Awkward is a pretty tall guy at six feet. He has brown fur with some blonde hair on his head. People have actually pointed out that his eye color is odd, seemingly changing from a green to blue shade if he is wearing a green or blue shirt, respectively. His attire consists of a fleece polo jacket over a random T-shirt, blue fading jeans (he needs to get some new jeans), and size fourteen brown shoes.


Most of the time, S keeps his silence, preferring not to talk unless addressed. Once he starts talking, though, he won't shut up. His time spent talking is relative to the number of stupid things he says. Being nervous around people, he apologizes more than a Canadian Rambo due to all the stupid things he says and the number of times he bumped into someone in the school hallway. If he insults someone it was either a joke, sarcasm, or he never really meant it in the first place.

Despite his humorous nature, he has a serious side to him. If he finds someone in need, he does his best to help them, even if they don't really want it. If he sees someone moping, he will feel incredibly guilty if he just left the distraught individual there. When he speaks about serious things, his love for apologies is left at the door. If it is a debate, he will not relent until he knows for sure he will look like a moron if he keeps talking.


Born and raised in a mobian suburb, he lived life with two families because of a separation between his parents. He then kept to himself, playing videogames and reading books. Both his parents remarried after several years, but he still felt torn between his families. This gave him yet another reason to hide in his room. After some time in middle school, the worst three years of his life, he became more and more hateful of the world he walked upon, wishing he can make his own world and fly away.

One day though, he had a small thought pop into his head. This thought became an idea. This idea was a new world, his world, handcrafted by him. That was when he discovered his power to project images of his thoughts into the real world, literally turning thoughts into reality. He constructed blueprints for worlds, personalities for probably over one hundred people, and gave them all a purpose. He knew then that his dream was to give the world his imagination, to let them all see what the mind is capable of creating. He still makes blueprints to this day, becoming inspired by books, and games, hoping one day to make the creation that will change the world overnight.


Awkward can create holographic images of his own thoughts, much like a profactor screen on a 3D scale. This power keeps Awkward loving life, a divine gift of creativity that he cannot thank the Creator enough for.


Awkward has few skills. He is learning to play guitar and his videogame hand eye coordination is incredible. Other than that, he can use simple computer tools for school work.

Special Abilities

Awkward has one great ability, to clear a fridge, freezer, or pantry of any edible items that hide within. His metabolism allows him to eat like a happy king with next to no repercussions. Awkward loves how many types of potato dishes he can eat in one sitting.


His power to project thoughts can sometimes stop working for a while. This happens during times of lacking inspiration or thinking. He is also prone to distractions, having to touch every little trinket that he can fumble with. His awkwardness is another fault. His being insure of himself has led to a paranoia that hinders his ability to properly move and think.


  • This is AwkwardDingo's fursona, which he was urged to make by his peers in the chat.
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