The Abbadon Rebels was a rebellion located in Abbadon, the final coalition of prisoners and resistance groups that brought down the Dark Legion-sponsored government that had oppressed their people. On the fall of the former government, the rebels reformed into the Republic of Abbadon.



The resistance movement began in the early days of the new government. Deposed government leaders went underground, and began forming their own groups. Each of those took on a more fancy name. However, one group simply called themselves the "Rebels". These were the prisoners, those imprisoned for minor events or for opposing the government at all. Outsiders too, anyone and everyone was imprisoned if they publicly brought shame on the new government, a legion of cyborgs backed by the Dark Legion, while masquerading as a normal country for the United Federation. Most prisoners didn't even know of the Dark Legion's hand on their lives, instead assuming that the new government was a fascist regime, and simply accepted their fate, although they plotted for their eventual release.

Guerrilla Warfare

After a few months, the older groups had begun to acquire weaponry and military technology on the black market, and began to train themselves to fight. Soldiers who were deposed became commandos, and the guerrilla war started. Soldiers would attack the cyborgs, then vanish. However, these little raids amounted to little cost for the government, even when the groups began coordinating. As time progressed, the raids remained a constant, but the hope of a free Abbadon slowly began to fade.


Time wouldn't stop forever, though. A young lynx, known as Joseph Mista, was thrown in prison after sleeping with the chief of police's wife. A foreigner, he had no knowledge of the Dark Legion's presence, and rapidly grew depressed by the lack of alcohol and women he could access. Nine months after his arrival, another newcomer mentioned cyborgs arresting him, and Joseph clicked. He persuaded one of the other prisoners to steal two bottles of methylated spirits from the cleaning supplies. These bottles he drank, leaving only a capful from the second as a shot. Finally, he unleashed a power that the inhibitor collars on all the prisoners couldn't block - an alcohol-based power that turned his spit into a minor acid, capable of eating through locks and the collars themselves. The prison entered a riot, and with Joseph starting to free the women and the others stealing weaponry, the resistance groups outside the prison walls began to prepare for their own assault, hearing that the largest reinforcement was ready.

As one, the prisoners broke out, and the other revolutionaries were waiting for them. With weapons distributed amongst the forces, they began to march on the capital, engaging all the troops that came towards them, with most revealed to be Dark Legionnaires. The United Federation, alarmed, sent G.U.N. troops to investigate the conflict, and on their arrival, the soldiers were able to arrest and imprison the illegitimate government, as the resistance began to form into a republic.

Joseph, the trigger of the prison rebellion, showed up from time to time over six years, spending his time instead in a shack in the middle of nowhere, with his children, plus a number of women who didn't mind sharing him, where he taught his children how to use the alcohol-based powers that saved the country. At the same time, the Abbadon Rebels became both a democratic republic, and reformed into a true military.


The 'government' of the Rebels was quite simple - a coalition of commanders, following a democratic system. As such, the plans with the most votes went ahead, as simple as that. The rebels were dedicated to returning Abbadon to a democratic republic, a task they succeeded in.


The old Abbadon military fractured when the Dark Legion-sponsored government took over, with soldiers rapidly dispersing to join any one of the many resistance groups that popped up. Most soldiers escaped without their weapons, although many managed to steal military vehicles that were later used. In the majority of cases, however, the vehicles were retired post-revolution as the country reformed into the Republic of Abbadon


Abbadon Military Resistance
Black Star Rebels
  • Black Star - The elite soldiers from the Black Star Rebels took on the name of their coalition, although they returned to their traditional ranks after the war. Armed with Tasfira Arms Cobra Laser Chainguns and trained in medicine, the Black Stars were an important part of the guerrilla forces.
  • Core Gunner - A less-experienced soldier from the Black Star Rebels. Armed with a Hammerforge Industries O-73 Light Machine Gun for anti-infantry purposes, the Core Gunners remained a military force post-war.
Free Abbadon Fighters
  • People's Spirit - a Free Abbadon Forces soldier, the People's Spirit was unarmed and made up of former politicians, who used propaganda and manipulated information to keep people's spirits up.
Sea Master Freedom Fighters
  • Frogmen - A rebellion-only team from the Sea Master Freedom Fighters, the Frogmen were unarmed scouts trained to capture enemy buildings and technology.
Unseen Rebellion
  • Illusion - A common soldier rank from the Unseen Rebellion, the Illusion were spies and assassins trained to serve as pathfinders. Provided with hologram generators, which would activate when the Illusion stood still, these units also remained active post-war.


Aside for a few captured examples of military vehicles from before the takeover, the majority of the resistances unique vehicles were improvised and were destroyed or scrapped in the process of the war.

Land Vehicles
  • Civilian trucks of multiple makes and eras were used as rudimentary troop transports, more useful than APCs despite the lack of armor or weapons, due to the camouflage of being a civilian vehicle.
  • An unnamed robotic vehicle made a few appearances in the resistance. A repurposed EggRobo brain powered the unit, which was designed to be a moving piece of cover, using it's mirror plating to deflect laser blasts while at the same time providing ammunition to infantry. However, it was also fitted with a pair of forward-firing Gatling cannons salvaged from an Egg Hawk. However, after the resistance finished it's operations, the vehicle was scrapped.
  • Another unnamed vehicle, this one using a construction bulldozer as a basis, was used as an armored supply transport before it was destroyed in an enemy bombardment.
Air Vehicles
  • An unnamed helicopter, armed with a magnetic beam, was another vehicle seen in the resistance forces. However, this unidentified unit was destroyed after it was able to magnetically move Dark Legionnaires and their support units.
  • An unnamed flying pod was another air vehicle destroyed in the early phases of the war. Considering it was armed with a massive anti-armor cannon, the jury-rigged air pod was a sitting duck against the aircraft that destroyed it.

Notable Members

  • Joseph Mista - a member of the Prisoner's Resistance, and the man who freed the prisoners to bring about the final defeat of the Dark Legion-supported government.

Component Groups

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