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Savoice, after Dojyu Coffnaigh dismisses him

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The facility itself was dull of color, only consisting the colors of grey, white, and the honorary black. As I was walking away from the meeting room for the subordinate branch or whatever room it was, I began to consider the life that I had when I was a Higher.

Every day was waking up early to a ceiling light that covered the entire top part of the room, being a light blue to encourage the peace of arising from one's sleep. Once I would sit up, there would be my assistant at my side, as well as my outfit for the day ready. Most times, the outfit would be all dark brown as the color of my curly hair and eyes, with shoes that came out with white slipperst that came with it.

"Good morning, Higher Demoy," Xaklik the assistance would greet me. "Breakfast is waiting for you downstairs in the Dining Hall."

So, I would walk in my sleeping clothing, having the comfort of the rest of the Highers being able to see my relaxed sides of me. All of the food would be waiting on the long table, with the valuable floors responding back to my slapping bare feet against it, and with only but a few up early to eat.

Not only the food there was more than delicious, but the conversations that lingered among the Highers were simple, yet interesting. Some of them would express their home issues, such as being married, having children, or being granted a mansion to stay in--as I was at one time. I would contribute the laughter in the room, mocking much of the legislation process that was on Pertan. Even though Higher Demoy was the "serious" one of the group, they still laughed when he set his tight attitude free.

Then, the difficult part of the day comes when legislation was in line. There was much debate that overruled the entire Pertanese Enforcement Assembly over upcoming laws, such as the growing need for the Vavy principles. Still, as the rule always worked in this environment, ask one good question, and anchor many answers. With that rule in mind, much of the "debates" went smoothly, and legislation remained humble.

Once the ethical part of the day was over, I would go eat dinner in the Dining Hall again with all of my comrades, and we would have a "nightly breakfast". However, this is the time that we would eat some of the most extravagant foods, with some of the recipes coming from the other two regions--Ovilis and Salwom. Salwomese food is rather delicious. We would play games as well, ensuring that every person there alleviated their work attitude into a contented environment. Some of the females that lived there would come to us and flirt. Some of the other Highers would offer challenges that the rest of us would have to defeat, such as standing on one foot and eating. That one was simple for me. Sometimes, the games and actions would bleed into the next day as staying awake was no problem for us when satisfied.

After all of this, eventually, I would go back to bed, and tell my honorable assistant good night. "Good night, Higher Demoy," Xaklik would depart the room with his supplies, and he would go home.

That was that. Being a Higher in Pertan was better than the life that I had when I was a child--engulfed in poverty. Now, it seems like the cycle is starting over again. Born into a home infested with troublesome creatures in Salwom, I was raised in Pertan with one of the lowest incomes in the region. Although I ate well as a child, I still was empty compared to the other children. Then, embracing my education under the Bondas Covoy system, I was able to get enough education to succeed in secretary work. However, when the "Almasia Law" passed for the first time, I was drafted into law for ten years, making me a Higher. At first, I did not like it, but after a while, I ended up loving to be one. The error came when they passed the amendment to the "Almasia Law", drafting me here in Ovilis with nothing. A small handful attempted to reject it, but they were ignored. I was ignored.

So, I ended up here, never treated like a Higher again. Dojyu Coffnaigh did warn me that I would not be in a higher rank here, but I know that I can gain it back again. Once I complete a mission that no Pertan has will enable me to have the authority over anyone on Reyonis Platura--even this acclaimed Najarv'sye Au-Vimoen.

Now, I was walking down the hallways of the headquarters, and saw a kitchen. There were females of bright colors cleaning tables wearing wrappings on their feet, hands, and at the joints of their elbows. Their one-piece shirt and pants nearly looked like dresses as the pants were puffy and drapy. Most of their eyes were dark with circles under them, and as expected, they were slouching over.

I whistled. "Higher Demoy here. What are you all making in here?"

"Higher?" One had a light and lifted voice. "The Highers system is going to be abolished."

"No, it is not."

She put down the towel she was using to wipe the tables. "And why are you here, sire?"

