Biographical Information
RelativesBubonic the Hedgehog (creator)
Alias (Pending)
Romantic Interests N/A
Physical Description
GenderN/A (referred to as male)
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations None
WeaponryFlexo-plate/Nano-bot body
  • Can perfectly counter/mimic Troll attacks
  • Can form nano-bot/fexo-plate body into numerous weapons
  • Super-speed
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Kagimizu

Abyss is an elite (prototype) mecha troll, and a Metal Sonic recolor. Despite being created as an elite troll weapon, due to malfunction, he has become a dangerous anti-Troll weapon.


In order to have a powerful Troll general, without any of the "quirks" the others had, Rageik ordered Bubonic to create a mecha Troll, programmed with all of the capabilities of the Troll generals. The programming was nearly complete, but while carrying the chips carrying the programming to make Abyss an efficient, loyal Troll weapon, Bubonic accidentally ran into the middle of a fight between Ryu and Ken, and accidentally got the chips mixed up. Upon inserting the chips (Which turned out to be "Infantry" and "Turncoat"), Abyss went on a rampage, and fled the Troll base, crashing to Earth.


Abyss is a Metal Sonic recolor. He is pitch-black, with blue eyes. His hands and the lining of his turbine are neon green. His feet are also blue.


Created to be an elite Troll weapon, Abyss wields data on and/or the powers of the most powerful Trolls. Unfortunately, his fighting ability is limited due to his accidental programming. However, when in a critical moment or facing a powerful or large amount of Trolls, Abyss' true programming will initiate, making him the ultimate anti-troll weapon, allowing him to counter a Troll's abilities perfectly.

Abyss' body is made out of a unique combination of not only flexo-plates, but also special nano-bot technology. This allows him to transform and reform his body into various weapons and devices, giving him a deceptively large arsenal compared to his small body. Abyss is capable of completely transforming his body, from changing limbs into weapons to transforming his entire body into something completely different and much smaller/larger.


Due to his flawed programming, Abyss usually has a naive, childlike personality. However, when his true programming initiates, he is a cold and emotionless Troll-killing machine.

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