This page features the story of Shadow the Hedgehog in the platformer game Sonic Adventure 3: GX in full detail. Shadow, Rouge, E-123 Omega and John Washington, a G.U.N. Soldier are playable in Shadow's storyline. Shadow's story is named A Wolf in the Shadows.

Shadow's story begins when he is appointed by Commander Hugo Brass on a mission to find the G.U.N. Soldiers gone missing while battling against Eggman's forces in E.G.G. Metropolis along with his closest ally E-123 Omega. However, as he searches in depth for their mysterious disappearence and after battling the newly created Shadow Androids, Team Dark ends up confronting a devious mastermind who is closely connected with Shadow's past.

Stages in Shadow's Storyline

Shadow is playable in 20 stages overall in his story mode. Rouge has 12 levels, Omega has 11 and the G.U.N. Soldier has 4 levels. There are 11 Boss battles.

  1. Great Guns (Shadow)
  2. G.U.N. Stronghold (Shadow, G.U.N. Soldier), Boss: Egg Viceroy (Shadow)
  3. Old Megalopolis (Shadow)
  4. Sky Squadron (Shadow, Omega), Boss: Egg Chamberlain (Shadow, Omega)
  5. Chaotic Casino (Shadow)
  6. Blue Bay (Shadow, Rouge)
  7. Old Megalopolis (G.U.N. Soldier)
  8. Memory Complex (Shadow, Rouge)
  9. Rail Mountain (Shadow, Rouge, Omega), Boss: The Magician (Shadow)
  10. Mad Terminal (Shadow, Rouge, Omega), Boss: Beast of Xenin (Shadow)
  11. Tropical Sanctuary (Shadow, Rouge, Omega), Boss: E-102 Gamma (Omega)
  12. Nocturnal Haunt (Shadow, Rouge, Omega), Boss: Dark Legion Squad 4# (Shadow, Rouge, Omega)
  13. Dumm Jummai (Shadow, Rouge, Omega), Boss: Fang the Sniper (Omega)
  14. Scrap Fortress (Shadow, Rouge, Omega)
  15. Plague Garden (Shadow, Rouge, Omega)
  16. Chthonian Ruins (Shadow), Boss: King Ophis (Shadow)
  17. Great Guns (G.U.N. Soldier)
  18. Dragon Dojo (Rouge)
  19. Lost Paradise (Shadow, Omega)
  20. Huge Inferno (Shadow, Omega)
  21. Echidnaopolis (Shadow, Omega)
  22. Air Winds (Rouge)
  23. Glyphic Babylon (Shadow, Omega), Boss: Dimitri (Shadow)
  24. Last Colony (Rouge), Boss: Egg Aura (Rouge)
  25. Genocide City (Shadow, Omega, G.U.N. Soldier), Boss: G-72 BLACK COBRA (Shadow, Omega, G.U.N. Soldier)

Shadow's Story


Hugo Brass succeeds Abraham Tower as G.U.N. Commander.

Shadow's story begins some time earlier than the events chronicled in the game when G.U.N. Commander Abraham Tower is forced to resign under pressures by the Government and Hugo Brass is appointed new G.U.N. Commander. Upon taking office, Commander Hugo Brass officially wages war against the Eggman Empire, sending the army to battle against Eggman's forces in the E.G.G. Metropolis, Dr. Eggman's base of operations.

A few days later, Shadow is called up by the newly appointed G.U.N. Commander Hugo Brass to report at the G.U.N. base.

Stage 1: Great Guns (Shadow)

When Shadow arrives at the base, he meets Hugo Brass, who informs Shadow of the reason he called him up. Brass tells the hedgehog that since the war against Eggman began he sent a squad of G.U.N. forces consisting of numerous G.U.N. Soldiers as well as E-123 Omega to fight at the E.G.G. Metropolis fronts. However, no one has heard of them in a long time and they are believed to have disappeared. He assigns Shadow on a mission to infiltrate into Eggman's base and gather as much information as he needs to uncover the mystery behind their disappearance. Afterwards, the two head outside the base where they are informed by the authorities that Sonic and his friends have arrived at the base. Shadow and Hugo greet Sonic and his team but before long, the base is attacked by Eggman's forces. Sonic and Shadow try to repell them.

