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Adventures on Mobius
Adventures on Mobius
Book Type
Graphic Novel/Comic
First Publish
July 16, 2015
Average 20-25 pages
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Adventures on Mobius (Previously known as Fantasy Adventures) is a comic/story series based around the characters of Nikki Kaji, including a few of the canon characters as well. Currently, there are no spin-offs or specials of the series. However, there are several miniseries planned for the story, the first one revealed being based around Iris the Echidna.


The story's main focus is around the many adventures Nikki the Hedgehog, a well known citizen of Soleanna. This series will allow you to see the backstory and personal life of Nikki the Hedgehog, as well as her many exciting life events. A lot of other characters are included as well, all being a huge part of the story and getting their own piece of the spotlight. Sometimes, characters will even have some episode to themselves as an opportunity to know more about them.

As the comic begins, Nikki and her friends Starlight and Ryder are traveling to Station Square and will be staying there as a vacation. However, their months off are far from relaxation as they fall in the middle of action packed adventures as they work together with their new friends to fight off villains and protect Mobotropolis from the notorious Dr. Eggman, as well as all new villains who could possibly pose an even bigger threat.

Characters & Alignments



Archie Sonic


Adventures on Mobius #1-5 (Ongoing)
Iris the Echidna Miniseries #1-3 (Ongoing)
Aster the Fish Miniseries #1 (Not Starter)
Mobius: The Time Ahead (Not Started)

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