Absorb is an unusual Nature technique, described as the baseline for two different technique families.


The user focuses on the target, creating tendrils of energy between the two of them. As they do so, the tendrils drain the user's target of whatever energy specified, granting half of that energy back onto the user. Even so, it is incredibly underpowered, and can cause the user to be injured by absorbing poisons into their system.

The reason why it is described as the first technique on two different lines is simple - unlike it's more powerful versions, Absorb can be used targeting either the target's life energy or any non-elemental energies that the opponent has. By doing so, advanced users of this technique can drain and temporarily use the target's non-elemental and non-genetic abilities, no matter if they are ranged or physical. However, fighting styles, weapons, etc. are not transferred.



  • Chaos Drain - Chaos-based variant, nearly purely energy absorption.

Derived Techniques

Technique Rank

Due to its limited combat power, the technique possesses a D-rank, although most argue that it should have a C-rank, due to its uses.

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