Adelinette "Adeline" The Hedgehog is a hedgehog person who lives in Central City. She's the younger sister of Darwin.


She was born in Green Hill, and while Darwin was doing whatever, she liked going to the woods that was in their backyard.


Adeline's the smart and adventurous sibling. She loves going on adventures, but also likes doing experiments.


She wears a pink bow with a red polo and a light red shirt underneath. She also wears boots that look like they're from Indiana Jones to be honest.


Adeline considers herself a five star adventurer. despite her being younger, she acts more mature than Darwin. She loves exploring new places and discovering new things. She's also a super fan of Sonic sometimes she asks questions and stuff. She's also got the Book of Everything which has tons of information, secrets, and the true power of the Chaos Emeralds. Wait WHAT?! What was the author thinking when he wrote this?!

Skills & Abilities

She knows karate, science, tech! How does she know it all? But it's mostly how she does it. For example, she always uses her karate skills for defense. She uses science to figure out how things are gonna turn out. She can also use technology with her see-in-the-dark glasses and her grabby arm. She also good at thinking up plans and strategies. If the first plan doesn't work, she always has a Plan B.



Darwin The Hedgehog

Adeline's older brother. He loves treasure and hates adventure, but he's always got her back.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Adeline's a fan of his asking him a lot of questions.

Shadow The Hedgehog

As Sonic's rival, Adeline assumes he knows everything about attacks and weapons, so she goes to him for that kind of stuff.

Amy Rose

She's Adeline's best friend and they usually do all kinds of stuff together.

Silver The Hedgehog

Despite Darwin's opinion on Silver, Adeline thinks he's a spy.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Adeline's a adventurer, so she needs gadgets and all kinds of stuff, that's where Tails comes in.

Knuckles The Echidna

Adeline practices new moves with him, so you know who's gonna be a loyal friend to who.


Season 1


  • Adeline was the first fanon character I ever created.
  • Adeline's hair style looks like Super Sonic's.
  • Adeline uses the Book of Everything for building and game changers.
  • Adeline has a brother named Darwin.


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