Adventures of Sonic Underground
Created by SonicandKnuckles
Writer(s) SonicandKnuckles
Run time 30 minutes
Rated PG
Network *WebNetwork
First aired 2009

Adventures of Sonic Underground (abbreviated as AoSU) is an animated series which is a combination of the comical and light hearted Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and the serious and dark toned Sonic Underground. It is about Sonic the Hedgehog and his siblings, Sonia, Manic, and Brody who are on an endless quest to find their mother, Queen Aleena of Mobotropolis and saving Mobius from the evil Dr. Robotnik whilst making time for Sonic's real passion, their rock band, Sonic Underground. The series also features Tails, who follows the Sonic Underground in every episode.


  • Sonic now wears a red T-Shirt with his name on and a pair of blue jeans, unlike in SU.
  • Sonia now wears a purple jacket, a yellow vest underneath and a pair of pink jeans instead of the red sleeveless shirt, the purple skirt and the red and purple tights she wore in SU.
  • Manic now wears a pair of brown jeans and his pocket belt is now yellow.
  • Despite not being in SU, Tails is in AoSU and he follows the Sonic Underground in every episode.
  • Fang the Sniper is in this series, he is the third bounty hunter of Dr. Robotnik, due to Sleet and Dingo being the first and second bounty hunters.
  • The time set in Mobius is set in the 21st Century, though with more technology since the animals were highly advanced.
  • This series includes Bunnie Rabbot, Sally Acorn and Antoine D'Coolette (Freedom Fighters from SatAM).
  • Even though Bartleby was in SU, he is not in this series.
  • Knuckles is not gullible like he was in SU, in this series his personality has been toughened up and he now has a deep voice instead of a high pitched voice.
  • Cyrus now wears a green jacket with a black T-Shirt underneath and a pair of red jeans.
  • All episodes are darker and serious in tone, yet they had some light hearted comedy thrown in with them.


The Good Guys

  • Sonic the Hedgehog - The main hero. He is the fastest thing alive and is lead singer of his band, the Sonic Underground. He plays the guitar. Like the original DiC cartoons, he loves chilli dogs.
  • Sonia the Hedgehog - Sonic's sister. She is the 2nd female member of the Sonic Underground. She plays the keyboard.
  • Manic the Hedgehog - Sonic's brother. He is the drummer of the group. He was raised by a band of thieves. He is very good with mechanical stuff.
  • Brody the Hedgehog - He has a Power Morpher, a Microphone that can transform into a MircoSword Sometimes he uses other ranger powers, Also he was raised by Zordon and Alpha 5, then Ninjor, and Finally Gosei from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers Megaforce.'
  • Angel the Wolf -  Likes MLP: FIM PPG and more. she has a Wii U Gamecube and more.
  • Mile "Tails" Prower - An orange two tailed fox. He is Sonic's best friend. He follows the Sonic Underground in every episode. He looks up to Sonic and Manic as big brothers and Sonia as a big sister. He plays the double neck guitar.
  • Princess Sally Acorn - One of the freedom fighters and Sonic's love interest. Then, she plays the keytar.

The Bad Guys

  • Dr. Robotnik – The main villain and Sonic's worst enemy. He is the evil, devious and malicious ruler of Robotropolis.
  • Sleet the Wolf – Dr. Robotnik's bounty hunter. He is cunning and clever and he leads his partner, Dingo about on missions to capture the Sonic Underground and Queen Aleena (who sometimes helped her children foil Sleet's plans). Sleet also has a morphing device that can change Dingo into anything he wants.
  • Dingo – Dr. Robotnik's second bounty hunter. He is a huge orange canine with an Australian Accent. He is stupid and idiotic and he serves as a source of comedy relief.
  • Fang the Sniper – Dr. Robotnik's third bounty hunter. This purple weasel is competent, sneaky and is obsessed with valuables, jewels and money. He is demoted to Robotnik's janitor (like Coconuts in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog). He hates his position so he attempts to capture the Sonic Underground with the hope of obtaining a promotion.

