Abumi Anko is the cousin of Ming-Ming the Panda. She is known by enemies as "Beautiful Weapon", while her friends call her Ai-Ai. She is a weapons master, with a strange connection to Hammer Space, capable of making multiple weapons appear from out of nowhere (though they disappear after excessive use, being discarded, or being heavily damaged.) While not nearly as strong as Ming, her speed is far greater than Ming's.


Abumi Anko the Panda
Abumi Anko the Panda

Current Years and Days
Name Abumi Anko the Panda
Kana N/A
Weapons *Multiple Forms Of Weaponry
Profession(s), Occupation(s) N/A
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age: 19
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: Brown/White
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Green
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: June 5

Abumi Anko is the cousin of Ming-Ming the Panda. She is known by enemies as "Beautiful Weapon", while her friends call her Ai-Ai. She is a weapons master, with a strange connection to Hammer Space, capable of making multiple weapons appear from out of nowhere (though they disappear after excessive use, being discarded, or being heavily damaged.) While not nearly as strong as Ming, her speed is far greater than Ming's.

Attire [Clothing]

Abumi has white fur, with brown hair. She has bangs that cover most of her face. Abumi has two buns, along with two braids that hang down from either bun. This is obviously not the case when she let's her hair down. She has green eyes as well. Primary Outfit:

  • Two Red Ribbon Bows
  • A Long sleeved/Loose/Greenish Grey Blouse with Red Trim.
  • Loose pants of the same color (w/o Trim)
  • Golden Laces that tie the hair buns up, as well as braid her flowing hair.
  • Geta sandals.
  • Fingerless Red Gloves.
  • Golden Earings, with three teardrop shaped pieces hanging from the bulb.
  • Pink Eye Shadow

Secondary Outfit:

  • Two Blue Ribbons
  • A light blue cheongsam with Scorpion designs. Darker Blue Trim.
  • Blue Laces that tie the hair buns up, as well as braid her flowing hair.
  • Blue fingerless gloves.
  • Golden Earings, with three teardrop shaped pieces hanging from the bulb.
  • Small Blue Lotus Shoes.
  • Pink Eye Shadow

Blooming Lotus Outfit

  • Vest Like Blouse. Lime Green with Pink trim and pink snaps.
  • Pink capris.
  • Lime Green Lotus Shoes.
  • Hair down.
  • Grey Bandages on both arms.
  • Golden Earings, with three teardrop shaped pieces hanging from the bulb.
  • Pink Eye Shadow
Affiliation(s) Good
Romantic Interest(s) (Pending)
  • Expert In Weaponry
  • Martial Artist
Likes Winning, Getting Stronger, Strong Opponents, Ancient Weapons, Reading
Dislikes Losing, Being Judged By Gender, Rice Patties, Arrogant People, Weak Opponents
  • Chu-Nan
Current Residence
  • Chu-Nan
Alternative Names
  • Abumi
  • Ai-Ai
Super Form(s)


English Voice Actor
  • (Pending)
Theme Song(s)
Theme of Bayonetta - Mysterious Destiny - Angel Attack

Theme of Bayonetta - Mysterious Destiny - Angel Attack

Abumi lives in a small town Tu Zi, the capital of the Chi Branch in Chu-Nan. She lives with her father, and once did with her mother who owned her own Rice Patty Farm. Abumi's mother had world famous Rice Patties, and had a booming business. She passed away however after giving birth to Keiko. Abumi's father is a martial arts teacher, known as Sensei Zhanshi Panda. Abumi was taught martial arts by her father, at the age of 6, and was fully capable of taking down grown adults, at the age of 7. Abumi became interested with weapons, when introduced to fire-arms by her uncle. Howvever they weren't really her style, she wasn't a really a long range fighter, and had an in your face type approach to combat. Abumi began buying many weapons, however she soon realized she had no place to store them.

One day Abumi, was throwing her dagger up in the air, when it disappeared. It had gone into hammer space. Abumi was highly interested, and soon began to study this unique hammer space. She soon learned how to use it fully, and even learned she had a connection with it. It allowed her to summon multiple things, but with a price that they would only be temporary.

