“Why do these primitives always resist? Can they not see the joyous gifts we are bestowing upon them?”~ Tradd trying to contemplate the reasons for the planetary opposition on the planet Turanta

Administrator Tradd is a member of the Braxxian Empires' Administration, and one of the empires most notorious leaders. He is a responsible for several raids and conquests on many worlds, most recently the attack on the contested planet Turanta.


"Great, here comes the chatty one."~Colonel Balta Baldrova thinking to herself when being approached by Tradd.

Tradd is a Braxxian cyborg of normal height. He has a electro saber for an arm replacement on his right arm. Tradd has various cybernetic implants and a Vara-Body which allows him to operate in extreme conditions, (even in space.) Tradd has the standard optical implants and his right eye has a variety of scanner and optical functions.


"Of course we are doing the right thing my dear. We are bringing evolution, unity, and stability throughout the galaxy one world at a time."~Tradd explaining his motives to Balta during their battle together.

Tradd is very peculiar for a Braxxian, (much less for an Administrator). He is very calm and calculative. His demeanor is oddly somewhat of a gentleman and connoisseur, rather than a normal Braxxian leader. Tradd is a firm believer in the belief of cybernism, as well as a loyal member of the Braxxian Administration. Truth be told he doesn't hate lower, organic lifeforms he commonly refers to as “fleshlings”, but he is fanatical about the belief that he was in fact doing a service to the inhabitants of the galaxy by carrying out the will of the Administration. That being said Tradd would rather not have to kill innocents and he tries to offer his opponent's multiple times to join as citizens of the empire.


Little is known about Tradd outside of Braxxian Empire's planetary boarders. What is known is that he was the one who has lead the assault on the planet Turanta, and he has been relatively successful in doing so. While Tradd's demeanor suggests otherwise, what is known about him is his reputation for carrying out orders of the Founders, not matter what the cost. It is believed that as a young child he was brought up like many Braxxians to be slightly xenophobic, as well as brainwashed into thinking the Braxxian was is the best path for everyone.


Tradd has an impeccable eye for detail and is very brave, (if not somewhat stubborn.) One very interesting quality about Tradd is his master of the oral language.  Tradd is very good as a public speaker and this has allowed him to reach the high position he is in, inspire his forces, and even win over many other alien lifeforms to willingly join in assimilation into the Braxxian Empire. It is believed he is also very adept at melee combat as well.


  • "Let's go men and women! We shall make our planet proud this day!"~Tradd trying to rally his forces
  • "On guard!"~ Tradd swinging his electro-saber at his opposition.
  • "We offer you a golden opportunity and yet you continue to refuse it?"~Tradd questioning Balta
  • "Oh you senseless savages!"~Tradd seeing his own soldiers come under fire by hostile forces.
  • "For Braxxus! For the Administration!"~Tradd about to engage in close range melee combat.
  • "A tactical retreat is in order, but do not worry. We shall be back."~Tradd falling back his troops.
  • "We are not doing much damage here, fall back and switch to rad canons!"~ Tradd while facing up against Griefan.
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