Stage 2: G.U.N. Stronghold (Shadow, G.U.N. Soldier)

(Here you will introduced to John Washington, a not so ordinary soldier who follows Hugo Brass' orders unwillingly as he believes that the whole war against Eggman will only resolve in more pain and suffering. As a playable character, he is the only one of the soldiers whose thoughts and feelings are conveyed to the player).

Boss 1: Egg Viceroy (Shadow)

After successfully repelling Eggman's forces from the base, Hugo Brass becomes filled with anguish and launches a massive attack against the Eggman army to confront his robots until the city of Old Megalopolis. Shadow heads there with the soldiers in an attempt to find his friend Omega.

Stage 3: Old Megalopolis (Shadow)

At the ruins of Old Megalopolis, Shadow finds Omega deactivated in a pile of destroyed robots. After activating him, Omega tells Shadow that the last thing he remembers was fighting a group of Shadow Androids. Shadow becomes upset after Omega mentions these words as they remind him of his past. He immediately suspects Eggman being behind all this and decides to go confront him in his base. Eggman's Fleet arises from beneath the ruins of the city and Shadow receives orders from Hugo Brass to board the fleet and confront Eggman.

Stage 4: Sky Squadron (Shadow, Omega)

At the flagship, Shadow and Omega confront Dr. Eggman, who tells them that he does not know anything about the Shadow Androids and is not related to the mysterious disappearances of the G.U.N. Soldiers.

Boss 2: Egg Chamberlain (Shadow, Omega)

After Eggman's defeat, Shadow and Omega are picked up by the G.U.N. fleet, which takes them back safely to the base to the Commander. Omega says that Eggman is not behind this event and that he needs urgent repairs. After a discussion between Shadow, Omega and Hugo Brass, Shadow decides to go talk to Rouge while Omega stays at the base for repairs.

Adventure Field: Central City

(Talk to the townspeople; they will tell you that Rouge is working in Casinopolis. Head there to find her).

Stage 5: Chaotic Casino (Shadow)

Shadow heads to Casinopolis and finds Rouge. After a short conversation, Rouge agrees to join Shadow and the G.U.N. forces to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of the G.U.N. soldiers. At that point, Shadow receives a call from Hugo Brass telling him to report back to base as soon as possible. Rouge tells Shadow that the G.U.N. fleet is passing by the sea and they should go there to board them.

Adventure Field: Central City

Stage 6: Blue Bay (Shadow, Rouge)

Meanwhile, the G.U.N. forces attack the E.G.G Metropolis from the Old Megalopolis sector.

Stage 7: Old Megalopolis (G.U.N. Soldier)

Back at the base, Shadow and Rouge meet up with Hugo Brass, who informs them that they have managed to enter a program within Omega's hardware and that they need Shadow and Rouge to enter Omega's computer hardware in order to see Omega's last recordings during the fight in E.G.G. Metropolis before he went off.

Stage 8: Memory Complex (Shadow, Rouge)

Inside Omega's mind, Shadow and Rouge are able to witness Omega's actions at the point before he was abducted when he was battling against Eggman's robots. At some point during the fight, Omega was caught and disabled by some black hooded warriors revealing themselves as Dark Legionaires. They were approached by a figure whose voice could only be heard ordering the Dark Legionaires to take the soldiers to a base at the Blue Ridge Zone. After they exit Omega's hardware, they tell what they saw to Hugo Brass; that the missing soldiers are located at a base in the mountains of the Blue Ridge Zone. He orders them to go find them and sends a squad of G.U.N. troops to acompany them. Team Chaotix will also be there.

Stage 9: Rail Mountain (Shadow, Rouge, Omega)

At the Rail Mountain, Team Dark encounters a large robot piloted by an unseen figure from inside. His voice sounds familiar. After he sees Team Dark, he unleashes an army of Shadow Androids.

Boss 3: The Magician (Shadow)

After defeating it, the figure inside was a mere illusion and the robot was piloted automatically. Rouge and Omega detect the missing soldiers just nearby. G.U.N. forces and Team Chaotix arrive and rescue the soldiers who were captivated inside the base. Shadow, however, becomes worried as the Shadow Androids he just fought were far more powerful than the ones he has fought in the past and are definetly not created by Dr. Eggman's technology but from someone else. As he touches a part of an android, Shadow suddenly sees a vision of a floating Echidna head inside an orb.