Dragon Fist Tournament

Twenty Years Later

Hunt For Shun Arc

It is revealed Abumi has a twelve year old daughter in twenty-years later. She is married to (undecided), and they live in their father's old manor. Abumi is assigned to her final mission as a ninja, take down Shun and the rest of his group. Abumi is accompanied by Ming and Odin. The three eventually track them down to a jungle terrain. Abumi and Odin split up from Ming, after Shun uses his most powerful ability to knock down many of the trees within the forest so that they can't get to Ming. Abumi and Odin eventually face off against Yan the Ferret and Sakkaku the Panda. Odin takes on Yan, while Abumi faces Sakkaku. Their battles eventually cause them to separate, as Yan and Sakkaku planned. Abumi faces her own greatest fears in an attempt to get to Ming. Meanwhile Odin has destroyed Yan's arm, and has crippled his leg. In a last ditch effort, Yan unlocks his power, after he reveals Sakkaku used his Mind of Arahant to awaken Shun's brother in order for the re-awoken brother to use his Sakadagami Flame to awaken all of the eyes. Yan transforms, but the power proves too great and ends up killing him. Odin searches the forrest for Abumi. Meanwhile Ming is still facing off against Shun, as the two fight outside of the jungle. Shun uses his lightning to trigger a Sand Storm, and Ming is blind sided by multiple attacks. Ming manages to see Shun by using her Anagami Eye, and punches him in the ribs fracturing three of them, and sending him flying in the process. Back with Abumi, Sakkaku gains the upper hand as Abumi is uncapable of facing her own daughter (really an illusion) in combat. Odin arrives only to break the attack. Sakkaku traps them both, however they conquer their fears together. Abumi summons her Wrecking Ball, as it directly hits Sakkaku. He suffers from brain trauma, and Odin delivers the final blow killing the mighty foe with Thunder Snap. Abumi and Odin rush out of the desert, but are too late, as they find a dead Ming strewn out onto the ground. Shun has already left, and the rain picks up. A flower was left behind by Shun in respects for his cousin. Abumi is last seen in this arc attending Ming's funeral. Abumi seems to be one of the most effected. As she says her final goodbyes, Abumi summons forth her golden kunai and places it in the casket.


It is revealed that Abumi, becomes a Grand Council member, after retiring from her status as a ninja. Her first order of business is capturing Zurui the Panda for interrogation. The army fails at this however, as General Izumi fails to capture her father, after he blows himself up. Abumi takes time off after this, but returns after some time.

Niu's Revenge Arc

Abumi doesn't play a significant role in this arc. However she does attend her father's funeral after he kills both himself and Niu with his most powerful attack.

Clan Wars Arc

After the capital of the Ryu Branch is attacked, Abumi sends forces to the Wolf Clan. A number of battles wage, as more clans get involved. Abumi appears her in the Battle of Dragon Road where she leads her troops to victory. After this Abumi can be seen negotiating peace treaties with the other clans in a secluded underground unifed base for all clans. Abumi also takes part in the reconstruction of the entire Panda Clan.

Twenty-Five Years Later

Twilight's Reqiuem

Abumi and the rest of the Grand Council are still reconstructing much of the Panda Clan after it was all almost destroyed. When Mokuteki attacks the village Abumi attempts to stop him, but is taken out ratehr quickly by his clones.


Abumi is fully equipped with middle age, and samurai type weapons. She has swords, daggers, nunchucks, traps, and various other weapons. Abumi is as stated before, capable of using traps. This includes placing down paper-like bombs on the ground for some-one to step on, unleashing multiple Kunai.


A katana capable of drawing energy from the sun to increase it's overall strength. A small katana with great speed, but no as good accuracy. This weapon is in Hammer Space, where Abumi can access it.

Winged Hira-Shuriken

These Shuriken have a special seal of magic, that allow them to sense and follow heat sources, making them heat seeking shuriken. Abumi keeps them hidden within her pouch.


Simple stealth weapons, usually concealed in the sleeve. They are used for throwing and stabbing. Abumi has deadly accuracy with these. They are hidden within her other pouch.

Kagecho Glider

A weapon that is only accessible in the Hammer Space. It allows Abumi to glide over her opponents, whilst sticking her feet out to kick them. The glider is shaped like a butterfly.


