flipped through his notepad, skimming what was on the paper. “Well, one thing’s for sure. This wasn’t done by a mere Mobian.” He stated. Cream gasped in disbelief. “Y-You don’t mean-?!” she wanted to question. There was a moment of silence. “Mean what?” Nikki asked, looking over at a completely smashed robot off to the side. She noticed the logo on the front of its stomach, wondering if the police had already figured out who did it. “I hate to say it, but Doctor Eggman may be back in business.” The policed stated.

Concern came across Cream’s face, which is the most serious she’d been all day. “Eggman has finally decided to return…” she said to herself, Nikki overhearing her. Just then, Cream watch started to buzz as she quickly answered, a hologram of Tails appearing. “Hey Cream, where are you?” the twin tailed fox asked in concern, “I stopped by your house so we could walk together to Sonic’s place for the meet up, but you weren’t there. Is everything alright?”

“Sorry about that, Tails. I’ll be there soon, so don’t start without me please!” Cream replied. Tails nodded, the hologram fading away. Cream looked at Cheese, then up at Nikki. “Follow me to Sonic’s. Maybe there, my friends will know more about what’s going on. Maybe we can even look for your friends!” Cream said to the hedgehog, starting to flap her ears. Slowly, the rabbit entered the air, and this time Nikki was ready to keep up. With no moment to spare, the two of them left the city and headed to meet Sonic and the gang.

To Be Continued

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