(At this point, Shadow will insist they go to Professor Pickle to examine the origin of these Shadow Androids. You must go to his laboratory by train. Head to the train station).

Adventure Field: Central City

Stage 10: Mad Terminal (Shadow, Rouge, Omega)

On the train, Team Dark is attacked by Xenin, who mistakens Shadow for Knuckles.

Boss 4: Beast of Xenin (Shadow)

Team Dark defeats Xenin and his Dark Legion squad and sees yet another vision of the same echidna he saw before saying that he knew Prof. Gerald as well as him and to stay out of his way or else he will have the same fate as all of the rest Echidnas. Shadow grows impatient and instructs Omega and Rouge to head to Pickle themselves while he goes to the library to find answers about his visions.

Adventure Field: Central City

At the library, Shadow stumbles on a copy of Professor Gerald's diary. As he reads some of his notes and finds an interesting piece of information. It says that long before Poject Shadow begun, Professor Gerald had been approached by a cybernetic Echidna scientist named Dimitri with whom he worked with intensively and together constructed various inventions. Gerald was interested in the technology of the Echidnas and so Dimitri would help him to build the Eclipse Cannon using concepts of the Albion Technology. Shadow is shocked to discover these informations and heads quickly to meet up with his team mates at Pickle's laboratory.

Meanwhile, Rouge and Omega talk to Professor Pickle about the technology used to bring these Shadow Androids to life. Pickle tells them that it is possibly a very ancient magic, black Echidna magic to be precise and if they need further information, they should consult the Echidnas themselves. During their discussion, Omega spots Gamma in Pickle's laboratory undergoing repairment and aims at him to destroy him as one of Eggman's robots. Gamma then grabs Pickle's Albion artifact which Sonic had left him and escapes. Omega then chases after him in the jungle.

Outside Pickle's laboratory, Rouge meets up with Shadow and informs him about Omega going beserk and chasing after Gamma to the jungle. They head after him.

Adventure Field: Angel Island

(Go find Omega, he must be somewhere in the Angel Island Adventure Field. Talk to the townspeople to help you. They will tell you that he has gone in the jungle of the Mystic Ruins).

Stage 11: Tropical Sanctuary (Shadow, Rouge, Omega)

The story switches to Omega, who has confronted Gamma in the jungle. The two robots face each other.

Boss 5: E-102 Gamma (Omega)

In the middle of the fight, they are interrupted by a group of Dark Legionaires. Luckly, Shadow and Rouge intervene and assist Omega while Gamma runs away. After they beat some Dark Legionaires, the rest of them escape in defeat. Team Dark pursues them.

Adventure Field: Angel Island

(Follow the Dark Legionaires, you will be lead to Dr. Finitevus' base).

Team Dark ends up in a huge base, which resembles the one they had seen before in the Twilight Cage. Not knowing what lies inside, Shadow has another of his visions of Dimitri, that floating echidna head and concludes that the one they are after has got to be inside the castle.

Stage 12: Nocturnal Haunt (Shadow, Rouge, Omega)

It is now night time and Team Dark has infiltrated into the castle of Dr. Finitevus. Inside, they meet face to face with Dimitri, who after introducing himself explains to Shadow that he knows of his past having worked with Professor Gerald long ago to help him construct the Eclipse Cannon. Shadow accusses Dimitri for the revival of the Shadow Androids and demands to know his intentions, to which Dimitri replies that he is aiding Dr. Finitevus in his plan to uncover the Enerjak suit. At that point, the alarm goes off signaling the invasion of the Cat Kingdom in attempt to rescue Knuckles and Julie-Su. Dimitri departs from the scene and gives orders to the Dark Legion minions to subdo Team Dark.

Boss 6: Dark Legion Squad 4# (Shadow, Rouge, Omega)

After defeating a Dark Legion hoard, they confront Dimitri, who uses a Warp Ring given to him by Dr. Finitevus and escapes from the castle.

The following day, Team Dark is once again called up by Hugo Brass to the headquarters. Shadow and Rouge keep their mouths shut about what happened yesterday until Omega tells Hugo that they might have found the one responsible for the disappearance of the G.U.N Soldiers. Hugo, being stubborn, insists that Eggman is behind this and orders Team Dark to go confront him at Dumm Jummai where he is heading.