Bo-shuriken is a throwing weapon consisting of a straight, iron or steel spike, usually four-sided but sometimes round or octagonal in shape. They are usually single-pointed, but there are some that are double-pointed. The bo-shuriken is thrown in a number of ways, such as overhead, underarm, sideways and rearwards, but in each case, the throw involved the blade sliding out of the hand through the fingers in a smooth, controlled flight. This is not to be confused with the kunai, which is a thrusting and stabbing implement that is sometimes thrown.


Simple masonry tools used for thrusting, stabbing, deflecting, and throwing weapons. As a weapon it is larger and heavier than a shuriken, and with the grip could also be used in hand to hand combat more readily than a shuriken.


Knife type weaponswith jagged edges, usually used as combat weapons against thick armor. These can be accessed through Hammer Space.


A dragon designed sword, that is larger than Abumi. It is surprisingly quick for its size, and is very powerful. This sword is meant to take down, those with superstrength.

Blade Staff

A long staff with a blade on the edge that is capable of poking enemies from a long distance. IT is used to face multiple enemies. It has a devastating speed, able to move about 30 times in one thrust. It is kept in Hammer Space.

3 Piece Bo-Staff

A rod that is used for combat. It is as fast as the Blade Staff, and is capable of flight by a spinning motion. It can break into three pieces, as well as reform. It can be thrown in a cartwheel like fashion. It is also accessible in Hammer Space.

Eden's Whip

A large whip equipped with multiple thorns along it. Abumi uses it to rangle in an opponent, so she can perform combo attacks. The whip is quite large, but is very fast. Using the wip on the ground can propel Abumi into the air.

Nunchaku Anko

Abumi's nunchuks. They are extremely fast, and when used in the hands of Abumi very deadly.

Dragon Ripper

A sharp-edged boomerang capable of ripping through the toughest of skin. The boomerang has a moderate speed, but when it does hit the opponent, it can do high amounts of damage.

Khanda of Shiva

The Khanda is a double-edged straight blade sword. The blade is usually broad and quite heavy, and broadens from the hilt to the tip. The blade transforms into tip rather abruptly somewhat resembling the tips of ancient Roman swords. The hilt has a small metal spike coming out in the opposite direction which is typical of Khanda. Many other straight swords around the world are primarily used for thrusting and stabbing with the tip, whereas the Khanda is mainly used to hack or cleave with the edge of the blade. This is used as a means to take down enemies with armor, or destroy a baracade.

Mo Shu Rapier

A custom Chun-Nan designed rapier equipped with magic. This allows the sword to thrust forward along with the user at the opponent. Basically the sword supplies a support system for when the user is injured in combat.


The talwar was used by both cavalry and infantry. The grip of the talwar is cramped and the prominent disc of the pommel presses into the wrist if attempts are made to use it to cut like a conventional sabre. These features of the talwar hilt result in the hand having a very secure and rather inflexible hold on the weapon, enforcing the use of variations on the very effective "draw cut." The fact that the talwar does not have the kind of radical curve which the Persian Shamshir indicates that it could be used for thrusting as well as cutting purposes. Unlike some contemporary similar eastern blades i.e. Afgan pulwar, scimitar and Turkish kilij which have a very radical curve at the lower half of the blade; which make them very good slashing weapon but limit their use as a thrusting or cutting blades; the talwar sword can be used effectively for all the three purposes either by mounted warrior or by foot soldier . The blade of some examples of the talwar widens towards the tip, due to which it becomes very savage cutting blade, because when a blow is struck it transfers tremendous amount of force towards the fore end due to which it can cleave a person in half if used by a skilled warrior.

Sabre Sabers

When these weapons appear, Abumi shows her opponent she plans on cutting them down. These weapons are curved weapons from the 19th Century, however they have devices on the ends that allow the blades to fasten onto Abumi's wrists. When this happens, Abumi uses the strength from arm swipes to attack her opponents. As the blades go up her arm, when Abumi uses this she usually does in an uppercut like motion. She can use this to slash opponents into the air, and perform amazing combo attacks.


The tonfa can be gripped by the short perpendicular handle or by the longer main shaft. In defense, if the handle is grasped then the shaft protects the forearm and hand while the knob protects the thumb. If both ends of the shaft are held, the shaft can be used to ward off blows and the handle can be used as a hook to catch the opponent's weapons.

