Show casing voices, looks and team outfit of the team.


The Abysmal guardians consists of three S rank fighters each with their own varying skills and techniques. It was founded by a strange young female hedgebat. She is the brains behind the organization of the team and the puppeteer of her two team mates.

Team mates

Rinaka the Hedgebat: The young leader of the team. She uses her powers of seduction and mastery of total brain control to keep her two team mates in check, She enjoys sending her two puppets to do all of her dirty work as well as having personal love sessions with them.

Memphis the Shining Demonhog: Forced under the control of Rinaka. He can not but help her achieve whatever she sets her wicked eyes to obtain. It hurts the hero to have only his eyes to watch all the atrocities he commits as a puppet. He hopes that his love will free him from the young Hedgebat's grip over his body.

Oblivion the Hedgehog: Forced under the control of Rinaka. He hates the fact that he has to be under the command of another person. Even more so he hates inflicting pain to his targets when he isn't even the one in control of his actions. He hopes that his love will free him from the strings that the young hedgebat has placed on him.




Having two high power house fighters Rinaka will always send them to the front line and aid from the back line. This gives them a good balance of range. Memphis' and Oblivion's combined speed, power and ranged attacks on their own make the team highly balanced right out the door. Beware confrontations.

Rinaka the Hedgebat

Weapons: Knives

Ranking: Leader, Puppet master

Special powers: Seduction, Mind control

Memphis the Shining Demonhog

Weapons: Hand to hand, Corrupted powers

Ranking: Puppet

Special powers: Corrupted Chaos Skill Set, OverDrive, Demon and Angeloid trigger

Oblivion the Hedgehog

Weapons: Hand to hand, Diablo magic

Ranking: Puppet

Special powers: Extreme strength, Potent magic, Diablo magic skill set, Dialord form

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