Adalwulf the Hedgehog
Age Over 30
Gender Male
Species Hedgehog
Allegiance Evil
  • Yellow Eyes
  • Short brown quills
  • Prematurely aged
  • Various, usually a lot
  • None
  • Erinaceidae
Occupation Multiple murderer/Fake Freedom Fighter
Nicknames and Titles
  • Wolf (in disguise)
  • The Ultimate Lifeform
  • Our Liberator
  • "I will restore us to a great species! Not Mobian, but hedgehog! The Erinaceidae!"
Romantic Interests
  • None
  • Fists, feet
  • Immortality
  • Immunity
  • Invincibility
  • Persuasion
  • Susceptible to NIDS after a while
Theme Song

Be Prepared (German)

Seid bereit

"We must once more become the ultimate species! Erinaceidae! Our roots! But first, sacrifices must be made!" -Adalwulf to the masses

Adalwulf the Hedgehog is a villian in Sonic the Hedgehog: Lost Chapters who comes from Mobius A. He was a later attempt to create the TRUE ultimate lifeform who could never die, and was completely immune to all disease.


Earlier Life

Nobody knows where Adalwulf came from. After all of the evil Mobius A Colin Kintobor's experiments to create the ultimate lifeform were failures or deaths, he was about to give up the project, surely a blessing. But instead a roughly 25 year old hedgehog showed up and Kintobor experimented on him. He was held as a success, even better than Singularity, and not insane. However, he eventually just turned into another lab rat, subjected to torturous surgeries and experiments. In the end, it was said he finally died when Dr. Kintobor removed every organ in his body. Of course, it is possible that the identity of the killer and the victim were reversed... At any rate, the great Adalwulf's name was uttered in high honour for years to come.


Of course, he wasn't REALLY dead. In fact, it was he who killed Kintobor. And the torture he went through had reasonably driven him mad. He developed delusions that all Mobians should be restored to their roots, the Erinaceidae. He sought to do so by killing all those who were not near enough to the perfection he had attained. He also posed as one of the October Mountain Freedom Fighters, calling himself Wolf, the English interpretation of his name. He seemed genuine in his attempts help find the killer, but was in fact giving false leads. When Radiation and his friends arrived, they began piecing together missed clues and shared them with the local group. Frantic to delay his discovery, he attempted to kill Angel the Hedgehog, though she was hospitalized and Radiation's dialogue confirms she survived. Radiation managed to find Adalwulf, now making no attempt to disguise himself, alone, and the two fought intensely. After largely obliterating the shack they were in and getting outside, Radiation finally got off a lucky laser blast from his visor. It struck Adalwulf right in the chest and went clean through. The evil experiment's eyes rolled up and he went limp as he tipped over backwards and fell into a deep well. Strangely, when they went to retrieve his body, there was nothing in the well but water.

Can't Kill What You Can't Kill!

The natural watersource the well connected to was a subterranean river leading into the ocean. Adalwulf determinedly swam the distance and trekked over deserts and mountains until he reached Knothole. Here, he decided that after his last defeat he must have TRUE power! He planned to steal the blue entropy emerald, and set off to obtain it. On the way, he battled and hid from the Freedom Fighters and the remnants of the Dark Legion. Both of these enemies ended up working together to try to stop him, but only managed to catch up with him when he was already in the emerald's chamber. But the sheer power that coursed through the object, combined with the security system it was attached to, was too much. Beams of energy shot out from it, scarring him exactly like the late Surge the Hedgehog and strangely discolouring him. Adalwulf's ghost emerged from the twisted body and began screaming and clawing at nothing while being dragged into the earth by unseen hands. But there had been someone living in the emerald. That someone was madness. The same madness that had taken Surge. The strange looking body opened its eyes, in which the face of the dead, green, laughing hedgehog could be seen as he sat upright. This marked his transformation into Comic the Hedgehog.


Adalwulf was a very coldhearted and cruel being. He saw no problem in mass murder if it furthered his cause. He was incredibly deceptive, and able to persuade anyone of anything pretty much. He also seemed very angry when speaking, though this may have just been the way he talked. He was incredibly determined and knew exactly what he wanted, with surprising intelligence. If he had not been evil, he could have done great things!


  • Adalwulf is highly based off of Adolf Hitler.
  • He was written out and turned into Comic the Hedgehog because the character was considered to be too adult, whereas an excuse was always wanted to get Surge back.
  • It was originally planned for Adalwulf to be 100 years old, but this created timeline issues.
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