In offense, one can swing the shaft to strike the target. Large amounts of momentum can be imparted to the shaft by twirling the tonfa by the handle. The tonfa can also be wielded in such a way as to use the knob as a striking implement, held either by the handle or by the shaft. One can also stab opponents with the shaft of the tonfa. By holding the shaft and the handle of the tonfa together, one can use it for holding or breaking techniques.

Tonfa are traditionally wielded in pairs, one in each hand. This is unlike police nightsticks, which are generally used alone. As the tonfa can be held in many different ways, education in the use of the tonfa often involves learning how to switch between different grips at high speed. Such techniques require great manual dexterity. As with all Okinawan weapons, many of the forms are reflective of empty hand techniques.


Attacking with the weapon usually entailed swinging the weighted chain in a large circle over one's head, and then whipping it forward to entangle an opponent's spear, sword, or other weapon, or immobilizing his arms or legs. This allows the kusarigama user to easily rush forward and strike with the sickle. A kusarigama wielder might also strike with the spinning weighted end of the chain directly, causing serious or deadly injury to his opponent while still outside the range of the opponent's sword or spear. Kusarigama have also been employed as anti-siege weapons, with the chain allowing the weapon to be retrieved after it was thrown downwards at an attacking force. Abumi uses the sickle as well, though in real life it would bounce off the opponent with limited damage, in fiction it can hook in or even claw opponents. In order to make sure it doesn't bounce off the sickles part has small spikes that dig into whatever it hits.


The Manrikigusari (万力鎖) or Kusarifundo is a traditional Japanese chain weapon with two steel-weights on the ends designed to strike, ensnare or trap an opponent. One tactic was to bunch the chain in a fist and fling one weighted end into the face, groin or solar plexus of an opponent, quickly and discreetly disabling or even killing them. Typical Manrikigusaris are approximately three feet long. These weapons are one of the traditional weapons of Ninjutsu. The manriki gusari could also be thrown before drawing another weapon, thus possibly confusing, or surprising your enemy. Many forms taught to hit directly with only one swing, so that your opponent would not expect the blow.

Additional applications include the composite use of a stabbing weapon ("spike and chain") in conjunction with the chain weapon. In this usage, the chain component is typically of longer length (circa 6–10 feet) weighted at both ends, either of which can be used individually or both of which may be applied simultaneously, when the user applies a center grip on the chain. When applied in conjunction with the spike (or knife, e.g., "tonfa") there is often applied a complex, circular, swinging/ensaring approach to the application of the weighted chain coupled with capturing and drawing the opponent into stabbing range. This composite use of "spike and chain" relies on the speed and reach (longer chain) to keep the opponent out of close range contact until either a controlling capture with the chain is accomplished or the opponent is disabled and, in either case, the spike (or knife) can then be applied to deliver a killing stroke. This application offers the advantage of highly concealable weapons of very different capacities that can be used against opponents at short and medium ranges. Its light weight allows ease of usage.

Golden Kunai

Made of solid gold with a special seal engraved on it, the special Kunai was given to Abumi by Saizo after her excellent battle against Jaeger (in which she had won). Sazio's Description:

"This is one of my kunai; it's special in which it is linked to your inner energy. If you will it, you can transport your body to the location of the kunai, and vice versa. Anyway, have fun with the rest of the tournament."

Abumi now keeps the kunai with her to use in battle as a special dedication.

Roketto Shuriken

Abumi begins to use her shuriken launching rocket in the Search for Chi-no-Chiheisen Arc. The "rocket launcher" crafted from steel and wood the gun's shooting style and range varies depending on its user's energy levels. It can rapidly shoot out shuriken some even equipped with poison. This proves somewhat effective against her battle with Yan, though she is still nearly killed.


Abumi is an expert marskman with projectiles, and as fore-mentioned a weapons technician. She is capable of using multiple weapons. Thanks to the fact that she has a unique access to hammer space that allows her to summon her weapons from there. She is very strategetic and is quick on her feet. Abumi is not capable of using her Anagami Eye. Abumi is also a skilled martial artist specializing in Kung-Fu and weapon use.

