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Aaliyah is the mother of Anjelique Miyazaki ,the wife of Maximillion and the present Archie counterpart of Satchiko.




Aaliyah is the youngest out of the Copeland Triplets, She is also the town favorite.. Aaliyah doesn't like fighting. She is also hopelessly in love with Tails. She would do anything for him. While her older sister and Brother go off and fight off evil, Aaliyah stays home and takes care of the children. If she goes along she does some spying for Sonic and the others(But she doesn't fight) She gets along with everyone so it not so hard for her.

After a few years later she grew up become a young beautiful young woman where she meets max with a man who has a huge crush on her which keep telling her that he was her boyfriend which caused her to have anger issues up hitting him physical and mental but at the end she did have feelings for him and eventually they got married and had a beautiful baby girl name Anjelique Miyazaki

after Nikki was born she was the first royal princess to the family however she noticed that Max arch enemy cell came back for revenge for betraying his trust they noticed that NiKki have royal blood which was consider she is fully vampire but consider her blood was not through the process of fully which consider her half for her daughter safety her family consider to stay in Sonics timeline so he doesn't find their location as Nikki begins to grow up her mother and father decided to not to tell Her about her race which the both of decided to keep it a secret.

the separation

after she and Max got a transport messages saying they are forced to go back into the timeline which leaving the young girl behind as they share their final moments together they told the next door neighbor rose to keep Nikki under her custody for a while Nikki becomes very curious asking her mother and father why are they leaving such in a hurry Aaliyah told her that they'll be gone for a very long time until they return which unfortunately they decided not to tell their daughter about her race and her history and her birth which however max told dr eggman destroy and erased her memories from her birthplace And existence from ever finding out the truth which they say their final goodbyes to their daughter.

however which costs there daughter to become physical angry at them and accusing them for abandon her ( which they didn't) after a few years later not having them in her life it shows that she chose the wrong path doing in life which join forces and team up with scourge the Hedgehog Sonic's evil counterpart. wishing that she could be there for her daughter instead of going back into their timeline.