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{{Quote|run R Run .|}}
|Align = right
|Character Name =
|Character Image =
|Image Caption = Nikita run!
|Age =
|Gender = FeMale
|Species =
|Alignment =
* Good
|Full Name =
|Relationship Status =
|Color =
*~Light brown
~Light brown
|Height =
*~3'0" (91.44)
|Weight =
* 68lbs
|Likes =
Her family
|Dislikes =
*~Her daughter going insane
|Friends =
|Foes =
|Romantic Interests= kenichi
|Nicknames =
*Aaliyah ((Preferred Name))
|Description =
|Birthplace = [[Mobius]]
|Current Residence = [[Mobius]]
|Relatives =[[Nikki The Husky|Anjelique Nikita Bellarosa <br>Maximillion Bellarosa (husband)<br>
Anjelique Nikita Bellarosa (daughter) <br>
Aayniah Bellarosa ( sister)<br>
Christina Bellarosa (brother) <br>
Adam Bellarosa (Brother) <br>
Desire Bellarosa (niece) <br>
Blui ( Mother) <br>
Paul Rosabel (father)
|Affiliations =
|Occupation = ninja
|Skills = martial arts
|Abilities = Martial Arts
|Powers =
|Weaponry =
|Header Color = pink|Image Size = 250px}}
Aaliyah is the future counterpart of Archie Aaliyah she is the mother of [[Nikki The Husky (Dark Mobius)|Azumi]] (Other half) and [[Nikita kuroki (Dark Mobius)|Nikita]] and the wife of Kenichi.
(TBA )
Ameika is very much like [[Miyuki|Her Mother]]
#REDIRECT [[Satchiko Kuroki (Dark Mobius)]]
[[Category:Archie Sonic]]
[[Category:Archie Sonic]]

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