"My name Aaron. I am warrior of Megastone Rogues"
—Aaron introducing himself

Aaron the Aggron is a character set to appear in the upcoming Secrets of the Mega Force series, as the one to introduce the series in the Prologue of each story. An interesting thing to note about him is that he originally could not speak English(similar to Fox's Dragonite), but gained the ability to speak English, albeit very brokenly. He currently speaks with a thick, stereotypical Russian accent as a remnant of his former inability to speak English. Aaron also wears an Aggronite that he doesn't use very much.


Aaron greatly resembles a huge monster-like being with iron plates over his body, a long nose horn, and two extra horns above his eyes. His eyes have small black pupils and sky blue sclera. His body is mostly darkish-gray with his iron plates being whitish-silver. He has three claws on each hand and each foot.


Similar to Tai, Aaron is essentially a gentle giant. He has a heart as big as he is himself, finding a great enjoyment in playing with young ones despite his truly massive size. When it comes to defending his Teammates, Aaron takes his job very seriously, willing to throw his life on the line for others.


Aaron's past is unknown, as is when he joined the Megastone Rogues.

Secrets of the Mega Force: Aaron will appear in the Prologue of each story, introducing Boulder the Rockruff, Flame the Litten, and Cody the Wolfdog pup(and subsequently the reader) to each Mega Force member.


Though unmentioned, Aaron's moveset consists of Head Smash, Iron Tail, Superpower, and Stone Edge.


"My Ability Rock Head. Sure, it not as useful as Sturdy, but still very useful. Prevents recoil. Useful for me, because I know Head Smash."
—Aaron explaining his Ability.
In his base form, Aaron's Ability is Rock Head, which prevents him from taking damage from recoil moves like Head Smash or Double-Edge. When he Mega Evolves, his Ability is Filter, which weakens Super Effective moves. Additionally, when Aaron Mega Evolves, he loses his Rock-Type completely.


Being an Aggron, Aaron possesses incredible superhuman strength. He's figured out how to swing himself around fast enough(ironic given how big and bulky he is) to swing his tail around for various attacks, Iron Tail or not. Aaron's natural size also gives him incredibly high defense and overall bulk, meaning not only does he hit hard, but he can take a hit just as easily.


"Hah! Shuca Berry. Weakens super-effective Ground-Type moves."
—Aaron about a Super-Effective Ground-Type move

As Aggron: Aaron is 4x weak to Fighting and Ground, and is weak to Water; He resists Normal, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon, and Fairy-Types; He is immune to Poison-Types altogether.

As Mega Aggron: Aaron is weak to Fire, Fighting, and Ground; He resists Normal, Grass, Ice, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon, Steel, and Fairy; He is Immune to Poison-Types altogether.


Aaron is the third Pokemon character to appear with an accent; the first is Andrew MacDowell, a Wartortle with a Scottish accent, the second is Longsun, a Heliolisk with an Australian accent.

  • He is also the third character overall to appear with an accent overall
    • The first is Andrew; the second Longsun; the fourth is Audrey, an anthroporphic Australian Cattle Dog with a southern US accent(who was only mentioned by Dakota); and the fifth is Audrey's mate Chaise the Wolf, who also has a southern US accent(who was only mentioned by Dakota).

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