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Acqua the Sea Fox

Biographical Information
Age 32
Alias Pending
Romantic Interests Pending
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Sea Fox
Gender Female
  • Fur: Red
  • Muzzle Fur: White
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Hair: Purplish-Blue, flowing out to the sides of her head
  • Sky blue hooded vest with yellow lining
  • Sky blue medium-length skirt
  • Yellow sandals
  • Pale pink bikini
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Water Clan of Neso (soldier/teacher)
Weaponry Dual Hook Swords
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Skilled w/ Dual Hook Swords
  • Neso's Touch Mode
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Flashfire212

Acqua the Sea Fox is a soldier in the Water Clan of Neso and a member of one of the two main elemental species of foxes, a Sea Fox.

Physical Description

Acqua is a dark red in color, with vibrant blue hair which always pokes out of her hood when it's up, and sharply flows out behind her ears when not, sitting about level with her nose, although never in her face. She also has the same natural webbed paws as all Sea Foxes have.


Acqua wears a sky blue sleeveless hooded vest with yellow trim, which normally remains buttoned up, and a sky blue medium-length skirt while on land, with a pair of yellow sandals. When swimming, she wears a pale pink bikini to keep her modesty while making the most of the Sea Fox skills underwater.


Early History

Acqua was born in the undersea city of Ocearia, not too far off of Golden Cove, the home of the Water Clan, with a younger sister born two years later. Acqua was protective of her sister, but often found it hard to protect the young girl due to her semi-fragility. In order to correct that, she sought her father to teach her how to use hook swords, weapons he had mastered. Due to his rank in the defense forces, he accepted the request, and Acqua quickly showed her dexterity and power with their use.


Unlike her sister, who felt her calling was serving Neso with the Water Clan as a priestess, Acqua felt that a more practical use of her skills was university. An honors student throughout school, Acqua decided to further her studies, heading to the Ocearian University to study elemental teaching. Four years later, the twenty-two year old graduated as a fully-licensed teacher. Now, she was ready for the Clan. As a trained teacher of elemental manipulation, Acqua was put in charge of teaching youngsters the basics, before they chose their clan path at fifteen. Even so, due to her training with the hook swords, she was a combat resource that couldn't be forgotten - she remained a soldier, defending the clan, although she spent most of her time off the patrols teaching.


Acqua has a pair of Tiger Swords, better known as Hook Swords, which were made by her grandfather. As well as being tempered to be extremely hard to damage, but also do not corrode unless made to by a Ferrokinetic. While unable to use the traditional magic and spells of her fellow soldiers, she can use kinetic moves, creating water from the air around her as most hydrokinetics do. Aside for her combat abilities, she can also "breath" underwater due to her Sea Fox DNA and also fight with her clawed webbed paws, or her finned tail. If pressed down, she can open up her body to channel Neso's power directly through her body, but drains her strength rapidly.

Notable Abilities

  • Aqua Tail
  • Bubblebeam
  • River Blast
  • Spring Dragon Attack
  • Monsoon Spear (Extremely tiring, and can only be used once every day, or twice with no energy left for any truly powerful attacks unless in the Neso's Touch Mode)
  • Water Dash (Negates the vulnerability by instantly starting to swim as soon as she falls)

Friends and Foes


  • Joseph Mista - A Sea Lynx she grew up with, Acqua and Joseph were brilliant friends, even though the lynx was extremely perverted and viewed by most, including Acqua, as a bit of an alcoholic. Soon after Acqua joined the Water Clan, she found out that her friend had been arrested in Abbadon, a nation on the far side of the ocean, for 'adultery', and soon became known for his position in starting the rebellion against the Eggman-sponsored regime.
  • Kyle the Echidna - her sister's ex, Acqua and Kyle met at university, where Kyle was doing a web-link from his nomadic home. Both were similarly powerful, and similarly skilled as teachers. However, even after her sister broke up with Kyle and the birth of their daughter Voda, Acqua has admitted that she doesn't feel a romantic attraction to the handsome and talented echidna, but a bond through her niece.




  • Electric Clan members -


Acqua started out as an unsure, headstrong young girl aiming to take on the world. However, as she got older, she learned self-control and peace with help from Neso's power, which also guided her into the creation of the Neso's Touch Mode. She enjoys combat, but retains a level head so she can teach without always focusing on the battles the clan faces when not required to. Whenever a student becomes trapped within the Neso's Touch Mode, she can miraculously coax them out with her powers.


Her name is the Italian word for "water"