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Ace The Tiger

Ace The Tiger (エース・ザ・タイガー / Ēsu za taigā), is a young tiger who's following the steps of Siegfried The Siberian Tiger, Ace's mentor. Ace has been chosen to become Siegfried's apprentice, and had gladly taken that place.

(This fan character is created by Celestia879.)


Ace is a young, dark blue Siberian tiger, with electric yellow stripes on him. Ace, being a tiger, has a set of canine teeth, used to bite other mobians in a battle. His white claws are hidden behind the fur, and he can take his claws in and out of their hiding place. Ace has a white muzzle, and his fur on his head, is shaped similar to Miriku's.

On the back of his head, Ace has a few spikes there, but it can only be seen from his sides, and not from the front nor the back. Between his eyes and is connected with his muzzle, is a triangular shaped horn-like object, that seems like it's either colored white, or grey.

~ Ultimate Form: Ultima Ace ~

Being the only form Ace can transform into, this form makes a huge change in his statistics. His fur turns golden, while his stripes become white. He'll have some metal clothing on him too.


  • Grey Scarf on his neck.
  • Brown Boots
  • White bandage near the tip of his tail.
  • White gloves
  • Goggles on his head.

(It goes the same for the Olympic Games, and Winter Olympic Games.)


He's courageous, strong, and has a lot of will to complete something that he wants to achieve. He almost never stresses out, nor panics, because it's important to stay calm on the inside, no matter what the situation is. This is very hard achieve, but with this type of personality in him, Ace had become Siegfried's apprentice.

Mostly, he's the adventurous, and excited one, but in his alone time, Ace becomes a peaceful, and focused tiger, that practices his goals in life.

Ace won't be the one to stress out on a difficult situation, so, although he's feeling the same way like the others, to let his stress out, he'll just meditate.

Team Name:

- Team Hybrid X:

Sakora The Wolf(Leader) : Sneak Attack, Defense, Agility, and Tricky/Trickster.

Avira The Angelhog: Neutral

Miriku The Jaglion: Sneak Attack, Attack, Technique, and Speed.

Navy The Narluga: Water attack, Defense, Speed, and Healer.

Ace The Tiger: Agility, Tricky/Trickster, Attack, and Power.

Kazure The Cobra: Neutral

Naori The Sneasel: Agility, Tricky/Trickster, Sneak Attack, Speed, and Skill.


He's born in September 27, 2007, in a house near the Green Hill Zone. When Ace could walk, at the age of 2, in that house, his parents had found a shining, crystal-shaped gem. That had the letter 'A' carved on it, and is being bordered by lightning bolts around it, when Ace had already touched the Fusion Shard. His parents saw the new features on the shard when Ace touched it, and gave it to Ace, already knowing that it's a Fusion Shard. His parents had made it into a necklace for him to wear, when he got older. He's seen to wear it at all times, like a good luck and remembrance shard. (When he touched the fusion shard, Ace was gifted with Electrokinesis and Dracokinesis.)

- How he joined Team Hybrid X:

After spending good times with his family, Ace was put into a ninja school by his father, because of Ace himself kept on begging him to put him to school there... (*sweat drops* Okay never mind..) Thanks to the training in the school, the young tiger has now control over his powers, and has learned more skills. Sooner or later, the school had a special visitor, Siegfried The Siberian Tiger. Ace had always admired the older Siberian Tiger, and had dreamed of being his apprentice. Over there, Siegfried was there to find a student, worthy enough, to pack a punch at his HP, and has a good attitude. And so, the students at that school, were supposed to fight Siegfried himself, and try to defeat him in battle. 'I will try,' Ace thought inside his head.

(Skip to Ace vs Siegfried's battle..)

"I'm not going to go easy on you either young one!!" Siegfried roared, replying to Ace's 'not going to go easy on you' statement.

Siegfried was getting tired of all the lies the students made from the 'not going easy on you Master Siegfried' statement, and was again challenging an opponent that made the same statement. He wanted the hardest challenge he could get, but Ace was the last one. Using an electric attack on Ace, Siegfried started his move. But then, he stopped, looking at Ace, he didn't take damage at all, until the youngster opened his eyes, and dashed at full speed, confusing Siegfried a bit. "What in the world does this kid have in mind?" Siegfried mumbled.

"Sancti-Electrokinesis!!" Ace shouted. "Let's go!! Light Thunder Blast!! Full Force!!"

A radiating light zapped Siegfried, weakening him, as Ace smirked, and sped off. This time, Siegfried used his special attack, which hit Ace, who fell to the ground, and attempted to stand up. 'Let's see if he can deal with this... Unlike the others..' Siegfried watched sternly.

"Not.. Going to show fear.. Going to stand up!!" the youngster finally stood up, and launched a health draining attack at Siegfried, who got hit. "Draco Restore!!"

This time, the master ninja was taken aback, and started launching attacks, along with Ace, until Ace collapsed onto the ground, and Siegfried was at low health. Then, Siegfried took Ace as his apprentice, and took him to the Hidden Valley, for the youngster, to join, Team Hybrid X.

(Note: Siegfried, after each round of fighting against the students, heals his HP up to full health.)


- Dracokinesis

- Sancti-Electrokinesis

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