"Well," I looked around for the food, "I was looking for some food to eat, since I did not eat since yesterday coming from Pertan."

"We have a eating schedule, eating once a day."

"Once a day now?" This is absolutely absurd. I would never be able to maintain my good health by eating once a day.

"Yes, that's how it works here." Afterward, she picked up her towel, and continued to clean.

Another female intervened, having bright green eyes. "Well, since you did not eat since yesterday, you can have some of my lunch." She squat down under the table which they were cleaning and reached down.

"Thank you very much," I snatched the box from her once she handed it over, and began to walk out.

"Higher Demoy?" I heard a light voice coming from the right of me. I stopped. It did not sound much familiar to me, however there was something right about it.

I took a step forward and looked to my right, but nothing was there but the extending hallway getting smaller and smaller. In the far distance of all the fogged windows that squared all the way down the hall, I could see the single-file line of officials going into their rooms. The Ovil was pacing down the hall toward me.

I turned the other way, holding the box of meat, and began to rush down the hall.

"Savoice!" The Ovil's voice sharped while his destination fled. "Come here, now."

I continued, chewing on the packed Asalan meat. If he continued to follow, then eventually he would become frustrated and abandon his objective.

All of a sudden, I began to see myself up ahead, stopping from running and turning over toward me. My eyes looked down, seeing the Ovil's shoes in them.

Myself, or the one that I could see but not control, walked up to me. "Do not attempt to flee me," my own voice spoke from the other self.

"What have you done to me?"

The other self of me, which was physically manifested as me, shook his head. "What were we supposed to do after the ceremony?" He put down the box of meat that I once had.

Still confused of the circumstance, pointed my finger at him, which looked like the Ovil's finger. "Did you switch with me?"

"I'm not switching you back until you answer me."

"I do not know what you are speaking of."

The manifest of myself, the one not controlled by me, slapped me right in the face, swiveling my head from the right to the left in an instant. "You do know. Tell me, what were we supposed to be doing after the ceremony?"

I stared.

"Dojyu Coffnaigh told me about you. You'd better get yourself together before you're the first example of what members should not do here. I'm about to eject you."

"Go ahead and eject me. Just give me my body back."

"Alright, then," he switched us back, with my vision blurring from seeing myself to being myself again. "I will just have to sign your documents and give you admission to return."

When I heard "admission to return", my heart danced with a splurging surge of enthusiasm. "Well--."

"Come with me." He began to walk down the hallway, down some stairs full of paintings and sculptures after the "spotaneous reality". There were many people walking with papers, and walking into another room. Doors had titles on them to the right of them, supposingly telling what rooms were what. I followed him.

At long last of this dreadful day, I am able to leave. I almost thought that I would never have this opportunity.

We walked into an office where many files were placed, and the Ovil walked down seven aisles and looked in the "D's" section, searching for my surname. There were but a few tired people which searched for documents, but never achieved it. The lighting was scarce in the room, with darkness abounding a majority of it.

The Ovil looked through the files that had the common letter "D". "Demoy...," he pulled out my file folder. "Your first name is it is."

Tension began to settle in.

He picked up the files, and examined them. "You were born in Ovilis, yet had Pertanese descent. That is against the Ovilian law, you know."

"Well, my parents had an exception."

"No, they didn't. That is what I do not see here. Otherwise, this," pointing at a section of the papers that was headed "birth site", "would have been stamped with an 'exception notice'. Now, you are a futigive, destined to be here anyway."

"Wait, that is not true," I realized. "I am a Higher, so I will always have the exception."

"A Higher, hmm? I suppose that is what Moderator Hoberzt was referring to." He looked back down at the papers. "Look at the name."

"Savoice Ertis Demoy? Wait, that is not my name. My middle name is Alla--."

"While you are here, Savoice Allashar Demoy," the Ovil closed the folders as I dazed into his pink eyes, "You are an Ovilian with a different name. It's not that totally different, anyhow."

"My middle name is the most important part in my name. You have to keep that. And where are my real records?"

"I burned them."