Adventure Field: Central City

Stage 13: Dumm Jummai (Shadow, Rouge, Omega)

There, they find Fang the Sniper.

Boss 7: Fang the Sniper (Omega)

After his defeat, Fang tries to run away but is caught by Team Dark. Shadow obliges Fang to tell him what Dr. Eggman is up to to which Fang replies that he is working with two Echidna scientists, one of them being Dimitri. Shadow then tells him to take them to Dimitri.

Stage 14: Scrap Fortress (Shadow, Rouge, Omega)

At Eggman's base, Team Dark along with Fang confront Dimitri once again. After a short conversation between them, Dimitri summons Dr. Eggman's minions and opens yet another portal with his Warp Ring (given to him by Dr. Finitevus) and escapes in it. Team Dark quickly deals with Eggman's army and chases after Dimitri through the portal. They find themselves in an unknown forest which they decide to explore to find where they are.

Stage 15: Plague Garden (Shadow, Rouge, Omega)

Shadow, Rouge and Omega find Silver, Blaze and Cream. Silver tells Shadow that they are searching for a Chaos Emerald to open a portal to the past and collect some very valuable objects called the Golden Epics. He tells them that Dr. Magic has returned and is seeking for them. Shadow offers to assist Silver in his quest since he has a Chaos emerald as a friend. He tells Rouge and Omega to go find clues to where Dimitri has headed. Silver and Shadow create a portal by using the two Chaos Emeralds and together, along with Cream and Blaze enter it to arrive in the distant past.

Shadow, Silver, Blaze and Cream are teleported at Never Lake approximately at 1000 BC. It is night time. There, they spot Silver's past self and try to stay unnoticed from him. Silver orders the team to go after him to the underground serpent city to where the Golden Epics are.

Stage 16: Chthonian Ruins (Shadow)

Shadow, Silver, Blaze and Cream arrive at the centre of the underground serpent realm and witness Silver's and Blaze's past selves battling against King Ophis, the gigantic serpet king guarding the Golden Epics. As they witness them fighting behind a rock to remain unseen, King Ophis knocks Silver and Blaze unconscious and prepares to devour them. Cream urges Silver and co to intervene and fight them back but Silver says that would disrupt the the past and would not be good. However, Shadow stands up and jumps in front of King Ophis and prepares to fight him back as Silver's past self collapses to the ground losing his consciousness. Silver, Blaze and Cream then find the opportunity to intervene and battle King Ophis themselves.

Boss 8: King Ophis (Shadow)

With King Ophis defeated, Silver retreives the Golden Epic he was earching for. They take Silver and Blaze's past selves whilst unconscious to the Never Lake and leave them there safely. Silver thanks Shadow for his help and they return back to the present using the Chaos Emeralds (check Silver's story for more details).

The story switches to the G.U.N. Soldier, who is on the headquarters guarding the area when he sees a group of his fellow soldiers taking Sonic to a prison cell. He goes to rescue him.

Stage 17: Great Guns (G.U.N. Soldier)

(Note: This short event with the G.U.N. Soldier takes place some time earlier than Shadow's quest in the past).

John Washington secretly opens the prison cell and frees Sonic, having an acknowledgement of who he really is. Back at Angel Island, Rouge finds and rescues Sonic while falling from the sky. After thanking her and revealing his objective to her, Espio reveals himself from being invisible and offers to take Sonic and Rouge to his clan's kingdom where an Albion artifact is kept. Rouge joins them and together they head to the Dragon Kingdom (check Sonic's story for more details).

Stage 18: Dragon Dojo (Rouge)

Back at the present, Shadow is teleported at the Angel Island.

Adventure Field: Angel Island

(Talk to the locals; they will tell you that Omega is somewhere in the island. Go find him).

Shadow finds Omega just outside of the ruins of Teotihuacan. He tells Shadow that Dimitri is inside the ancient ruins. The duo heads after him.

Stage 19: Lost Paradise (Shadow, Omega)

Shadow and Omega confront Dimitri, who ironically congradulates Shadow and Omega for managing to find him. After a short conversation, Dimitri uses a spell and casts Shadow and Omega in the past, at the time Dimitri himself was good, in order for them to learn who he really is and his intentions. The two wake up in an ablaze ruined city, which they decide to explore.

