"You know, heroism just isnt for me. Why try to save the world, when it's going to end anyway? It's inevitable, but hey: it'll be amazing! Something to look forward to, right? I shiver, just thinking about how it's going to happen~"
—Adelyte, with her usual 'end of the world' ramblings


Biographical Information
Age Unknown; refuses to tell (estimated 13-18)
  • Ludwig Austerlitz (father)
  • Evelyn Rothschild (mother)
  • Adie (by her parents)
Romantic Interests Smile the Husky (character (c) Ryushusupercat-)
Physical Description
Species Unknown; refuses to tell
Gender Female
  • Fur: [blood-] Red
  • Eyes: Brown or Amber, depending on the lighting
  • Hair: Black
  • Skin: Pale/White
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry Honestly, whatever she can get her hands on.
  • Instrumentalist (Flute/Piccolo)
  • Knowledge of certain weapons
  • Slight intimidation (if she plays her cards right-)
Other Information
Theme Song "Late Great Planet Earth" by Plumb, due to her constant ramblings about the end of the world.
Original Creator User:CelestialSun

Adelyte, is User:CelestialSun's mascot. Her species and age is unknown, and she's very secretive about it.

Physical Appearance

Adelyte appears as a canine of some sort, with a very short tail, a large nose, and somewhat large pointy ears (actually giving her the traits of a chihuahua). A chihuahua wouldn't suit her, however, since she's a taller character (compared to Sonic himself- she's probably about an inch or three taller.)


At first look, it would be hard to determine Adelyte's build. Casually, she wears too-large clothing. Why? To hide herself- she is quite curvy, but is not proud of it, and actually quite embarrassed by it. However, her curves stand out in her 'military outfit', which she wears on special occasions.

Choice of Clothing

The word to describe Adelyte's style of clothing is, well, 'odd'. She often wears things that don't match. At all. She, of course, does not care, and states that she feels 'unique'. Unique indeed.

Mentioned above, she wears a standard green military outfit on special occasions.

Unique Traits


Her fingers are noticably long, slender, and pointy.


Her nose is quite large, though she states she's proud of it.

Her tail is actually really short so she can hide it in her pants! haha. i'm funny. laugh.


Her tone is usually low and very slightly raspy, and sometimes can seem monotonous. She does not have a very wide vocal range, though her voice randomly breaks, making it seem high-pitched and whiny.


Adelyte has a very strong and noticeable German accent.


Almost none of Adelyte's backstory is known; she wont tell anyone, though she has mentioned that her mother and father kicked her out of the house (though took pity on her when she returned).


Adelyte is loud, hyperactive, and tries to be intimidating (though fails most of the time). She often speaks German to newcomers, to annoy and confuse them. She can also be described as a 'rude' person. However, deep down, she's sensitive. Not exactly shy, but definitely soft and apologetic. This side of her creeps up at random and unexpected times.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Adelyte definitely lacks in abilities, compared to most characters. Though, her most notable ones are her skilled flute/piccolo-playing, and her knowledge of certain weapons (flamethrowers, bouncing betty[s], guns, etc.)

As for weaknesses:

  • She's extremely allergic to cinnamon.
  • She cannot swim, and therefore is afraid of deep water.
  • Really loud music hurts her ears and enables her to concentrate.
  • She's not very physically strong. Quite weak, actually.


  • The character is based on CelestialSun in many notable ways.
  • She loves to talk about the end of the world, for some unexplained reason.
  • 'Samara' is her middle name, though she dislikes her first name (Adelyte). She switches her first and middle name around.
  • The actual character is not a Mobian, but Celeste roleplays her as a Mobian, so she'll fit in with the other characters.

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