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Acacia Sketch

A Sketch of Acacia by ScourgeChan


Acacia is a lightweight orange Echidna. Her eyes are an amethyst purple. She is covered in white tribal tattoos customary to her tribe. Her quills are finely combed. She wears a custom warrior uniform. She wears a bone necklace with a small ruby strung in the middle. She wears a tanktop and skirt made of animal fur, and white bandage foot raps. Her gloves are custom purple fighting gloves.
Acacia Modern

Alternate Costume


Acacia is sweet at heart and fights for what she believes in but can get very brash and hot headed. She hates when people call her Whore or Maiden. She is loyal and nice to all who please her and is a valuable friend to have due to her massive strength, but if you wrong her, she WILL find you and get revenge.


On a remote island a small tribe of echidnas lived. Acacia was born into this tribe as the chief's prized daughter. One day everything changed when a group of outsiders traveled to the island, bringing a reliable near infinite source of fire. In her lust for this power she killed her father, the chief. In the end she realized she had become a monster and left the island in shame. She reached the mainlands and had to adapt to modern mobian times which hasn't been easy for her.


Her custom purple fighting gloves are imbued with an ancient power and give her the MAX HEAT ATTACK. When she holds the action button down on the ground, a purple aura surrounds her. She is immobile while charging the attack but once the attack has been charged, she glides towards enemies incredibly fast one after another in a chain.

Her gloves boost the power of her punches, with a purple after image coming after really powerful ones.


Acacia was born with the natural Echidna abilities. She can glide in the air for a short time. She can climb walls, dig, and burrow.


Growing up on a dangerous island, Acacia is very knowledgeable on survival skills, especially island survival skills. She can craft basic tribal weaponry, clothing, and jewelry. She trained herself to swim at a young age.


Acacia is a glass canon character, she can give a lot of damage but cant take much. She has very high attack and speed but low defense and HP. She is mostly a close range fighter but has a bow and arrow to cover her bases. Once again guns are a good option.

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