Stage 20: Huge Inferno (Shadow, Omega)

Upon clearing the stage, they find Dimitri waiting for them. He explains to them that this city is Albion after it was severely bombarded by Dr. Eggman's fleet under the command of Dr. Finitevus. He then takes them to another location while he disappears. Shadow and Omega explore the city to figure out why Dimitri wanted them to come here.

Stage 21: Echidnaopolis (Shadow, Omega)


Shadow and Omega witness Edmund's death.

Shadow and Omega have now been teleported back to the past, back when Echidnaopolis was during civil war. There are Dark Legionaires all over the city attacking civilians. Then, they witness an Echidna scientist who tries to knock out two Dark Legionaires by his own but is caught and ultimately shot dead. Some seconds later, another Echidna comes running towards him shouting "Edmund, Edmund"!!. He then mourns for him. Shadow realizes that Edmund was Dimitri's brother and was killed during the civil war, which cost him very much. Dimitri himself was unable to help him as he was outcasted by the High Council for his ideas to use the Albion technology to bring down the Angel Island from the sky to the surface.

Sonic, Rouge and Espio arrive at the Dragon Kingdom, Espio's homeland and are welcomed by the clan. After a brief discussion with the leader of the clan, Sonic is granted with the last remaining artifact but expresses his concern of not having enough time or transportation to reach the island where Eggman is. The clan council informs Sonic of the existence of a race of flying creatures known as the Air Winds, which ocassionally passes above the skies of the Blue Ridge and travel to the nearby areas. By going there, they could reach their destination. The trio thanks the Dragon Kingdom for their service and head to the mountains to reach the Air Winds.

Stage 22: Air Winds (Rouge)

Shadow and Omega return to the present after witnessing a part of Dimitri's past.

Adventure Field: Angel Island

(After talking to the townspeople, you will be informed that Dimitri is at Albion. Head there to confront him one final time).

Adventure Field: Blue Ridge

Stage 23: Glyphic Babylon (Shadow, Omega)

At Albion, Shadow and Omega find Knuckles, Julie-Su, Archimedes, Vector, Mighty and Charmy. The heroes confront once again Dimitri in a newly built robotic body and his army of Dark Legionaires. After a quick conversation, the battle commences.

Boss 9: Dimitri (Shadow)

The heroes defeat Dimitri and his army. As he tries to escape the battlefield, his bubble is destroyed by Shadow's Chaos spear but still manages to escape by flying with his tenticles. Knuckles, Mighty, Charmy and Vector go after him in Echidnaopolis when Shadow receives a call from Hugo
Dimitri's new body

Dimitri prepared for battle.

Brass informing him that they have cornered Dr. Eggman's army in the Old Megalopolis front and he needs Shadow to go and head to the centre of the city where Eggman is and finish him off for good. Thus, Shadow and Omega head to the final battle against Eggman.

The story then switches to Rouge. Sonic, Rouge and Espio arrive at their destination; a large island, a once colony of the Echidnas and the location of the hidden Albion Thaumaturge. The island has not yet been discovered by men but only by Eggman. They spot Eggman's base of operations where he has brought large machines for excavations. They also spot Tails, Amy and the rest being held captive there and devise a plan for their salvation. But before long, they are attacked once again by Fang, who obeying Eggman's orders is guarding the island, waiting for Sonic to come and steal his artifacts. Fortunately, with the help of Rouge and Espio, Fang is defeated. Sonic tells Fang to guide them to Eggman so that they can save their friends. Fang unwillingly teams up with them and the four head to confront Eggman.

Stage 24: Last Colony (Rouge)

(At this point, Rouge's storyline is entirely the same as Sonic's with the small difference that Eggman points the gun to Rouge instead of Sonic and demands that she solve the riddle to open the gate).