"You..." My eyes began to tense up as they uncontrollably heated into rage. "Y-You what?!"

People began to hear my voice barely upset the quiet atmosphere. Some walked close, seeing that the Ovil was with me, the leader of the whole region of Ovilis. Right now, he is in much danger standing in front of me.

"I burned them, as I did everyone else's. All of you have names that do not persist to you anymore."

"No," I shook my head. I ran up and grabbed the cloak of his brown robe, which he wore at the ceremony. "Give me my real records!"

"Stop acting like that," he scowled his eyes into the growing anger. "If you harm me, the whole region of Ovilis will be against you and the Pertanese. You are their prime representation while being here, so you might as well let it be."

"No," I pushed him more toward the files, which were sliding down onto the floor the more I pushed in on him. "I am Higher Savoice Allashar Demoy! I have the right to override you and your decisions! Do you understand me! I will have you executed by the Pertanese!"

"No, you won't," the Ovil retorted sharply as the people gaped at my outrageous threat. He did not give me a struggle while I had him pinned against the wall. He just sat there and spoke.

"You are still Savoice Allashar Demoy. You are just not a Higher anymore."

After that, I let him go. He fell to the ground, yet catching himself with his bent knees and balancing stance, slouching over once standing up. He remained there, and traveled his eyes up my legs, up my waist and chest, up my neck, and into my tight eyes of fury.

I placed my left hand over my mouth, shaking. "A Higher...I knew I never had the mental capacity..." After this, the fury subsided and treaded out of the room with me, my vision focused only on the ground and not on the witnesses.

The Ovil was still gazing into what just happened; I could feel it. He remained there standing with a slouch.

Searching for Lovopian, I ran up the steep stairs, through the hard halls, and into the main meeting room. "Is there anyone in here?" I pushed the chairs. My eyes glanced at the empty podium. The legs of the searcher led him under the table to look, but no one was there.

Lovopian is the only person right now that seems to be comfortable with me, speaking to me and all. If I found him, I could tell him what that Ovil did to everyone's documents.

I stormed out of the room and went into the room that the single-file line led into. The door slid over as my trembling hands scaped it over. In there, all of the colors followed a blue and gray theme, blending in some occasions. The walls had built-in shelves that beamed up one wall to the left of the enterance door. There were two wooden tables that were arranged longways from the left to the right of the entrance door. As one table was behind the other, a large clear board of some sort was at the back of the room to the left of the enterance door. It was a clear board that looked like it was once a window, but the wall behind it closed it in. At the front of the room was a blue table with seats for two, and a podium at the very front. This room seems very similar to the one when I was seated at the ceremony, but it is much smaller.

No one was in the room, but there was a door behind the podium, and talking was amidst it. I ran up to the door and put my long ear against it.

"As your leader-in-chief, I vow to hold to our traditions as the Conclusion Team!" A creaky, young voice filled the room of discussions. "Now, are there any questions for me?"

"How are we even sure that you're the right leader for us?" Some person growled.

"Interpreter Satire," the young voice replied, "I was the only one that wanted to be elected for this position, so I am going to be the leader that--."

Amidst their talking, I creaked the door open, and peeped inside. The side conversations that took place stopped, and the young voice that was speaking got quiet. When I walked inside, I saw all of the people that were sitting at my table during the ceremony, but not the Moderators nor the Executives.

There were ten of them sitting at a table together, while a blue-haired male cat that I recognize from the ceremony was staring at me as I walked in. All of the people were different in color, some colors never revealed to me while I was in Pertan, such as that blue bird person there again.

"Why are you late?" The young male watched me closely as I looked around for Lovopian.

Sure enough, Lovopian was sitting among the crowd, sitting by "Polly" the echidna, and some other person with an antique white color of brown with blanch almond-colored hair, which looked like a form of canine due to his long ears.

"Hey, it's that guy that got in front of us in line," a blonde-colored rodent male put a golden eye on a dark-brown male with blue eyes, while the other eye of the rodent had a black eyepatch on it. "Remember him? He's that Pertan." He looked at me as everyone else was.

