Adelaide the Cyberfoxis a fancharacter adopted from FlashFire12 and changed by the current owner Nitrogen218. She is a member of the Brass Circuit Colony and speaks with a British/English accent. She is the pacifist of the colony unlike her twin sister Adeline. She often spends time in her house focusing on medicinal computer programs and organic medicines to heal those who need them. She is also member of the sister colony, Diamond Wing, as the member of the Healers under the codename "Scan."


Adelaide is lean 19-year-old red fox that stands 3'10" and has an unknown weight. She has dark red fur on most of her body save for her inner ears, muzzle, and stomach.

She has maroon hair with a large bang that curves from the front of her scalp to the right side of her head. She also has a bang that goes down the side of her head. Her hair also goes to her rear, in curves. She also has amber eyes and peach colored muzzle, inner ears, and stomach.

She wears a dark orange ascot atop a crimson vest with silver buttons. She also wears a grey short-sleeved dress shirt underneath. She also wears a black knee-length skirt with a mahogany trim. She wears a pair of eyeglasses , has white gloves and low-heel black boots.




Adelaide is often noted be a compassionate and understanding individual, often trying to calm people down or help those that are scared, tired, or even hungry. She is also one that







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