Adam "The Magician" Ferris

Adam the Magician

Biographical Information
Age  17         
  • Adam
  • Mr. Ferris
  • The Magician
  • Magic Prince
Relatives Unknown
Romantic Interest(s)


Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: White
  • Magic Outfit
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Evil, Villain, Chaotic Neutral
  • Red Prince Cane
  • Magic
  • Magic
  • pick pocketing
  • Stealth
  • Thief skills
Other Information
Japanese V.A. Kappei Yamaguchi
American V.A. Jerry Jewell
Theme Song(s) Magic Kaito theme
Original Creator Neoexlucky

Adam "The Magician" Ferris is a 17 year old young human boy who is a member of The Order of the Masks and is part of the sub group known as the Magic Association. He uses his cane as a weapon as well as his magic to aid him in many situations. He is a thief and is the rival of Ages Tranquil. He was originally created by NeoExlucky.


The magician normally is seen wearing his magic outfit which consists of his red prince cane and his black top hat. He wears plain black shoes with matching black pants. He has grey cuffs on his grey, black, and white long sleeved shirt. He also wears grey gloves and a red mask that hides one of his eyes from view.


The magician has a arrogant attitude. Often proclaiming that he is the greatest at magic, and actually believing so. Though he isn't the greatest magic, he is skilled at it and was trained for most of his life. He is greedy and selfish, often only thinking about himself. He likes to move quickly and hates waiting. He likes steaing, chaos, being mean, and being able to use his powers. He hates goody two shoes acts, good guys, murder, and doing something for no reward.


Adam was born into The Order of the Masks, a group of people wanting to take over the world and cause chaos all around. At a young age he showed signs of magical flair and was trained within the order by a woman known as The Queen. During this time; he learned the ins and outs of magic and was able to reciprocate amazing spells around the time he turned 13. Though he was far from being the best, The Magic Association dubbed him the Magic Prince due to being trained by The Queen and being gifted with skiled magic.

Around the time he turned 15 he realized that he could do so much more with his magic and while he would never think of betraying his order, he became The Magician so that he could become a thief and steal all that he wanted. Due to this he became a note worthy thief. During one of his operations in which he intended to steal a large sum of money from a very rich professor, he was stopped by a red fox named Ages Tranquil, and although Adam was able to get his target amount of money, he hates the idea that such a pathetic fox could have almost defeated him and he swore that he would do anything in his power to fight the Fox.



Adam's magic is varies depending on what he wants to do. He is mainly involved in the schools of destruction, illusions, and conjuring. His power normally include magician acts, or royal things. Due to this, his magic is very versatile.

Notable list of spells:

  • Prince's Crown: Conjures a shield to block spells and ranged weapon items. Is ineffective against melee attacks.
  • Royal Law: A crown shaped attack flies out and hits a target, causing light damage.
  • Bunny in the hat: An illusion spell that makes a large amont of smoke so that Adam can get away.
  • Saw in Two: A conuring spell that summons a box and saw, able to catch someone in a box and trap them for 5 minutes.
  • Declaration of Magic: Adam's ultimate spell, requiring much concentration and focus, as well as almost all of his mana and energy. This spell puts Adam into a limit break, allowing him to cast spells with great haste, and to deal greater damage then normal. Afterwards, Adam will be nearly drained of everything, and he will need to rest for a long amount of time, until he can regain all of his mana and energy.


Thief arts

Adam has a little bit of training and a lot of experience in stealing. He is able to pick pockets, pick locks, steal things, and stealthy move around areas with ease. That being said, he isn't very strong physically and isn't a good warrior, nor is he good at countering one.

Cane Traning

The Red Prince's cane is a steel item that can be used to parry and block most melee weapons. Although his defense is weak in this sense as he cannot block with his cane and cast a spell at the same time, due to requiring a lot of focus when it comes to his casting.


Physical Attacks

Adam cannot defend himself agains things that use too much force. As such; physical attacks are a strong weakness of his, given the fact that he cannot multi task and if he is in the process of casting a spell, he is weak.


Friends (Add if you want)

The Order of the Masks

The Magic Association

The Queen

Neutral (Add if you want)



Ages Tranquil

Enemies (Add if you want)

The Mobian Mysteries Detective Agency

Theme Song

Magic Kaito - Kid the Phantom Thief Theme

Magic Kaito - Kid the Phantom Thief Theme

The Magician's theme song

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