"Well?" the young male tried to gather my attention back on him again. "Why are you late?"

"Late to what?"

He stepped closer, with his cat tail swirling around and momentously jerking quickly. "Late to the Conclusion Najarv'sye meeting."

"Najarv'sye?" Tension formed in my eyes. "Where?"

"He's not in here. As a matter of fact, he won't be here until our first official meeting tomorrow. Now, why are you late?"

"I never knew I had to be somewhere right now. I was with the Ovil."

"Hmph," he turned away back toward the group. "Take a seat, please."

"I was here to tell all of you matters of importance."


I continued to stand in my place. "The Ovil burned all of our original documents from our original countries so that we would become illegal to return there. I can prove it. He tried to change my--."

"Burned?" A tiger-like male that was a fluorescent orange and had sharp, gray-colored hair pulled his hair back. "I can't go back to Salwom?"

"No, because the Ovil is trying to make us stay here longer than we have to."

"Fortunately, sir," the blue bird male with the pink feathers that they called "Khovab" at the ceremony crossed his arms, "Most of us already knew that. We want to be here."

How preposterous. "Wha--no, you do not. This is torture! They are making us serve lowers and eat once a day!"

"Eat once a day?" The tiger male growled, pulling his hair upward now. "This is torture! In Salwom, I ate at least four meals a day!"

"Hey, hey, quiet down," the blue-haired cat male waved his hands. "This is how it's supposed to be. We're in Ovilis now. As for you," he pointed at me, "you need to sit down now before you get yourself into trouble."

"We need to retaliate against the Ovilian Arch of Studies for taking us in illegally," I continued to sway the crowd. "Otherwise, they will take control of us, instead."

"I said sit down, you imbecile!" The young sharp tone of the skinny male shot at me. "Sit and humble yourself, already!"

My eyes glanced over at him, and then back at the crowd. "The Ovilians are here to overtake the planet with their anti-Vavy principles!"

"They are, aren't they?" Khovab layed his head on the table with his hands linked.

The blue-haired cat, losing control of the conversation, walked up to me and touched me. Instantly, I felt my limbs become numb, as well as my sense of touch. Falling to the floor, movement was uncapable now. I tried to whistle, but my body did not obey me. It remained as a dead corpse lying on the ground.

"You see that, guys?" The crimson-red eyes of the young male slowly saw my body fall. "I have the ability to paralyze you if you try to fight me, so trying wouldn't be good for you."

The tiger male stood up. "Is this some kind of joke? We're being made into slaves!"

"Sit," the youth warned once more.

The grey hairs of the rebel bobbled as he plopped down in his seat.

"Well," the cat looked at me, "Seems like you're going to be a part of this conversation anyway. And you won't talk, that being the best part about it." I watched as the leader steadily roll from my incompetent eyes to the crowd.

He continued. "Tommorrow is the first day that we will hear the words of Najarv'sye Au-Vimoen, and the Moderators that will be there for us as assigned are Moderator Bvan Ghonpherti and Moderator Xanthub Fuge. Please ask as many questions as you can. If you don't, we'll never get to the truth. Are there any questions?"

"Are you the Conclusion Team leader?" The fox male that assisted me yesterday when looking for the Ovil knocked on the table.

"Yes," the young cat smiled, "I am Interpreter Myaari Erchliy, your leader for team Conclusion Najarv'sye. I have not been team leader once before, but I will at least try. I've read the handbook over the break and ensured that I know everything that's going on."

"How old are you?" Polly knocked on the table. "I don't want to be in the hands of a child."

"I'm not a child. I'm nineteen."

"That's a child to me," Polly laid his chin in the palm of his hand on the table.

"Whatever you say," Interpreter Myaari smirked. "At least I have this all together. I promise."

"How long is this specific conclusion supposed to last?" The blonde-haired wolf that was sitting beside Lovopian knocked on the table.

"However long the season goes," Interpreter Myaari leaned against the front desk. "Normally, it's about three years, give or take. However, since that this is a 'complex' mission, it may take longer than that."

