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Achreíos' statement before being sent out as an exile.

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Achreíos was never some one you'd consider healthy.

He is a crazed individual, shrouded in mystery. None really know what kind of thought process he has and that's just because he lives in such a secretive fashion. It's hard to even tell what he feels emotionally because of how shut in this shark can be.

He is vile in character, truly ruthless. As vindictive as they come, Achreíos is one you don't want to cross. Once done so, he is relentless. Will do nothing but slaughter all you connect yourself with until your time has come. He has no sense of honor and doesn't care to stoop down to some one's level, regardless of how foolish he'd look.

He may sound brash, but in mind it's far more complicated. He plans things intricately, most of his tactics are complex and quite unpredictable. He doesn't ram in looking for combat, or go straight to killing. If he fails once, he'll be sure to correct his errors if possible.

He comes across as a loner, but even he understands the significance of having others around. He uses those around him though, never really getting attached to anyone (except his sister). Once you've ran your use out on Achreíos, he will either kill you or drop you from his life.


Achreíos was born in the deep sea kingdom of Abaekon.

He was the child of a moderately classed family. He had a younger sister named Adsila. Achreíos' father was quite close to governed officials and cared very little for his children. The brother and sister tiger sharks were sent away to other families for militarized training.

Even though their bond was brief, Achreíos was very connected to his sister, claiming she was his other half psychologically. When together, the siblings would consistently speak in an unheard of undersea language that could only be understood between the two. He spent a lot of his time with her making little tools out of makeshift items. Before the two were seperated, Achreíos made her a small necklace with his last baby tooth at the center of it, he told her to remember and find him in the future if she ever cared to.

Achreíos was sent to a militarized project kept in secracy from most citizens in Abaekon. Unlike his sister, Achreíos was never sent to another family. In fact, the young shark spent much of his earlier years in battle grounds, desolate and alone.

The military of Abaekon were testing the shark psychologically and physically, making the shark do relentless work that would kill the typical minor. Achreíos passed most of the mind bending tests and was thrown into combat control at an early age.

Now fifteen with no family and friends, the shark was put into conditions where he had to fight for his life or be killed. So Achreíos fought. Ordered to kill those he barely knew or even worse trained with, for no other reason than just cause.

The psychological tests proved successful, as well as the merciless combat and relentless exercising programs. By the age of eighteen, Achreíos was finally sent to another family for a short two years. Unbeknownst to the military, they had conducted the greatest murderer; truly devoid of emotion.

Achreíos spent his young adult years in a household owned by a female sea snake of the same age. Achreíos never spoke to the snake and was often out of the house, he barely caused a ruckus and only spent his nights with his caretaker. The snake's name was Alawa.

Alawa became oftly suspicious of Achreíos and was wondering why the shark was so shut in. Achreíos never replied to her questions and when she'd try her hardest to start a conversation it was to no avail. She tried to argue with Achreíos as well, but.. no reaction. She was beginning to think the shark was dead from the inside, or some kind of mute.

As time passed whilst Achreíos was living with Alawa, Achreíos came across his father. A mysterious tiger shark visited Alawa to have short conversations, this was to check up on the conditions of Achreíos. The shark grew suspicious of who Alawa was talking to and immediately recognized the voice while listening to a conversation.

This was the dawn of Achreíos' violent mannerisms. Achreíos began to talk to Alawa at this point, he questioned her for speaking to his father to which she responded to him claiming his father was just checking up on him. Achreíos nodded then asked for the whereabouts of his father. Alawa told him and the shark was on his way to visit his father.

Meeting the father, the elder shark pretended to not recognize his own son, it failed. Achreíos bit the sides of his father's neck away with his razor sharp teeth and killed him bare handed and violently.

Government officials and police units retrieved Achreíos and sent him on court for being claimed for exile. Achreíos lost the case and was sent to the deepest and darkest pit outside of the Abaekon's walls. He was exiled and never ever to return to the famous kingdom.

He was chained to the ocean floor for almost ten years. He suffered extreme halucinations and was only fed by government officials three times a month. During his time chained, officials ran tests on Achreíos' gills, attempting to have the shark breathe air naturally. The experiments were very painful and changed the very skin tone of the shark to a dull black with maroon striping. He was released into the surface several times and forced to endure the air, almost killing the shark twice. It was studied that he could last a maximum of two days with out dying on land.

After the experiments he was forced back into his chains and returned to his exiled state. After a year of being chained, a familiar face appeared before Achreíos. It was his previous care taker, Alawa. She released Achreíos from his imprisonment in secracy. The shark almost attacked her, but she claimed she was going to save him from his torment, to which he smirked at.

He lived in secracy exploring the ocean's depths and across the great underwater slum known as Outer Abaekon. Often Achreíos and Alawa fought to death against marauders and thieves alike. Given his militarized skills, the shark was willing and able to fight. He beat his opponents down with his heavy wrist chains and brutal bite.

Time was going good living in the underworld of the ocean, he became a popular name and was feared by most gangsters under the sea. Alawa remained an ally to him, regardless of the circumstances.

Achreíos often watched the walls of Abaekon in hopes more exiles will appear or in hopes guards would pop out. To his joy, they did. The shark brutally murdered new coming exiles and guards alike. He collected the weapons the guards had. He was now armed with a harpoon gun, four undersea 9mm pistols, and he altered his wrist guard chains to have harpoons at the bottom.

The shark eventually created a small gang after his greek nickname, Achreíos of which was handed to him by the undersea native criminals. He began the mob known as The Achreíos Mob. He continued his pursuits of trying to enter the great kingdom of Abaekon once more, in his dreams of striking revenge once more.



Being an underwater shark, he was born with the natural gift of controling water. Since he's underwater most of the time, it doesn't work to his advantage and is considered a very weak power for underwater dwellers. He can not use it out of the water due to his body just not being adjusted to life out of the sea.


This ability slipped into the blood stream of the shark during experiments. Toxins grew into the shark's body, but due to his tough internal systems, he survived many encounters with the toxins. The toxins ended up merging with his blood and with his hydrokensis. This allows him to create ghastly oil clouds, like those similar to an octopus' ink clouds. These are far deadlier, causing creatures to die and get poisoned if standing too long in the oil clouds. His toxikinesis only works while underwater and can only work in conjunction with water.



Due to experiments, Achreíos can temporarily breathe air. This only lasts for two days though before his body gets completely weak and chokes out due to a lack of water. This ability is quite useless because he never gets out of water, when he does it is on rare occassion that he is trying to escape his enemies.




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