20 Years Later

Abumi gains new abilities in the 20 Years Later Arc. She has mastered the use of the Golden Kunai, and can link it to her weapons for surprise attacks. Abumi still has not gained the Anagami Eye, but her skill and stealth has highly increased. She also has new weapons added to her arsenal including an elemental sword, a flail, two bardiches, an apa sword, a bow and arrow, an axe, a mace, a scabbard, and a dagger. Her ultimate finisher in the Twenty Years Later arc is a large wrecking ball that is connected to Hammer Space by a hook, as Abumi can jump on and shift her weight and change the momentum at will. It can only be used once per battle as it expends a majority of her energy.

Theme Song

Abumi's theme song is an OST from Bayonetta called Mysterious Destiny. The theme fits Abumi's style, and therefore serves as her main battle theme.

Abumi Anko, you're a mystery. (Who)

You came along with a destiny. (are you?)

This is your life, a battlefield, telling you who you are. (A mystery)

Abumi Anko, this is your time (Hold tight.)

You're gonna sparkle, you're gonna shine. (Moon light.)

Girl, when you fight it looks like a dance, you are magic, you're magic.

(You're dancing beautifully.)

Come on, come on, come on, there's only one way, your way.

Come on, come on, come on, you know there's only one way, your way.

Dance. Fight. Spin around, spin around.

Dance. Fight. Fly higher, fly higher, fly higher.

Abumi Anko, you bury your loneliness deep down in your eyes

(Beautiful. Beautiful. So Powerful. So Lonely.)

Sadness lies in your smile. (Lonely heart.)

But victory shines in your eyes. (You will find it)

You're still alive!

(Deep down in your heart. Deep down inside. Victory.)

Abumi currently has 5 minor theme songs that apply to different situations:


Before Battle

"Don't underestimate me."

"Underestimating me would be an unwise decision."

"Let us Begin"

"It would appear you are my opponent"

"So you wanna play, huh? You'll regret it."

"Let us spar."

"Don't hold anything back, or you'll regret it."

"Get ready!"
"This should be easy"

"You ready"

"Brace yourself."

Battle Win

"I told you not to underestimate me"

"Did you let me win?"

" need training."
"You were a most honorable opponent."

"I value your competition.'"

"You should train more."

"I am sorry, but what was that?"

Battle Loss

"It seems I have lost"

"You were most honorable"

"I must train harder."

"A most unpredictable outcome"

"I must be honest, I didn't expect that."


"A warrior must uphold all duties."

"Being brave means facing what you are most afraid of."

"I shall not fold, I will not surrender."

"As a warrior I shall not run in the face of danger, but embrace it absolutely!"

When getting S rank

See,you can't mess with me without getting embarrassed!

When getting A rank

I didn't know i was so good at this...

When getting D rank

That could've gone better...

When getting C rank

Oh holy Jesus,have mercy on me!

When getting F rank

Well,back to ashes...


As stated above, Abumi is a weapons technician, capable of usin multiple weapons. She can also access hammer space. She has amazing agility, with great reflexes. While she if the fastest character, she is still very agile. Abumi is capable of using special abilities. These include:

  • Rising Dragon Kick- Basic kicking attack that can be directed in the air, sideways, etc. It is done in a one foot back, other foot forward type fashion.
  • Lotus Palm-A highly effective strike, that leaves the opponent open for a second attack, after being hit.
  • Dragon Spit-Abumi unleashes almost all of her weapons as she kicks the weapons attack with her stricking the opponent.
  • Weapon Barrage-Multiple weapons appear and fly at the opponent.
  • Whirl Deflection-Abumi uses her staff in a spinning motion to deflect any incoming weapons.
  • Spinning Dragon- Abumi uses her pole in a spinning motion, that allows for temporary flight.
  • Earthworm Barrage- When a piece of ground is broken, Abumi can throw her golden kunai in it to transport and burrow through the hole. She then summons multiple weapons and shoots them up underground at her opponent.
  • Forced Entry- A Fatal Blow move. Abumi throws her golden kunai at an opponent then summoning her sabre sabers. She transports just as the kunai reaches the person, and if not dodged, she slices through them. This move is very complicated and would reqiure excellent precision, accuaracy, and a stunned opponent.
  • (More to be added)