Other Characters

  • Queen Aleena of Mobotropolis – The Sonic Underground's mother and the former ruler of Mobius. She gave up all 3 of her children when Robotnik took over Mobius and turned it into a wasteland.
  • Knuckles the Echidna – The Guardian of the Floating Island and the seven chaos emeralds (including the master emerald). He is really protective of his home. He has an American Accent and a deep voice.
  • Bunnie Rabbot - A gentle cyborg with a southern accent. She was briefly captured, and had half of her body roboticized before she was saved.
  • Antoine D'Coolette - A French coyote and a member of the Freedom Fighters. He is one of Robotropolis' richest aristocrats. He often has trouble speaking English. He is Sonia's former fiancé. He hates Robotnik yet he works as an agent for him.
  • Cyrus - A lion who is a technician for the Freedom Fighters. He is an old friend of Sonic.
  • Scourge – A green hedgehog with sunglasses and a black jacket with flames. He is an evil version of Sonic. He is a ruler of Anti-Mobius. He was willing to destroy an entire sector of Mobotropolis for the crime of music having been heard there.
  • Canim – A brown hedgehog. He is an evil version of Manic. He is a ruler of Anti-Mobius along with his brother, Scourge. He was imposing taxes to the point that his subjects were living in poverty.
  • Layla – A peach-orange hedgehog. She is an evil version of Sonia. She is a ruler of Anti-Mobius along with her brothers, Scourge and Canim. She ordered the imprisonment of not only a man who failed to prepare a diamond necklace for her on time, but his entire family as well.
  • Kintobor – A human. He is a good version of Robotnik. He is the leader of the Freedom Fighters of Anti-Mobius trying to take back the kingdom for the good of the people from the evil rulers of Anti-Mobius, Scourge the Hedgehog and his siblings, Layla and Canim.
  • Queen Aneela - Scourge, Canim, and Layla's mother. Was killed by Scourge.


Note: The Titles that are in Italic are the Song Titles.

Season 1

  1. Origins Part 1 - Someday
  2. Origins Part 2 – Working Together in Harmony
  3. Origins Part 3 – We're All in This Together
  4. Friend or Foe? - Not What They Seem
  5. Mobodoon – I've Found My Home
  6. The Price of Freedom – Money Can't Buy
  7. Underground Masquerade – Down on the Bayou
  8. Tangled Webs – The Children Light the Way
  9. The Deepest Fear – Face Your Fear
  10. The Last Resort – Listen to Your Heart
  11. Chaos Emerald Crisis Part 1 – Learn to Overcome
  12. Chaos Emerald Crisis Part 2 – No One is An Island
  13. Chaos Emerald Crisis Part 3 – The Mobius Stomp
  14. Come Out Wherever You Are – Society Girl
  15. Winner Fakes All – Built For Speed
  16. Artifact – You Can't Own Everything
  17. Bug! - Never Give Up
  18. Speed Potion – The Fastest Thing Alive
  19. Wedding Bell Blues – When Tomorrow Comes
  20. To Catch a Queen – Have You Got The 411
  21. Three Hedgehogs and A Baby – Being a Kid is Cool

Season 2

  1. Best Hedgehogs – Crashed The Wedding
  2. Dunesday – True Blue Friend
  3. When In Rome – When There's A Will, There's A Way
  4. Mummy Dearest – Walk Like An Egyptian
  5. The Hedgehog in the Iron Mask – Part of the Problem
  6. Sonic VS Scourge – I Can Do That For You
  7. In The Country – How You Play The Game
  8. Haircraft in Space - Backstabber
  9. The DeRobotisizer – We're the Sonic Underground
  10. Kidnapped – Paranoid
  11. Sonia's Choice – Never Easy
  12. Giant Tails – Gimme Moonshine
  13. The Big Melt – Fun in the Sun
  14. Sleepers – We'll have it all again
  15. Antoine in Prison – Justice Calling
  16. The Art of Destruction – The Sound of Freedom
  17. The Pendant – Liberty Rock
  18. Virtual Danger – Don't Let Your Guard Down
  19. Metal Sonic Underground – Going Underground
  20. Tails VS Metal Tails – I'll Be There For You
  21. The Final Episode – The Messenger

Voice Cast

  • Jaleel White – Sonic the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic and Scourge
  • Greg Cipes – Manic the Hedgehog, Metal Manic and Canim
  • Louise Vallance – Sonia the Hedgehog, Metal Sonia and Layla
  • Austin St. John - Brody the Hedgehog
  • Alyssa Milano - Angel the Wolf
  • Gail Webster – Queen Aleena, Queen Aneela
  • Jim Cummings – Dr. Robotnik and Kintobor
  • Maurice LaMarche – Sleet
  • Peter Wilds – Dingo
  • Chris Turner – Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Sonja Ball - Cream the Rabbit
  • Ian James Corlett – Fang the Sniper and Cyrus
  • Dorian Harewood – Knuckles the Echidna
  • Tracey Moore - Amy Rose
  • Kath Soucie – Princess Sally Acorn
  • Cam Brainard - Rotor the Walrus
  • Nancy Cartwright – Bunnie Rabbot
  • Rob Paulsen – Antoine D'Coolette
  • Cree Summer – Dulcy the Dragon


  • This is one of the few series that has Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Underground combined.
  • This is a PG show which means there will be some strong language in this.
  • (Still in Development. More to Come.)
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