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Aaron Tesara is usually a laid back, expirienced guy. He has strong ties to his friends and family, and will not tolerate any form of lying or betrayal. However, on the battlefield, his attitude shifts from a laid back nice guy, to a merciless, no-nonsense fighter. Aaron rarely kills, but he will show no mercy if he believes you deserve it.


Tesara is a current resident of the Grand Metropolis, and leader of a vigilante group known as the Grand Metro Ryders. He and his allies are usually known for taking measures to stop an enemy that the local security forces wouldn't, and while they are mostly successful, they aren't that popular with the police. Tesara himself was born and raised in the Metro. Little is known about his upbringing, and he isn't one who will tell you his life story. All he will let anyone know is that he was betrayed by a former Ryder member, leaving most of his crew either dead or permanently scarred in the process.


Aaron Tesara is an electrokinetic, who's powers are primarily accessed through an alternate form that shifts his green eyes and facial markings to a light blue. His fighting style usually revolves around finding more and more ways to hurt people, while offering little in the way of defence. He has only created a few techniques involving his electrical abilities, known as the Thunder Shot, Thunder Gun, and No Mercy Thunder Gun.

Off of the battlefield, he often uses his powers to drain electricity or control basic machinery.

Special Abilities

Tesara is agile, a trait he uses often in stringing several combo attacks or counter attacks together.


Aaron Tesara is an incredibly skilled martial artist, able to string together multiple strikes into devastating combos. He usually uses kicks and knee strikes, with a bit of variation involving his fists and elbows. However, when his bare hands are not enough in a fight, he is capable of using various blades and firearms, with varying proficiency. The larger the weapon, the less skilled he is. He currently wields a short energy blade that extends from a small handle held in his right hand.

Outside of the battlefield, Aaron is a skilled vehicular mechanic and driver, often seen competing in street races.


Aaron's primary weakness comes from his own powers. While he is capable of draining and expelling energy, draining too much takes a significant toll on his body which will eventually lead to his own abilities disrupting his natural pacemaker, leading to heart failure. Discharging too much energy leaves him fatigued and forces him out of the electric form. Not to mention that his fighting style offers almost no defence.


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