These are the references to the Adventures of J the Hedgehog comics.

Series One

Issue 1: The Yellow Blur

Issue 2: A Unique Trophy Truck

Issue 3: Rise of Motorsports

Issue 4: Race-Off

Issue 5: Fatal Fate

Issue 6: An Unusually Talking Trophy Truck

Issue 7: The Return of the Racer

Issue 8: Endurance Race

Issue 9: Eggman Strikes Again!

Issue 10: The Final Lap

Series Two

Issue 11: Victory!

Issue 12: Rated RG-15

Issue 13: Formulated to Perfection

Issue 14: Thresh 'em Up!

Issue 15: Heroes on Wheels

Issue 16: Driven to Perfection

Issue 17: J's New Home

Issue 18: Iblis on a Rampage!

Issue 19: Defeating Iblis

Issue 20: Returning to the Present

Series Three

Issue 21: Scourge Returns!

Issue 22: Scourge's First Offence

Issue 23: Defeating Scourge

Issue 24: The Hero, The Innocent, and The Insane

Issue 25: Going Super!

Issue 26: Introducing Team Chaotix

Issue 27: Going 0 to 250 MPH

Issue 28: Two More Laps

Issue 29: Race To Victory

Issue 30: Blaze of Glory

Series Four

Issue 31: Lost in Another Dimension

Issue 32: Sol Emerald Search

Issue 33: Eggman Nega!

Issue 34: Playing With Fire

Issue 35: Reviewing Angel Island's Past

Issue 36: Echidna Tribe Encounter

Issue 37: SWATbots On A Rampage

Issue 38: Going Super!

Issue 39: Foiling Eggman's Plans

Issue 40: Going Data

Series Five

Issue 41: Trapped in the Cyber World

Issue 42: No Escape

Issue 43: The Polygons Spreads

Issue 44: A Desperate Rescue

Issue 45: Entering the Computer Terminal

Issue 46: Finding J

Issue 47: Polygon Madness

Issue 48: Rebuilding J

Issue 49: Escaping the Computer Terminal

Issue 50: Back to Normal

Series Six

Issue 51: Visiting the ARK

Issue 52: Revealing ARK's Unforgiving Past

Issue 53: Shima's "Father"

Issue 54: The Darkness Within

Issue 55: Umbra!

Issue 56: From Villain to Hero

Issue 57: The Search for Xilax

Issue 58: Like Father, Like Daughter, Like Son

Issue 59: J's Unveiling Powers

Issue 60: Leaving ARK For Good

Series Seven

Issue 61: The New Ultimate Lifeform

Issue 62: Learning New Powers (Hali)

Issue 63: Learning New Powers (Shima)

Issue 64: Learning New Powers (Shadow)

Issue 65: J's New Father

Issue 66: The Rise of Vehicles

Issue 67: The Search For A Lost Brother

Issue 68: Entering G.U.N

Issue 69: The Return of N the Hedgehog

Issue 70: Eggman's Devious Plan

Series Eight

Issue 71: Déjà Doom

Issue 72: Metal Minions

Issue 73: A Deadly Duel

Issue 74: A Desperate Escape

Issue 75: Egg Carrier Pursuit

Issue 76: The Break-In

Issue 77: Foiling Eggman's Plans

Issue 78: The Robotic Sibling

Issue 79: Terminated

Issue 80: De-Roboticizing Mobius

Series Nine

Issue 81: Kidnapped in the ARK

Issue 82: Searching for J

Issue 83: Lost and More Lost

Issue 84: Timing Is Everything

Issue 85: Rescuing J

Issue 86: Mespira Attacks! (Part 1)

Issue 87: Mespira Attacks! (Part 2)

Issue 88: Escaping the ARK, Again

Issue 89: Duo Eternity

Issue 90: Fight or Flight

Series Ten

Issue 91: Xilax's Evil Story

Issue 92: Rise of J the Werehog!

Issue 93: Werehog With a Heart

Issue 94: Reversing the Curse

Issue 95: Disturbance

Issue 96: Xilax's Ultimate Destruction

Issue 97: Mobius Under Chaos!

Issue 98: Saving Mobius From Destruction

Issue 99: Searching for Xilax

Series Finale!

Issue 100: The Final Battle




  • Gerald Robotnik (Dr. Eggman's grandfather)


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