Years? Oh no.

"Years?" The tiger male growled. "This can't be happening..." He lied his head on the table, and did not say another word. The people ignored him.

"If the room beside this one is the 'Regimen'," Lovopian knocked on the table, "what is this room used for?"

Interpreter Myaari nodded, "Good question. The 'Regimen' is the place where all of us will sit at the tables in the back, documenting Najarv'sye as he's talking and taking notes. Najarv'sye will be at the stand speaking, while the two designated moderators for the 'expression day' will be sitting at the top tables. On 'discussion' and 'presentation' days, we will be in this room. I don't know what it's called, so I guess we could come up with a name for it."

Now this is sounding more like an education system.

Suddenly, I began to feel my surroundings again, along with the floor warming up for me being on it for a while. I moved my arm. I could move again.

"I can move again..." A reputation of stupidity came over me, it seemed. I stood up. "Mylari, or whoever you are, we need to get out of this system."

"I let you go for a reason," Interpreter Myaari retorted, leaning against a table. "Hopefully, you can get accustomed to the system rather quickly and cooperate with the rest of us. You are a good speaker, after all--very charismatic. However, right now, I'm the one that has the final say on that."

"I want an admission to return," I looked at the ground. Then, I walked up to an empty seat at the table in front of where Lovopian was and sat down.

Interpreter Myaari shook his head. "Any other questions?"

I have a good one. What did Najarv'sye mean by saying that those who are looking up have answers, and those that look down have questions?

"What if some of the Highers now intervene about the Vavy principles, minding that they do have spies all over Reyonis Platura?" Khovab asked.

Interpreter Myaari bit his lip, looking at me, and then back at Khovab. "If that happens, then the Ovil will have to intervene. That's out of my control. I'm afraid that what you speak of could happen in due time, though." Once again, I was ignored.

I whistled. "Hey, I was talking to you! What did he mean?!" All of the members stared at me.

"You didn't say anything, you idiot." The blonde-colored rodent male was frozen in sight of me, scowling at me. "You're a mani--."

"Stop, Zona," Interpreter Myaari shook his head. "He doesn't know anything right now."

"Interpreter Zona Kon'effin," he corrected.

I pointed at Myaari. "I know everything right now, and that is you are being betrayed by your own government. Why are you not able to see that?"

"Because it's not there," Interpreter Myaari extended his hand to me. "You're making it up."

"Can we get back on topic, please?" Lovopian flopped his ears in frustration. I looked halfway back at Lovopian and ceased at argument with the leader.

"Yes, we can, Interpreter Azax," Myaari blinked hard, and then gained focus again. "Are there any other questions?"

Polly tapped the table instead of knocking on it. "Does Najarv'sye live in the District of Turiah, too?"

"He'll talk about it tomorrow with us, but from what I know, he doesn't."

"Yeah, I used to live in the outskirts of Ovilis. It's super strange living there."

"I know," Myaari looked over at me. "What was your question, Interpreter Demoy?" Everyone turned their eyes to me out of expectation.

"Now you acknowledge me. Just so all of you know, I am Higher Demoy. Not the 'interpreter' that you speak of." I closed my eyes. "The question that I asked was about Najarv'sye, about what he said earlier after the ceremony. What did he mean when he said people looking up have answers while those looking down ask questions?"

"I don't know, frankly. Just ask him tommorrow, Higher Demoy." The eyes of those in the room glided over to Interpreter Myaari.

"Higher?" Khovab shrugged his hands to his side with his wide deep-pink eyes.

Interpreter Myaari nodded. "That's right. If he wants to be called 'Higher' from here on out, call him so. Don't ask for your titles to change."

The tiger male sat up. "Well, I wanna be called 'Ovil' Pulin Satire, then!"

"Interpreter Satire," Interpreter Myaari paused him with his hand, "I just said don't ask for it."

"I'm still calling him 'Interpreter'!" Interpreter Zona Kon'effin shook his head.

