Abdul the Hedgehog is a young anarchist recruited by the fairly secretive Jacob's Legion as a potential soldier and battle mage, and one who is fully willing to invest his time and energy into the faction's cause.


A stocky hedgehog that stands a fair bit over three feet tall, Abdul has a short muzzle with an oblong nose, medium-sized, triangular ears, and a fairly short, slender tail. His quills are rather short and mostly stick upwards, with two on either side of his head pointing downwards instead.

His fur is primarily ochre in color, with a peach-yellow muzzle, chest, and stomach. His hair, which is styled into a buzzcut, is old mauve in color, and his eyes are pink lavender in color.

In the same sort of theoretical "uniform" worn by all members of his faction, Abdul tends towards dark clothes with a pair of black jeans and a black leather jacket worn over his bare chest as his preference. While he opts away from the hooded jackets and robes many others wear; he still does what he can to disguise his face and features with a simple domino mask.



Abdul has always had a talent for the manipulation of Earth; often with a very strategic goal in mind. As a young teenager, he was observed strategically demolishing buildings by manipulating the concrete within the foundations. While his choices were typically made targeting the United Federation - one of the reasons why he was contacted and recruited by his shadowy benefactors - Abdul has also used his control over Earth to tunnel into banks, mines and other storehouses of wealth. Indeed, his command over the earth is his strong suit, and one of the key criteria that led the former Dark Legionnaire Jacob to recruit him.

In direct contrast to Abdul's elemental mastery, he lacks much in the way of physical coordination when not tunneling. He lacks any really defined martial arts or close-quarters combat training, instead simply ramming his opponents with his stocky frame if forced to fight above-ground rather than in his preferred subterranean environments.








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