A R R O W - The Game
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
Release Dates
 June 23, 2018
  • Platform
  • Action-Adventure
  • RPG
 ESRB (Rated M/+17)
  • Violence, Blood/Gore
  • Sexual Content

Arrow - The Game (stylized: A R R O W - The Game) is a game that follows the story of Arrow the Hedgehog from his beginnings as a rogue creation of Eggman, to his current state of being the most potent mercenary on Earth.


Arrow is an action-adventure platforming game that attempts to bring back the retro platform feel of the original Sonic games, combined with the modern RPG experience, with a tinge of mature themes to entice the older audiences.

Depending on the assignment, Arrow maybe have up to one campanion with him, typically acting as assistance. Players have access to all of Arrow's arsenals, including his projectile fur, his stock of handguns and other weapons provided by his boss, Spice the Hedgehog, props from his surroundings, and the weapons of his enemies.

Typical assignments start out with a meeting with Arrow's superior, Spice, who administers payment from the last mission and, if demand wills it, makes an immediate assignment. The player can choose to decline any immediate assignments and go back to Station Square, where Arrow has expressed freedoms to interact with citizens, businesses, and other things available in the city, both legal and illegal.

At the end of the day, Arrow can head back to his apartment to sleep, starting a new day. Upon return to Spice's pizzeria, Spice tells Arrow who he wants killed, blackmailed, threatened, or kidnapped in his next assignment, and so it begins, immediately placing Arrow in the location of his assignment.


To be announced.





Arrow is currently in pre-development stages. Depending on available options, the game will either be developed using the Unity engine or using Visual Studio and SFML.

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