Adventure Universe is a comic by Grinder the Hedgehog, now known as Tracker the Dog, being hosted on Smackjeeves.

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Chapter 1: The Middle Ground

This chapter begins with a human known as Liam Ashcroft walking through Route 99. The human is suddenly engulfed in a purple flame- and turns into Grinder the Hedgehog. His hoverboard flying in, he jumps on and flies off. On the way home though, Grinder encounters a Big Eye. (From Mega Man) Grinder uses Leaf Shield, but remembers that Big Eye is weak to Ice Slasher. Grinder decides there is only one thing to do- RUN! As Grinder escapes, a familiar blue hedgehog jumps down...

Grinder, after escaping the Big Eye, reaches his destination- The Middle Ground. After logging into his account, he goes to see the Ancient Middle Ground pile of shiny objects. However, smoke grenades begin to drop, and The Middle Ground is engulfed. Meanwhile, the dragon Roahm Mythril (Who is (C) roahmythril) is sending down an army of Metools, who are getting him the shiny objects. Sonic the Hedgehog however, bounces on his head and confronts him. Roahm tells him to "bugger off." Sonic says he has lives to say, and happily leaves and jumps into the smoke. Roahm decides to throw down another grenade, but Meteor the Fox appears, noting how his brother Grinder is down there, and it is Meteor's job to kick Roahm's ass. The two then get into a fight.

Meanwhile, in an unknown area near the Middle Ground, two advanced Super-Fighting Robots known as Mega Man and Bass are having a fight. Suddenly, a battle ship falls through the sky and Mega Man jumps down to see what has happened, to the anger of Bass.

Back on the ground, Sonic has spindashed away the smoke, and says him and Grinder may meet again. Sonic then races in to find Cream and Tails kissing. They quickly try to hide it though.

Chapter 2: From Wreckage to Revamp

Grinder realises people from the MG are not happy with his design, so he (very badly) constructs a machine to change him and his brother into something cooler. After stepping into the machine, the thing malfunctions and combusts, eventually exploding.

Grinder wakes up, only to find himself as a dog. He decides to call himself Tracker, and dashes off to Leaf Forest Zone.

However, Grinder isn't finished yet. During the explosions, Tracker Grinder DNA split, and formed a separate being. He swears revenge on Tracker, and dashes off... to Leaf Forest Zone.

Chapter 3: Tracker VS Grinder

Tracker is walking through Leaf Forest peacefully, only for Grinder to Chaos Control in front of him and punch him in the face. Tracker asks who he is, having no memories of his time as Grinder. Grinder headbutts him to the floor, and reminds him who he is. Grinder turns his back, only for Tracker to kick him flying. After it, Grinder brain snaps. He goes insane and starts uttering random sentences, until running up to Grinder and punching him in the face. Tracker reminds Grinder dogs always beat hedgehogs, only for Grinder to be surrounded in a yellow aura and unleash a Chaos Blast.

Grinder wakes up near a cliff, and thinks Grinder killed himself in the Chaos Blast. However, Grinder appears behind Tracker, only for his Chaos Nightmare orb to miss. Tracker kicks Grinder in the face, and Grinder brain snaps further. He screams and dashes at Grinder, however, Tracker simply moves out of the way. Grinder shouts with joy, believing he killed Tracker, only to find Grinder dodged and he went off the cliff. Tracker goes down the cliff to see if Grinder is alive. Tracker thinks he should take him to a hospital, but he realises Grinder would still want revenge. During the time Tracker has closed his eyes though, Grinder gets up, and punches Tracker flying. Tracker smashes into a wall, and Grinder gets ready to finish off Tracker with a Fire Shield. However, Grinder can't find the strength to do it, and leaves Tracker be, chaos controlling away. Tracker simply says "OW..."

Chapter 4: The Knothole Freedom Fighters

Sonic is running across a bridge back to the Knothole Freedom Fighter base. He reaches his (and Sally Acorn's) hut, and goes in. There, he finds Sally, and the two get romantic. However, they don't see Amy Rose looking through the window. Amy is angry at Sally, because Sally managed to the one thing Amy lived for- marry Sonic and have kids with him. However, Cream is behind Amy, and points out she is talking to herself. Amy is surprised at Cream being behind her, and lets out a giant scream. Sonic and Sally, who are sitting down together on the sofa, hear the scream. Sally asks Sonic what it was, but Sonic doesn't know.

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