Acid The Dog



Acid was born in Manhattan, New York on January, 1, 1997. He grew up being bullied, and having few friends due to him having a broken family. But one day when he was 16 while being stoned by some of his classmates his powers awoken. He would use them to deflect the stones and even managed to kill one of them.While he was arrested he managed to get away with minimum punishment due to it arguably being in self defense. He would manage to graduate High School with mostly A's. While in college he would develop his ideology that only the strong can survive. He would use his studies to create a form of explosive that has many similarities to Aziroazide azide. He would post college form a terrorist organization known as Balor after the Fomorian king of Irish folklore. He would use this organization to kidnap many people and use them as test subjects to in his head "Improve" them by mutating them. If they were successful he would use them for an army to kill those he declares unworthy of living, If unsuccessful he would kill them via a poison that causes a slow and agonizing death. Acid has gained a group of followers who willingly obey his orders. He has also affiliated himself with a secret society that has pulled the strings of many world leaders. Though he is still a low ranking member. He currently is planning to force a hostile takeover of the conspiracy to suit his plans. (Spoiler: He will fail miserably)

Powers and abilities

Acid has psychokinetic abilities allowing him to move objects with his mind. Acid ha also been shown to be capable of telepathy if he uses 20% of his power. The more of his power he uses the more amplified his powers get. Though the more he uses the more strain it puts on his body meaning if he goes above 50% he will pass out. Though it is unknown what he is capable of doing when he is above 20% of his power.

Skills and Abilities

  • Expert on chemical engineering, and biology


  • Acid on multiple occasions has left openings for him allowing him to get hit easily.
  • If he overuses his powers for a specific amount of time they will be jammed allowing him to be vulnerable. doesn’t help that he habitually throws his power around recklessly.
  • The more he puts into his power the more strain it puts on his body.
  • he regularly lets his ego get the better of him.


Acid has shown a lack of empathy toward others on multiple occasions. He has also been shown to have a massive ego, and a god complex. Acid is also openly gay.

Theme song

Kingdom by Downstait





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