Fang successfully guides the team to their friends, whom they rescue. Prof. Pickle and his mates escape to somewhere safe whereas the team, now composing of Sonic, Tails, Amy, Espio, Rouge and Fang continue on their mission in confronting Eggman (Here you will play the second Act of Last Colony). The team winds up in an ancient underground temple where they find an army of hundreds of mechanical warriors, perfectly alligned with each other in lines and untouched. Fang explains them that these machine soldiers were constructed by the Albion Knight of Aurora, as he had heard from Eggman to win the war against the Nocturnal Tribe, but after going out of control, they were diactivated for ever and were sealed here. Eggman plans to reawaken them by assembling all the Albion pieces together. The heroes wander across the vast room until they spot E-102 Gamma standing in front of a large mural again depicting a war against Echidnas. Above this event, there are huge, monstrous tentacles coming from the sky, grabbing Echidnas and causing destruction. One of the tentacles is depicted grabbing an entire piece of land and taking it above in the sky with it. They try to read the hieroglyphics but are not able to understand them. At that point, Dr. Eggman appears with his guard of robots. He tells the heroes that the Albion Thaumaturge lies behind this mural, which is actually a hidden door and one must solve the riddle which is inscribed on the mural to open the gate. He then points a gun at Rouge's forehead and demands him to solve the riddle. After some hard thinking remembering of what Locke had told her long ago in Teotihuacan, Rouge is able to crack the code and open the gate. As the gate opens, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Espio, Rouge, Fang, Eggman and his guard enter a wide chamber. It is decorated in various hieroglyphics and covered with vegetation. There is also a small pond formed by a fall coming out of huge Echidna statues. In the centre, there is a small island with an altar in the centre where there are 9 openings, apparently for the 9 artifacts. Eggman tries to get there first but after making a few steps, the entire chamber starts shaking and the floor collapses. Eggman nearly makes it to the altar but the floor below him collapses and falls into an abyssal pit. Sonic and his team try to get there before Eggman while his army of mechs escapes. Before Sonic and his team make it to the altar and place the artifacts they have, Eggman arises from the pit inside his Egg Aura, a tremendously powerful machine empowered by 6 artifacts. He summons his army and demands the remaining artifacts from Sonic. Fang complains about having turned against him and wanting to get what Eggman promised him. The heroes battle Eggman.

Boss 10: Egg Aura (Rouge)

Eggman manages to steal Sonic's 2 artifacts during battle and quickly heads to the altar to activate the Albion Thaumaturge, but to his suprise, there are only 8 artifacts and one is missing. Eggman demands it from Sonic but Sonic denies having ever collected it. At that point, Gamma opens his chest and reveals the last remaining artifact, which was all along in his possession. After being sent from Eggman to search for the artifacts, Gamma found one of them in Old Megalopolis. However, before he could bring it to Eggman, he somehow got mixed up in a battle between the Eggman army and the G.U.N. forces, got damaged and was deactivated until he was found by Sonic, Tails and Amy. Gamma expresses his gratitude to Sonic for his help and gives it to Sonic enabling him to deliver one final blow to Eggman and destroy the Egg Aura, as well as the altar. With Eggman defeated, the entire place starts collapsing and the heroes escape as quickly as possible. They reach a safe place outside the temple which they observe as it collapses. They meet up with Professor Pickle and his mates, who have brought the G.U.N. forces with them to restore order. They arrest Fang and secure the area. The cutscene ends as Sonic, Tails, Amy, Espio, Rouge, Professor Pickle and his mates observe the blue sky having triumphed once again and getting ready to return home.

Adventure Field: E.G.G. Metropolis

Stage 25: Genocide City (Shadow, Omega, G.U.N. Soldier)

Shadow and Omega are now at the core of the ruined city. There are wounded soldiers everywhere who are evacuated by fellow soldiers. John Washington is also present. There, they encounter Hugo Brass inside his fighting machine. Hugo orders Shadow to go and attack Eggman with his army of G.U.N. Soldiers now that they have him cornered. Shadow defies his orders by saying that all this war has led to nothing but destruction and pain and point at the wounded soldiers. Too many lives have been lost and many more are at stake. Nevertheless, Dr. Eggman is not the main culprit but another one is whom they have found. Hugo becomes filled with anger and orders Shadow one more time to do as told. Shadow denies once again with the support of Omega and John Washington on his side. Hugo, then, loses his temper and turns against Shadow considering him a traitor for not following his orders and prepares to attack him and his two allies.

Boss 11: G-72 BLACK COBRA (Shadow, Omega, G.U.N. Soldier)

Shadow, Omega and John Washington defeat Hugo Brass in his robot. Shadow then announces that he quits from G.U.N. and decides to retreat the G.U.N. forces from the battlefield and end the war, as he is sensing that far greater evil is coming up ahead. Omega and John, the G.U.N. Soldier help him with withdrawing the forces from the city and head back home.

THE END... ?

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