Abumi tries very hard to accomplish all of her goals. She is a capable person. She is a strong young woman, and is very independent. She hates being judged based on gender as well. She values martial arts and weaponry. She is capable of identifying many and most weapons. She has a special place in her heart for medival weapons, and there are a few weapons she still wants including: a mace, flail, axe, scabbard, an Apa sword, a bow and arrow, all of which she desperately looks for. Abumi is a very patient person, who can tend to get angry if she feels she's been insulted. However, in battle she keeps a calm demeanor in order to maintain her composure for victory. She is a strategist who takes pleasure in thinking ahead of her opponent. Abumi doesn't look or long for love, and focuses on becoming stronger. She looks up to strong warriors, and strives to prove herself. She actually likes losing on occasion so she can see what she must improve. She has a never say die attitude, and the type of person that will fight until they physically cannot. Abumi enjoys having peace of mind, and is often seen meditating, when she isn't training. She also helps as a substitute at her father's dojo. Abumi has a high sense of honor and responsibility. She completes her chores early, shows respect for her father and elders at all times, and is a good role model for many of the younger girls in Chun-Nan. She believs in tranquility and balance. She also believes that a person must come to terms with what they are and balance out everything in order to be a true warrior. She belives that it's okay to be afraid, but at the same time you must be brave, saying that "Brave is not being unafraid, but facing that of which you are afraid." She believs in certain essentials and elements that come with beign a warrior or ninja. You must be calm, fierce, brave, swift lke grass, tactical and a fast thinker, and many other components. Abumi hopes to inherit her own dojo one day. Abumi also believes hihgly in her elders. She constantly visits her families shrine located in the garden, which serves as a backyard of their home. Abumi isn't very sensitive and isn't easily phased by words. Harsh words in fact allow her to push harder than she did before. Abumi strives for perfection with all of her attacks, and practices one kick hundreds or sometimes even thousands of times until it is to her liking. She has high standards, and believs everyone should set standards for themselves as it creates stability. Abumi enjoys adventuring, and loves to tackle many challenges.


Ming-Ming the Panda

Abumi often sees her cousin as a competitor, and will often challenge her to battles. Abumi tends to brag about her speed to Ming, while Ming brags of her power to Abumi. The two are friends, but have an intense rivalry. All of their battles have ended in a draw, so their battles can usually get pretty chaotic. Abumi dislikes Ming's apathetic nature, and often views her as very lazy. Abumi tries to get Ming to do chores to teach her discipline, but this just causes them to clash.

Jaeger the Jaguar

Abumi first met and fought, Jaeger at the Trials of Conquest. After a long fought battle, Abumi managed to defeat him. Ever since then however she has considered him a great competitor, and a very close friend. It is even possible that she has developed romantic feelings for him, though if she did she wouldn't admit it.

Kasumi the Panda

Abumi tends to clash with her older brother. Kasumi tends to think of her as annoying. He always felt that Abumi tried to upstage him. Abumi has never beaten Kasumi in the three fights they have had. Usually because Kasumi has trapped her in water. However the two do love each other, despite the sibling rivalry. The two will always have the others back in the worst of situations.

Keiko the Panda

Abumi is very close to her younger sister, and the two share good relationship. Keiko will often give Abumi medicinal herbs for her many adventures. Abumi in fact is the only member of the family to know about Keiko's spiritual abilities. The two don't get to spend much time together however, but the time they spend apart makes their relationship that much stronger, when Abumi returns home.

Katsu Tatsu

Abumi helps to train Katsu, for joining the Heng Warriors. She teaches him of course how to use weaponry. Abumi is amazed at Katsu's speed which is much faster than her own. Abumi also knows that Katsu likes her younger sister, and finds it to be very funny.


  • Abumi is based on the Naruto series character "Tenten".
  • Abumi's Sabre Sabers are a reference to another Naruto series character, "Asuma Sarutobi".
  • It is possible that Abumi has travelled to many places. This is evident by her massive amount of weaponry, and the fact that she wears some Japanese styled clothing (i.e. Geta Sandals.)
  • A funny running gag with Abumi, is that most males fail to notice her beauty because of her fierce competitive attitude. However when Abumi let's her hair down, and actual shows her beauty men gawk at her. An isntance of this is when an unnamed male character (Soon to be created) sees Abumi about to get undressed by the Hot Springs. However when anyone sees her like this she goes into a blind fit of rage, and attacks them.
  • A lot of Abumi's attacks are based on her father's attacks.
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