There was that one particular wolf male sitting beside him--the one with the ravishing blue eyes and bistre brown hair and fur, his muzzle being a whitish-tan in color. He, seeing debate upheave in the room again, squinted his eyes at me.

"No," Interpreter Myaari attempted to ease the tension, "no one but him is going to have a title. He served his time for being a 'Higher', so he should be respected. Please, everyone," he sat down on his desk. "If we do not do this right, the Ovilian Arch of Studies will never be the same."

"I'm still calling him 'Interpreter'." That rat resisted.

"That's fine, then. If you are the one to reject what I have suggested to you, that's on you. You are all dismissed to your rooms, now. It is the fourth part of the day. See you all tommorrow."

Everyone began to leave the room, as I walked up to the fleeing Lovopian. "Lovopian, did you see that? They ignored me the first time when Najarv'sye was here, and then ignored me again here."

He stopped walking and looked over. "Where is your room?"

"I do not know."

He continued to walk. "Come with me, then. You'll sleep with me tonight."

"Well," thoughts of misconception came into my mind, "actually, I do know where my room is. I just do not know how to get in. It's fastened closed."

"Fastened?" He eyed in shock. "Why would your door be closed?"

"Hey, hey," Polly's cracky voice interrupted, running in between us. He pointed at me. "Where is this one going?"

"'This one' is going with Lovopian to his room, since I cannot get into my room." I rolled my eyes, walking down the busy halls of the Conclusion Team walking down it also.

Polly stared. "He's going to stay in your room, Lovopian?"

"For now. That is until he gets that door open like he says. My room is right here." He pointed over to a wooden door and opened it.

Someone grabbed my shoulder. "Executive amidst." Lovopian and Polly froze in their place, not moving at all but their hairs.

Peeking back, behold it was Dojyu Coffnaigh holding my shoulder. "You are going to your room, Savoice. Come along."

"No, I'm not. I'm not going to that enclosed room."

Dojyu Coffnaigh let go of me. "What do you mean 'enclosed room'?"

My face became tight. "You know, with the bolted-down door and the mirror was closed."

"No it's not," he stared as the rest of them stared as well. "It was open when I passed by it a minute or two ago." He looked at Lovopian and Polly. "Proceed with your means. Go to your room, Savoice."

"Where is it?"

"It is the one marked with your name on it on the left side of it. Didn't you notice that there were names on each of the doors?"

I scanned Lovopian's door, and sure enough, it was there. This door had the Reyplatal symbols that read, "Lovopian Azax" on it.

"I...I did not see that at all."

"Well, they're there," Dojyu Coffnaigh raised his eyes and smirked. "Now go, before you push someone else against the wall." From there, he walked away.

There was something awefully wrong with the situation that took place here. I know that door was bolted and fastened. There was no noise in that room, either. The mirror was there, and Dojyu Coffnaigh had to come and get me. This could not have been a vision.

Lovopian glanced back at me, going into his room. "See you tommorrow, Savoice."

"What time do we have to be awake?"

"I don't know. I'm pretty sure they'll tell us. Good night." He gazed at me for a little bit, and then shut his door.

"Good night," I spoke to the door. Polly was gone already, somehow disappearing between the two of us.

So, I walked down the hall to find my room all the way down into the middle beam of an intersection of more rooms. One door to the left of it read "Salmah Ogan", and the right read "Zona Kon'effin". These two people are my neighbors. Looks like Kon'effin will have to call me "Higher".

I saw a door handle, and slid the door open. "No, this was not possible earlier..." I looked around for witnesses, but all had went to bed. I walked inside.

Everything was the same. When I walked in, the mirror was showing my reflection, the hanging bed structure was still there with the pillows, and so was the reclining chair. As a matter of fact, that chair was still in the same position that it was when I woke up. My feet clacked against the floor as I walked in, and I layed on the bed, with the covers making the soft noises it was used to.

I had left the door open so that I could leave when I wanted. There was still a handle on the inside and outside, though--just like Dojyu Coffnaigh told me. I'll talk to him in the morning about it. Other than thoughts of that, my mind went into a deep sleep, in contour to what I wanted and didn't want.

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