The Ace-type Fighter is a Hammerforge Industries-built fighter, designed to serve as a ballistics-based attack unit. The high weight of its weaponry and heavy armor is somewhat offset by its high-powered engines.

Ace-type Fighter

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
Product LineFighter-type Aircraft
ModelAce-type Fighter
ClassJet Aircraft - Fighter
Technical Information
Maximum Speed1, 600 km/h
  • A-5 Gatling Cannon (2)
  • 13mm machine gun (1)
  • 20mm kinetic autocannon (2)
  • 2 hard-points for missiles/bombs
ArmorCol'nesian steel/titanium alloy
  • Pilot (1)
Prototype DesignationI-40 Fighter
AffiliationVaried, available for sale
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Construction

After the war between the Col'nesian Army and the Dr. Eggman of that world, it was decided that despite the cold weather and regular blizzards, Col'nesia needed a method of air-to-air attack, based around a jet aircraft. However, issues quickly rose, as the lasers planned for use were taken by a rival development team, working on a walker design. This forced the designers to look at the ballistics route of firearms, rather than wait for a new set of lasers. This proved interesting for some designers, and rapidly a fighter took shape, armed with twin Gatling cannons, each packing ninety rounds and standard aircraft armor. However, after two successful test flights, an accidental misfire of one of the stored 33mm shells resulted in an ammunition explosion, and the loss of the prototype. Rapidly, new defense systems were installed - CASE, to contain ammunition in case of a detonation, and much heavier armor, using the same Col'nesian iron as the walker that took their lasers, which was alloyed with titanium to lessen the weight, but retain the extreme strength. To compensate for the new weight, the fighter was fitted with more powerful jets, and was submitted to the company heads for evaluation. While it was accepted, it was pointed out that the heavy armor and high-powered weaponry would make the unit effective as a ground-attack fighter, a variable attack unit. To fit this idea in, the designers mounted a 13mm machine gun to the nose, and two streamlined under-wing mounts designed for the fighter's ultimate anti-tank weapon - two kinetic autocannon. The sheer weight of the fighter was extreme, and resulted in the unit flying with not the originally proposed single jet engine, but rather four booster jet engines, built around a super-massive jet that provided forward propulsion and lift. THEN, the fighters were ready, and export versions were prepped.


The Ace-type Fighter is unusually armored for an aircraft, with heavy metal armor, unlike most which use lighter alloys and even polymer protection. The choice to use the heavy metal was irregular, but considering it makes the fighter extremely hard to destroy with most standard anti-air weaponry, barring lasers, it was an extremely effective one.

Fitted with five turbojet engines, four smaller jets plus a massive primary engine, the fighter is extremely agile and fast, capable of dodging and weaving through attack paths, while holding the ballistics-armed and heavily-armored aircraft in the air. The aircraft, however, must return to an airbase regularly, to replenish ammunition and fuel, and only possesses limited durability, despite the heavy armor. In addition, it lacks particle shielding, leaving the fighter even more vulnerable to laser bursts.

Weaponry-wise, the fighters are much-loved amongst the G.U.N. Second Flight Wing, due to its purely ballistic armament, and it's ability to shift from ground attack to air-to-air combat extremely rapidly. For air-to-air combat, the fighter is armed with two Gatling cannons, allowing for a reasonable fire-rate with cannon shells, while in ground-attack mode, the fighter is armed with a single machine gun for anti-infantry sweeps, while anti-tank and anti-walker weaponry comes in the form of the most powerful weapon of the lot - two kinetic autoguns, which use the kinetic force of the shell launch to load the next shell. These weapons bear immense penetrating power, and as ballistics are capable of piercing most basic energy shields. However, units with particle shielding, a rarity on vehicles in atmosphere, are able to stop the heavy rounds from slamming into their frames, although particle shielding is also a much larger drain on energy. The final weapons are actually weapon slots, designed to hold air-to-air or air-to-surface missiles, as well as a variety of bombs. Unlike the ammunition, where other brands can be substituted, these hardpoints are only compatible with Hammerforge-produced weapons.

While the ammunition sections are easily accessed and altered, the rest of the weaponry is built in. However, for elite pilots, Hammerforge typically offers an easy-enough modification, replacing the machine gun with a cryobeam to allow the fighters to freeze infantry on a pass. For the units in the Second Division, this is typically replaced with cryogenic explosives.


Stock Production Variants

Custom Ordered Variants

These units were modified to suit orders, and as such, multiple of each variant exists, although only with each group. Information pending

Custom Variants - Aftermarket

These units were either standard or custom ordered originally, and then modified further aftermarket. These fighters are unique, and perform in unusual ways. Information pending

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